Steem Crypto Art & Design Challenge [Round 7 Winners]

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The Creative Power of Steem

This past week, our followers were challenged to re-imagine the Steem cryptocurrency logo through the lens of a famous artist (Picasso, Van Gogh, David Hockney, Michelangelo etc.) Other components of the image (background, details, other elements) were completely up to their imagination.

In total we received an overwhelming 100 entries, which was a real testament to the artistic talent and energy within the Steem blockchain ecosystem. So without further ado, here are some of our favorite and most creative entries!

@aaronhong’s User Type Faces

See the original post here.

@manouche’s Escherism

See the original post here.

@crittercrats’ Colorful Cubism

See the original post here.

@ceheiberg’s Hard Geometries

See the original post here.

@sumomo’s Steemy Silhouettes

See the original post here.

Honorable Mentions

@steempampanga's Garden of New Ideas

Check out the original post here.

@anomt's Out of This World Wonder

Check out the original post here.

@yani98's Marbled Marvel

Check out the original post here.

@katalinaooma's Hand-Made Internet Magic

Check out the original post here.

@karenthfer's SteemBAU

Check out the original post here.

@mbell's Cartoon Steem-Scape

Check out the original post here.

@dunsky's Gogh-ing to Be The Next Big Thing

Check out the original post here.

As we gear up for the @creativecrypto magazine we’ll be doing many more of these contests so be sure to stay tuned and refer others to these community activities! You can find all future open calls on the @sndbox account. And thank you to all that submitted!

Follow the @creativecrypto magazine and stay tuned for our website launch coming this Spring!

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Here are some of my creatives made some months back but I missed this contest. (1).gif

It's cool!

ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ" Congratulations to all of us and really appreciate for choosing my design.

우와 역시 느낌이 좋더니~!!
위너 축하드려요 ;D

(╹◡╹) 감사합니다. 이번에 참가안하셔서 제가 위너가됐네요~

흐엌 그럴리가요
딱 눈에 띄는 작품이었어요 ㅎㅎ

  ·  last year (edited)

This was fun to do, thanks for the support!
Have to go give it to @aaronhong for the incredible interpretation of Tiago Pinto's style. My favourite, possibly. And it adds two new artists to my list of people to follow.

Thank you for your interest.
Thank you very much @creativecrypto and @sndbox.
The challenge continues.

멘션 선정 축하드려요!
다음 번에는 위너로 가즈아~

감사합니다. 스팀에는 도전하지 않으셨네요.
스텔라는 도전하실거죠?

스텔라는 작업 중인데 개인적인 일이 좀 있어서 ㅡㅜ
오늘 어떻게든 마무리 해서 올려보려구요

잘 마무리해서 올려주세요.
응원할게요. 기대됩니다. 이번은 더 어렵네요.

Thank you very much @creativecrypto and @sndbox. Congratulations to the winners.

👏 Graphic designs at it's best, steemians are indeed very creative and all thanks to creativecrypto for bringing out the best in steemians. A job weldone to everyone that participated and congrats to the winners.


Thanks for Honourable Mention. Congratulation to winners!

Thank you for launching this great contest, so fun and entertaining, and congratulations to all the players, now to see what the next challenge will be.

Congratulations to all of us!

Thank you so much :D
I thought I lost the opportunity because Steemit didn't work well for following you... I went to your page and could find that the [Follow] button is still [Follow]! So I pushed it again and checked it again. Aww, I made it. I am so lucky! Yay!

Thanks a lot.

wow thats great to see this post! thanks for sharing.... @creativecrypto

Very good desain and seni creative .
I have resteem you pos

Fantastic submissions and great selection ....Bravo ! ^_^

Cool entries. :)