Official Launch Of Steemjet Community

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The journey started with the dream of one man who saw the light and believed in Steem at a time when Steem was still in nursery. Two years ago, the dream came to mind

I couldn't stop dreaming about 'Steem'. So, I put my life's saving into this community blockchain token - Dimimp

The dream was in place - to make Steem the global social currency that all social media utilities; and three months ago we finally got a name for the vision through an inspiration from Deandaniel in a strong, clear statement

let's call our new initiative, STEEMJET - Deandaniel.

During the last three months, the vision has grown from an initiative to a project, and now to a community, with onboarding of Steemjet spaceforce 1, Spaceforce 2 and the Sf 3-7.

Just like EDS (we borrow your commercial sir), Steemjet spaceforce is made up of great minds who do not have to wait till the jet is fully built but are skilled enough to build planes in the air.

Hurray mates!! Grab your gears as we build this vision mid-air and prepare to have us land in the city nearest to you soon.

On the wings of superstars, we are words and Steem.



The way to live on Steemit is to be cool and to be original for yourself as you strive to help others. - Dimimp

We cannot only use what to describe Steemjet. So, I'll rephrase the question and ask

Steemjet is a community of Steemvangelists ready to unleash the cryptocurrency fundamental analysis tools to the masses.

Steemjet is the first and only cryptocurrency school/forum for the broke, the farmer, the artist, the 5 year old kid who has a dream of being a basketball player. A community of friends sharing ideas about the future of blockchain technology which cannot logically be interpreted as financial advice.


For where there is no vision, my people perish; my people are destroyed for lack of wisdom. - The Bible

That is not us. This is why Steemjet currently has one vision - global steem adoption of true blockchains BTC and STEEM.

A secondary vision of teaching the fundamental differences among blockchains has been prepared for future use.

Steemjet has one method of achieving our current vision - physically sending Steem to everyone in the world both directly and indirectly (by supporting steemians who are also onboarding newbies) while teaching the benefits of steem and BTC.


Launch Codes (Steemjet Space Force Code of Conduct). For employees who want to get an employment contract extension, pay raise, or just keep their job, then do your job. These Launch Codes should provide a basic guide to attaining and retaining employment as a paid member of the Steemjet Space Force:

Launch Code 1

When in doubt, spread it out. Help members to grow and keep the community organized by upvoting contributing contents and flagging smart spammers and trolls (but first upvote and warn them, flag only when warning doesn't bring change in behaviour).

Launch Code 2. Upvote those who are onboarding new steemians and steemjet riders.

Launch Code 3. Show that you are onboarding new members.

Launch Code 4. Help bring the cream of the conversation to the top of my posts.

Launch Code 5. Show us something impressive - prove your superstardom.

Launch Code 6. Effectively evaluate the performance (or lack of) of other Space Force members. Whistle-blowers will be rewarded. This is the fastest path to promotion, but is also the most difficult task to perform effectively. Self auditing is a necessary requirement of all successful adventures.

Space Force Rule 1

When at the party, only discuss true blockchains but be well prepared to explain the legal difference if necessary.

Now, Enough of the talks.

Let's go party as we built our plane mid-air. Don't worry about anything for the crew members posses night vision and can pilot through stormy Crypto-weather even in the darkest of the night.

Cheers, this is your captain. On the wings of superstars...

All arts are donated by Steemjet Spaceforce members as creative commons

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Tonight we party, tomorrow we work. The pilot will watch over the affairs while we party.

Goodluck To Us.

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Wow. I'm so glad that steemjet pod has been launched into space for real. The steemjet is now flying.

To everyone: "All hands on deck. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the flight.

"On the wings of superstars we are words and steem"

Yippee,💃Welcome Steemjet✈️

Yeah #steemjet rocks. Welcome #steemjet ......

Let's get "HIGH ON STEEM"

Rock and Roll. But from the health department.... Party safely.

Go!! Go!! SteemJet.

I'm really happy to be onboard. Let's go get ourselves a global adoption, i'm really positive about achieving this goal, because we ain't lying to anyone we tell them the truth and show them proof. How awesome can that be?

