Steemthrowback footage -- @nicksmitley

I saw that @knowhow92 has asked us to post up old footage of us skating.
The 'back in the day' footage..

Unfortunately, most of my old footage, which wasn't much, has been lost over the years.
I browsed through an old flash drive of mine and came across a few clips of me from a few years back, and a couple
survivors from way way back.

I'm back to having issues with Dtube again, so I had to post to YouTube. If this disqualifies me, then all is good! :)
Just enjoy the short video and keep pushing friends!

Peace from @nicksmitley


Oh fuck rules you are in bro.
Awesome footage and I am so hyped to see both you and @nicolcron posting again.
@steemskate for life

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Thank you for shredding Nick.
Resteemed by @steemskate.

Yeah Nick! I love the pop shuv over the hip commentary "There you go!" =)
Also those metal ramps bring back memories of the UK skateparks we skated as kids that were all metal, quarterpipe - driveway - flatbank.

Shame DTube is playing up for you, I hope you have more luck in the future! Actually my internet is real bad and that little throwback clip of me took almost 5 hours to upload! My housemates hate me! Hahaha! Nothing else wifi works in the house when I am uploading!

Yea, I slow the internet down when I'm dtubing lol. I really just don't have the patience sometimes haha.

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