Steem Monsters - A Community that Keeps on Giving! Thank You @aggroed for the 100 booster packs!!

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What an awesome surprise from @aggroed! I’ve been away on vacation and haven’t been active on Steemit or SteemMonsters. During vacation, I logged on to briefly and received this gift notification.


Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The numeric value on the top right corner says 100.

@aggroed gifted me 100 booster packs!

How did I end up with this big win?!

Before I left on vacation, I read @aggroed’s post on reaching a $10k market day in Steem Monsters and max-leveling his common cards. Congratulations @steemmonsters team and @aggroed! At the end of his post, he added a sneaky contest.


Back as a newbie, I used to enter many contests. It was the best way to meet others and earn rewards. I don’t enter many contests anymore because others need more support, but since I had planned on commenting with my congratulations to @aggroed, I thought, why not enter too? I never expected to win. Honest truth. In fact, I don’t remember seeing @aggroed mentioning me in any post that I had won. I only found out when I saw the gift notification on

Thank you so much @aggroed! I appreciate the support both you and @yabapmatt have shown to the community on both your personal accounts, @steemmonsters account, and the curation accounts you support (@postcurator and @msp-curation).


Gotta love the Sneaky Contests!

Steem Monsters is truly a community of sharing and generosity. Let me give you another reason why I am a big fan of the community. I was fortunate to win the contest from @aggroed and am very appreciative!

Another fill-in the text contest was held by Steem Monsters co-founder @yabapmatt on his Tech Talk 5 post for the non-techie readers. The prize was 10 STEEM for the funniest text.

My friend entered the contest and was thrilled to have won. As it turned out, everyone who entered was a winner!


Yes, gotta love the contests and the community support from Steem Monsters founders @aggroed and @yabapmatt!


Small contest of my own

In an effort to pay-it-forward, I will host a small contest of my own. I will NOT be sending from the booster packs gifted to me. The boosters packs for my contest will be purchased and sent directly to the winners. In fact, I have yet to open the packs from @aggroed. Please, no peeking and ruining my surprise! I'm waiting for the return of a semblance of routine from vacationhood before opening the packs.

❤️ Prize 🎖: (5) Booster Packs for anyone new to @steemmonsters, has never received a booster pack or has yet to purchase a starter pack. Simply comment below if you are new.

Five individuals will win one booster pack each.

❤️ Prize 🎖: (5) Booster Packs for writing in the comments below why you DO or DO NOT support the two witnesses behind @steemmonsters (witnesses @aggroed and @yabapmatt).

Five individuals will win one booster pack each.

I'm curious as to why people do/do not support the witness team behind @steemmonsters. I have seen more community support from them than some of the other top witnesses. So share your reasons!

Here are my reasons:

I support @yabapmatt because I see his community support to others either on his personal account, @steemmonsters, or via his @postcurator account.

Even though I support the community effort of @steemmonsters, I didn't give my vote to @aggroed since he is already a top witness. He didn't need my small support. A few days ago I updated my witness list. I realized then I support Tim Cliff who is also a top witness! So my reason for not voting for @aggroed didn't make sense to me. I rectified my witness support to @aggroed yesterday. Every vote matters, small or large!

💛 Contest winners will be randomly selected. One prize per person. In the past, I used the web tool: I may make a video recording my kiddo's hand selecting the winners from a hat. We'll see! 😄

💜 Payout: Prize will occur at the end of this post’s payout.


Many thanks to @aggroed for the booster packs!


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Hey @beeyou, welcome back from your holidays (I hope they were enjoyable) and a huge congrats on such an amazing win:) It sure is nice when randomness is on your side.

I have no idea if I am eligible to enter this contest, but I haven't purchased a starter pack as yet....if that qualifies me, then throw me into that random hat. If not, that's ok too.

As far as the witnesses are concerned, you are well aware why I initially supported @yabapmatt. Yes he bribed me by upvoting this infamous post. I had never heard of him before then, but since have seen that he works hard at supporting good projects and people on this blockchain.

As far as @aggroed is concerned, well I really don't know much about him other than the fact that he is one of the big guys on here, and that he is one of the co-creators of steemmonsters.

Most importantly, GOOD LUCK with the opening of those booster packs & I wish more luck upon you!


