Skate Session: Backside flips and 360 Attempts -- @nicksmitley

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Greetings Steemit friends!

Here is another Skate Session video from a couple days ago. A meetup with @jayr-88 for a few attempts at some new tricks on the pyramid. I was thinking 360's, and tried several times for an Ollie 3, which unfortunately I think I lost the clips of. :/ My attempts of No-Comply 3's were a little better, but they both still need work.

The real battle ended up being a backside kickflip, which I first landed for @steemskate flatground. I took it up a step and threw one down on the pyramid. I had to work for it though...

2019 is almost here and I'm ready to get into it and progress in skating, steemit, and life in general.



That's what life is about, falling and getting up again, I congratulate you for being percistant until you get the trick, I really liked your video, a big hug, I hope you have an excellent start to the year @nicksmitley

Thank you for your kind words, @naideth! I hope the new year is great for you!

it doesn't matter how many times you failure, the value of a man is given by how many times he stands up again, keep going man

So true! Thank you.

I love this and you should definitely be posting to dtube and the dtubesnap tags. I upload to yt and then download the compressed file for dtube. You will get support for sure over there.

Thank you! I try to upload to dtube when I can, I never thought of downloading the compressed file.

It goes so much better. It was taking me many tries and over an hour to upload to dtube. Now sometimes it is done uploading be for the video stops playing!

The Dtube struggle is real I dont bother no more . That music was sick who was that and the skating ripped tooo . Good to see you back

I know it dude, I still try when I can but I know it's just my internet connection. Ugh, I forgot to list cred to the song, I forgot the name of the band but it's in the copyright free YouTube list.

Nice little session you had there and you made the no comply. So how great is gorilla tape. I love that stuff. You can fix anything with it. Enjoy and go rip some pavement.

Thanks, the no comply was sketchy lol I'm still battling it.
And tape has saved me soo many times haha, especially the shoes.

Yeah @nicksmitley! Nice edit man, and watching you take all those slams really makes me wanna skate for some reason!

Thanks bro! Go skate man!

Hell yeah Nick.
Nice session brother,I am so happy you are pushing again.
That bs flip and 360 no comply fights were awesome and you fuckin won.
Mate you will fucking shred in 2019 I am sure of it.
Try this man for Dtube to work.
1- Do regular log in not with steemconnect.You will find your posting key at wallet-->perimissions-->show posting key.I t will work mate give it a try.

I'm ready to kick 2019's ass!
That's how I log into dtube, I think it's my shitty internet. It'll be taken care of soon for sure though. Gotta do 2019 right!

Damn bro allright.
Waiting for your footage.

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Super dope....Keep on skating.....Don't Quit

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