Absence from Steemskate :/ :O -- @nicksmitley

in #vlog4 years ago

Hello Steemit! It's been a while..
Way too long for me to have gone without posting, or even engaging.

I put together a quick edit as proof I still exist here on earth, the internet, and the blockchain.

The weather was nice to me the last couple days (somewhat), so I met up with @jayr-88 to hit up the local skate..park...thing, where I felt the effects of not skating for about 2 months.

My boy, however, threw down on the pyramid and stuck a variety of first-time lands! So shout out to @jayr-88 for that.

We also got a friend to start pushing a few months ago, who we hope to have on Steemit as well soon.


Yeah @nicksmitley!!
I have also been away for a bit and I am also back now too! =)
Real life came along and I had to force myself not to come on here because I knew I would want to at least message the homies and say whatsup. And before I know it I would get stuck on here for hours!
I just had to avoid this place I am afraid!
Not anymore though! The hashtag steemskate is very close to being 1 year old now, and it is time to get some clips!!

Great to see you back here buddy!! =)
2019 is gonna go OFF!!!

Yea, life kept me away a min too..
I've got good feelings about 2019, I'm gonna make shit happen!

We must make an anniversary steemskate edit I think guys.
1 year of #steemskate maybe?

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That is a good idea, or perhaps a steemskate contest theme could be "What skating/trick did you do this year that you are most proud of?"

That's an awesome theme man.
Or we can do both since we want to promote the @steemskate profile.
I can do the edit but I need tricks from everybody.
And we ain't so good in sending clips to one another.Haha

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Yeah man both is good! When I made a little hype trailer ages ago I just filmed it all off my computer screen!

Hahaha I renember that.
And that was awesome dude.

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Didn't @web-gnar plan to do a steemskate anniversary edit thing?

Yeah man! There is a good bunch of us now ready to take it to the next level!
2019 lets get it!!!

The old wolf is back.
Resteemed by @Steemskate.

Many thanks!!

Fuck yeah Nick.
Glad to see you will be posting brother.

I'm pushing thru my dude, I'm ready to kick 2019's ass!

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