Hi PK 🙂. Thanks for the welcome back. It is nice to be back at home but not so nice being sick. I do remember that infamous post! Good to know that you also see his support to others and not simply bribable with a vote. 😁

Thanks for the wishes on the packs. I will probably let my kiddo open for me when life calms down a little. :)

You don’t have a starter pack plus you gave me your reasons. You are entered! Now just have to find the time to make that random drawing and winning post.


Handing out 100 booster packs, would get a lot of bribable witness votes! 😂

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Wow lucky you! That is worth more than 5 curie upvotes! :P ... Great job @beeyou, I'm very happy for you!!! Let us know what you get from those awesome packs!

I don't know if I can win your prize but I will answer!

  1. I do vote for @yabapmatt because he has shown himself to be a community oriented witness ever since I've met him. I have seen him give upvotes to the minnows on many occasions. I also think he is fair and has a great heart so that is exactly what I want in a witness and I am proud to support him!

  2. @aggroed I didn't know very well until the @steemmonsters came around. I know he is a top 20 witness and I have refrained from voting for any of them since I don't know who is connected and who is not connected (to the terrible decisions to essentially ignore the smaller guys). Having said that I am very very impressed with @aggroed's role in the SM game and I like very much how they have done a lot of things to really help not only the community, but also steem itself. I will definitely go through my slots and see who I should replace and change that very soon! :D

Thanks so much for the fun contest @beeyou, I think its awesome to have you back and I know we ALL missed you :)


There is a reason why I like you @davemccoy! We share the same sentiments on Matt. He has my full support as well! Thanks for sharing your reasons. Both gents are doing a great job bringing the community together with Steem Monsters.

You are entered!

I appreciate the warm welcome back! I may need a couple more days to catch up, but will ask you to fill me in on SM soon. :)


that's a deal... and of course you like me, I'm likeable :D :D :D jk

Its good to have you back and I will catch up with you in just a few minutes!

Congratulations on the win!

I think I support both as witnesses (I'll need to double check)...

@aggroed as you say.... MSP - quite easy he is very minnow support

@yabapmatt - he's worth a vote due to his realism... plenty of comments on people's 'how to change steem proposal posts' explaining while they'll never work in practical terms.

Congrats again. That's a lot of cards. I'm wondering how @steemmonsters is gonna work down the bottom end... I'm not really in a position to buy too many more packs myself.

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MSP does help out many minnows. I too like Matt’s realism. Thanks for sharing your support reasons @revisesociology. You are entered!

I caught bits of conversation in the Discord. One thought is to have free contests for anyone to enter but the cards won’t gain XP points; this would pertain to small accts or anyone just trying out the game. Official game rules haven’t been announced yet but it will be interesting to find out.

I know you recently retired and am on a fixed income, but hopefully passive income from Steem and other investments will pay off for you. I don’t buy too many packs myself and am glad I could add a bit more to my collection with the packs won.


It'll be interesting to see how @steemmonsters pads out. I can't see myself playing tbh - I like gaming but I've too much else to do.atm.

Yup my income now very limited! So no luxury purchases for me for a while!

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I think the majority of the readers of this post support the two witnesses behind @steemmonsters (witnesses @aggroed and @yabapmatt), simply because we love STEEM and we love card games, and this 2 individuals just made it possible to join the best of both worlds.

How can you not love what they are doing.


Joining the best of both worlds.

I don't play card games but I absolutely love the joining of spirits in the SM community. We all have different interests on here, but here we all are, coming together with the Steem Monsters community. Thanks for sharing!

You are entered @diogosantos. :)

Hey @beeyou,

That's so amazing to come back from a vacation and receive that awesome gift! lol Congrats 😃 I hope you reveal some really good cards, then you'll have an even better time when the game starts.

Also, thanks for holding this contest.

I absolutely support both @yabapmatt and @aggroed as Steem witnesses. I can't believe it, but the reason I have given my vote to @yabapmatt and not @aggroed is the exact same reason as you stated. I wanted to help get @yabapmatt in the top 20, whereas @aggroed was already there.

As for the reasons behind why I voted for @yabapmatt, it's due to:

  • his dedication to being a witness via post updates, technical know-how and genuine desire to make a positive impact here on the Steem blockchain
  • his responsiveness and patience in the Steem Monsters Discord channel for all things from technical support to product enhancements
  • his sharing nature, as in the 10 STEEM giveway he rewarded to all participants (I'm on that screenshot you posted above lol)

There are many more reasons, some related to bots and dApps, but I think I conveyed my message here.

