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In line with the SteemJet vision which is Global Adoption of Steem and On boarding and welcoming of newbies to the steemit community.
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Report from SteemJet Department of Social Directors/Advisors (department head @lifeofdarlington), on the 1st of June, 2018. The department through it member went to the introductory post for Newbies to curate their post and also welcome them to the SteemJet community by dropping a discord link which they can use for reaching the community.

You can check our these posts and also support us by curating them, showing them love as they come into the steemit/steemjet community

To Join the SteemJet Community, follow @steemjet, @dimimp and join us on discord:

SteemJet on the wings of superstars, we are words and Steem.

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Excellent. I am heading over to these now to upvote and comment.

Thank you sir..

Most welcome to sir

We are making progress that's great...
Our aim must be achieved. Nice work bro, well done I must say.