Winter skate in the only dry spot by my house , hard flip attempts and some other tricks

in music •  4 months ago

Evening Steem from London,

This is a video I made of wet day in London . Luckily I found a dry spot by my house to get some tricks in . The music is an old christmas mess around song me and my ex made a few years ago.

Enjoy Steem on

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Dude, hardflips are killer. You're so close.
I'm jelly of that bs no comply 3..I fkn love that trick but cant get it :/


I find with the bs no complyyou have to step in then flick . You also have to try forget the fact your balls , knees and shins are on the line . Step in , flick spin hope and land

Awesome president.
Resteemed by @steemskate.


Thank you bastard . I might try move the Feb trip to April . I am touring Spain and Portugal with the other band.


Allright bro I got you.Living a good life

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