Also, as did you, I will be showing my absolute support for @aggroed as a witness right after posting this, and go send a witness vote his way. He deserves it for your windfall of booster packs to so many other things (some akin to @yabapmatt's reasoning's).

Thanks for considering me for your giveway and good luck to all the other entrants.



Hey @onefatindian, congrats on winning the fill in contest from Matt and being selected by his @postcurator acct on your FanExpo trip. I saw it a bit late but it was a great post!

Appreciate you sharing all your reasons for voting for Matt (and now aggroed). I agree with all those reasons! Both gents have shown tremendous community support. We all should support the witnesses behind the game if we support SM. Just my opinion. 🙂

You are entered! Btw, alpha packs sold out BUT guess who came to the rescue and gifted alpha packs for the contest? Yabapmatt. He is awesome!


Hey @beeyou,

Wow!! That makes this contest EVEN MORE enticing!!! 😃

Thank-you for your kinds words about my FanExpo trip. I must find time to produce more quality posts like that.

Good luck to all in this contest!

Thanks again, @beeyou,


Finding time to write seems to be challenging for most of us. Good luck to you and all!

I supported both witnesses before SteemMonsters came along. That just sealed the deal, I'll probably always have them on my witness list. This is the biggest thing to hit Steem and it's going to help everyone involved, even those who never try the game.

Hi!!!! First of all welcome back you have been missed i am sure! And big congratulations for winning the 100 booster pack!

And honestly I am still new to steemmonster. But my sissy @twodorks insisted that I open my account for it because she has gifted me 1 card.. and when I logged in, I received another two cards and I forgot who were they from..

I clould not afford one yet to buy the monster starter kit, im still saving up for that..

@aggroed and @yabapmatt they two have been in my list for a long time. I had believe in their support to tje community. They had both encourage the community to engage more.

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Thanks for stopping by and sharing your reasons @maquemali. I tried to get a friend to join the Steem Monsters game by gifting him a booster pack, but for months, he refused to join. He finally did, lol!

You are entered! There is value in the cards; good luck with the contest and if selected, to getting a good card! Many people have profited from selling the cards on the market.


Hahahaha persistency has paid off.. i can relate!.. thank you for all this..crossing my fingers though!

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I do support both witnesses; still have a lot of witness votes to give, but the voting wasn't done because I just could. As I keep growing in steemit and interacting more, I saw that both of them do add up to the community, especially in their support to minnows. And they had the amazing idea of this game! Judging for how addictive it seems to be even without having even started yet, I think it's bound to be a success! ps. Congrats of those 100 booster packs!

Wellllll wellll welll 💖 not a wonder i was drawn to your post! To say hello!!!! And, CONGRATULATIONS!!! On your 100 monster pack win!! That's so fun & exciting!! Especially that you are into @steemmonsters! I am completely new to @steemmonsters! Have never opened a pack. I've loved seeing the hype and good cheer about the platform but am completely in the dark when it comes to these kind of things. If i win, i guess it will mean i will have to get in the know!! Haha

I hope you had a wonderful vacation! I noticed you were not around for a while. I missed you!

I have to give thanks for the two witnesses you mentioned @agrooed & @yabamatt are inspirational and hard working members of the steem blockchain team!! Thanks guys 💜💛💙💚

Welcome back! and congratulations. You really deserve those packs you have bought the characters to life with your story telling.
I would love to win a pack. I have been struggling with the decision to buy a pack since I am also working hard to build my account up to minnow.

I have given my proxy to @steemcommunity mostly because of laziness. I do think they have an eye for the good of the community. I trust they make decisions that will benefit the growth of the smaller accounts.
Maybe my tiny vote pooled in with others can have some small effect.
Honestly though, it boggles my mind to try and choose then keep up with 30 different witnesses.

Very generous of you to pay it forward. Hope your packs have the cards you need to finish your sets.


Thanks for the welcoming and sweet words @headchange! I only submitted the Skeleton Assassin story to the lore for SM. All of my other writings are fanfiction; just my stories inspired by the game. It's fun writing them when I have the time.

