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Let's see who SHREDDED this week for @Steemskate.


@Knowhow92 shared with us a skate part with footage from 2010-2013 with a great soundtrack and his latest part which is the last part in "The fTR Video",an 1 hour and 10 minutes full length DIY skate video.
Thanks for shredding dude.


@Sheskates926 had 2 awesome night skate sessions and she is progressing so fast.
Street skating at night is the best.
Keep it up @Sheskates926 and keep shredding.


@Nicksmitley has returned stronger and more passionate for skateboarding than ever.
And what a comeback.3 vlogs in 1 week.
Some nice bs flips,some DIY shoe fix and a lot of fun.
So glad to see you back in action bro.
Keep shredding.


@Nicolcron's return is real.After finishing the edit of the full length skate video "Into the Void" for Death Skateboards,@Nicolcron is finally back again.
This week he provided us with a skate part of his with tricks from 1997 which by the way was awesome dude,some Skate3 gameplay and an awesome Vlog making a beat for @knowhow92 and freestyling.
That was epic dude.


Jasavage is stepping up the game.
He does a clean 180 down some pretty big stairs and a dangerous but sick ollie over a chair and some flaming wood.
Pure shredding dude.We are happy to have you in our @steemskate family.


@Stickchumpion comes with one more boss session trying to clear the hardflip out of his list.
The whole skatepark is wet but he is lucky enough to find a dry place right next to it and shows us his flatground skills.
That back 3 no comply was fucking good dude.
#Skateforlife,you know that.


@illucifer clicked this photo of his friend @jasavage.
Great artistic style bro and the skateboard always gives a little extra detail.


@Staticinstance has very good taste in skate videos.
This week,he shared with us one of @steemskate 's personal favourite skate videos ""Lakai-Fully Flared".
Filmed back in 2008,the Lakai team are killing it.
A must watch for anyone who hasn't seen it and a must-rewatch to everyone who has already seen this.
Thank you for the throwback man.

Thank you all for SHREDDING

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