I know there are many that proxy their votes. I choose not to do so because not all the witnesses I support would be supported if I proxy. I don't have 30 witnesses selected either. Will give my support only after doing research and seeing some support to others. It's just me. :)

I haven't opened the packs yet, but I had some friends keep an eye on good deals for me while I was on vacation. They snatched up the cards I was missing, so I think I'm complete now. Except for the gold. I can't afford those!


I do hope you will write more fiction especially if you ever feel inspired to add to the Seleana Sky story. It is probably your fault the card is so expensive though.
I did a short fiction piece for ifc it was very fun to write. I have to be in the right frame of mind for it though. I would love to learn how to put real feeling into characters. Something you are very good at.
Sounds like you are set to play hard when the games begin. I am behind a bit on that. Have collected a handful of cards and will probably pick up a starter pack this week.
I need to study the game rules a bit and figure out how to put together good teams.
I am not heavily into it but know I will want to play a little bit just to see what it is like.
I do know a few people who could maybe be lured to Steemit by a game like this. So that could be fun.
With all those packs you have a good chance of getting some gold don't you think?

Hey there @beeyou, welcome back! Just so you know, while you've been away, there's been a slight change to the PeakMonsters website, and we can no longer "peek" at your booster packs to see what is in them before you open them. So that's all good.

🙚 ...𝒘𝒉𝒚 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝑫𝑶 𝒐𝒓 𝑫𝑶 𝑵𝑶𝑻 𝒔𝒖𝒑𝒑𝒐𝒓𝒕 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒕𝒘𝒐 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒏𝒆𝒔𝒔𝒆𝒔 𝒃𝒆𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒅 @steemmonsters (𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒏𝒆𝒔𝒔𝒆𝒔 @aggroed 𝒂𝒏𝒅 @yabapmatt)... 🙘

These two were the very first Witnesses that I ever voted for. My account was created on 8 June, and by 1 July I had voted for @aggroed and @yabapmatt, no doubt influenced by their involvement in creating #SteemMonsters. This then led me to voting for four more Witnesses that day, so I guess I was at that stage in learning about the Steem blockchain. Only two days later I really got an education about what the Witnesses do, when the Steem blockchain got borked by the nijeah incident, which those of us who lived through it will never forget!

That truly was when I came to understand what the Witnesses were all about. I'd only been on Steem for less than a month at that time, so I was still finding my feet, and then the blockchain stopped! It was fascinating to see how the Witnesses worked in unison with Steem Inc. to get things working again. So I voted for @yabapmatt and @aggroed without really understanding what they do. I retain my vote for them now out of admiration for all that they do for the community, particularly with #SteemMonsters, but also with the other projects that they are involved with, such as BotTracker and the Minnow Support Project. Thanks guys!

🙚   SteemMonsters:Site   • Discord   |   • Discord   |   Chibera:   • Site   • Discord   🙘

That's awesome, @beeyou! and welcome back from vacation. May your transition back to work life be a smooth one. Hopefully we'll get to hear more about your vacation at some point.

I have a few Steem Monsters cards, but I haven't gotten any packs yet, so I'd love to enter your contest!


You are entered @themanwithnoname!

Thanks for the welcome back. It was nice to be away but happy to be back home. Not happy about returning to work, but well, that's life. I may make a post about my vacay, but it wasn't anything exotic. Just family time. Hope things are well with you!

That is awesome .. congrats on the 100 cards may you find many gold foils :)

That is bad ass!!!! If anyone deserved it , it was you. :hi5:


Thanks @doomsdaychassis! It was a happy surprise, for sure. Hi-fiving away!

Congratulations and welcome back! What an awesome surprise :) I've got a few cards, but truthfully, haven't taken the time to figure it out, but I know I don't have any packs, so I'd love to enter :) Thanks!

What an awesome surprise to return to from a vacation. Congratulations.

As for your contests, I know I don't qualify for the Steem Monsters newbie contest, but I'd like to encourage @johndoer123 to put in an entry.

Then there's the witness votes. I'm currently supporting both @aggroed and @yabapmatt. I have to confess I didn't know much about them, and my support is fairly recent, with the catalyst being Steem Monsters.

I'm a big fan of the Steem platform, and I think what Steem Monsters brings to the table. Not only is there the sense of community that is developing, but the potential to bring new players from outside the Crypto world to the game and by extension to Steemit, bodes well for everyone. It also provides the Steem blockchain with another validated application which, when successful, can only encourage more developers to use the chain for their own projects.

Welcome back, @beeyou. Earlier today I was wondering if you'd ever come back, lol.

What an awdsome surprise that must have been! I can relate, because two weeks ago, I ran another edition of the appreciation contest. Among the prizes I was offering were 4 booster packs and 8 individual cards.
When I logged into the site with the intention to start sending the prizes, I noticed smeone had sent me 6 booster packs - exactly the amount I needed to sdnd the prizes to the winners. I was so surprised, I didn't even think of looking who had sent me those. I still don't know, but I'm still thrilled by such a random act of kindness :0)

Enjoy opening your packs, and glad to have you back!

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Congratulations!! That is so awesome, and what an amazing prize!! I have been hearing about @steemmonsters for awhile now, but hadn’t looked much into it until recently. Just the other day, in fact, I was looking at the site and decided I was going to start saving up for a starter pack. I just saw your contest however, so maybe it was a sign? :)

Haha regardless, it’s very kind of you to host this contest! And congrats again on your big win!!

OMG 100 booster packs!!! May you have many gold foil cards and legendaries!


It was a pleasant surprise @maverickinvictus. I had to do a double take on the number of packs gifted. Thanks on the best wishes! I think I'm missing a couple legendaries still, so it would be nice to complete my set. :)


Hahaha I wish you luck because so far it has eluded me! I don't have any legendaries yet!

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You are so lucky! 100! Wow!

I have not bought a starter pack but I have some cards I think.

I voted for @aggroed before steem monsters launched. It was because of the minnowsupport project which I consider a great way to assist any new user on the steemit platform.

I have not voted for @yabapmatt because I don't actually know him. Well I have not bothered really. Maybe now I will find out for myself. I think steem monsters is brilliant though, so there's that.

Nice! Congrats.
voted both aggroed and yabapmatt as witnesses a long time ago since both seems to consistently support newcomers and minnows.

Thanks for the post, beeyou.

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Hi @beeyou. First off congrats on winning the 100 packs! Im sure you're still celebrating, as you should.

I actually voted for both @aggoed and @yabapmatt when I was brand new to steemit and didn't really know what a witness does. I had chosen @aggroed because I had been made aware he's the mastermind behind minnosupport which was and is still so helpful.

And I had chosen @yabapmatt because he's the one that created steembottracker, a service I used a lot at the time.

And now that I know(±) what witnesses and how invaluable they are to the steem blockchain, I gotta say I'm proud of those votes. I mean, you can just tell both of them only have the moon in sight for our blockchain.

100 boosters! It's even hard to imagine! :D

I know I don't qualify for your sneaky contest because I got my starter pack earlier this week, and I had opened two booster packs gotten from giveaways before... but I feel like answering anyway!

I had already heard of both Aggroed and Yabapmatt before Steem Monsters, though only voted for them just recently. I almost didn't vote for Aggroed for the same reason you mentioned, but in the end I voted because I had already known he's behind Minnowsupport (which is obviously one big initiative to help minnows).

And I had known that Yabapmatt is the creator of the Steem Bot Tracker and that he's a witness. I haven't interacted much with him personally, but I've heard good things about him, such as that he's a witness that responds to the community, engages with minnows and is really dedicated to the STEEM blockchain. From reading his posts, he seems to be a skilled web developer, and a nice and honest person.

When I began getting curious about Steem Monsters, it had been around one month and a half since the alpha announcement, and still there wasn't much info on the game part (stats, battles, tournaments) or the progress of the game's development, aside from the packs/cards sales part. The two founders' credibility was what led me to trust that Steem Monsters would come to fruition, and it's great to see that the project is making huge leaps forward! By the end of August the big news about battle mechanics eventually came out, then the site was updated with the cards' stats, then September and the alpha packs sold out, then the successful Kickstarter campaign, then the awesome Steem Monsters upvote bot, and now they have just released an update about what the game's beta will bring. Lately it's been one exciting update after another, and the game is sounding better and better!

PS: reading all the comments and everyone's insights about the two witnesses was very interesting. I chuckled at the comment saying Yabapmatt had bribed... err, upvoted Palikari123's post haha. Then I remembered that he upvoted my post once, too! It was the first post I wrote about Steem Monsters, a couple months ago. It was a nice surprise. :D