While the pilot @lordjames watches over the affairs, I'll be busy serving everyone with chilled drinks.

Congratulations Steemjet on your successful launching, the rebirth of superstars and talents.

Great one Hr team. It's gonna be fun.

I have not gotten my share of the drinks. Lol.
Just kidding.

Hahaha @solomon507, you'll sure get one soon, stay aboard with us, fly with us.

Okay, bro. Paying a visit to my blog will be good, as you will see some of the design I did for steemjet

This is Rex of SF4 reporting! I'm glad to be on board.

Let's rock and roll! #Steemjet

Welcome onboard. Fasting your seat belt and enjoy the flight

And the Jet has finally launched. Is time to celebrate and work to keep this community at its top.
regards from Venezuela and #SF7.

good luck steemjet....

What an explicit post on what steemjet community is about -- it's history, amazing vision, and a well thought-out launch code.

The prospect of steemjet is very promising... I'm ready for the celebration.

Welcome aboard Steemjet. It's going to be a fun ride.

Wow! This is amazing.
Let the party begin.
@steemjet all the way.

Welcome aboard @mritsnobigdeal. To infinity and beyond.

Let rock this party people. Pilot don't sleep o.

The pilot never sleeps, never slumber.

The pilot deserves some accolades.

Great to see the @steemjet, together we are united. We are words and steem! #steemjet

This is a massive first step for the Steem Jet community.
I hope we can all continue to fly high and achieve all of our planned goals hand in hand together.

STEEMJET - on the wings of superstars, we are words and steem!

It was interesting to see how @dimimp had dreamed about Steemjet for 2 whole years. Now his dream is finally coming to life.

Dreams never dies when you have them engraved in your heart.

This is great finally Steemjet is official. Great to be here and working real hard to make this plane fly so high into the sky.

Let the party begin!!!

I am happy for you great work @ lordjames and co.
Me and my team are also working hard to make sure that things are done well.
Our newbies will know this.
Happy to hear this

Glad we have finally taken off from the ground. This is a really nice initiative and I'm happy to be part of it

Greater days ahead. Enjoy the flight.

This is great..
Steemjet is joining places and truly reaching greater heights.

It's a call for celebration.

So, we celebrate. Cheers buddy.

I can't wait to be recruited the Space Force team with other members.

  ·  last year (edited)

It's amazing how this community has grown so large. This is as a result of the hard work put in by our members, me inclusive and of course the generous incentives and bonuses given by the boss @dimimp. We know no boundries from now on.

To infinity and beyond.

Wow, SteemJet is finally here. We are all ready for take off. From the cabin crew, fasten your seat belt and get ready for the Crypto flight

Steemjet has been finally launched. Been anticipating this. With every vision comes a direction. I trust that the pilot @lordjames would project us in the right direction. Looking forward to a safe landing. #steemjet on the wings of superstars#.✈️

... we are words and Steem.

Welcome on board flight ✈ @steemjet

Finally we are off the ground. Now let's fly high

Time to party.

best of luck.let,s get....

[{( steem jet and sreem hight)}]

Nice one. One step at a time.

Congratulations for your great journey.
Let's celebrate it.

I am so happy that you are here, steemjet! Wish you a very wonderful journey here in this loving and caring community :) It is very nice to meet you.

By the way, there are several groups you as a newcomer can join. They will stay with you for your journey, helping and mentoring along the way.

@greetersguild invite link
@newbieresteemday invite link

The post is okay for people that already have some level of understanding about Steemjet but for someone like me, it wasn't really clear but I would like to understand it better so whoever can put me through please do. I'd really like to be a part of this community if not for anything but for the fact that it's new, I'd like to join build something tangible for fellow steemians

If you ask a specific questions on what and what you don't understand, we may have an answer for you.

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May I not be late for this great celebration.

Permission to join #steemjet community

Congratulations @steemjet!
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glad to see the official Steemjet blog up and running

Steeemjet is the best that support new member. Im a new member..

Steemjet- We are words & steem!

  ·  last year (edited)

Welcome abroad steemjet, this is @joanhay speaking.... Hehehe!
I'm super stupendously saturated with joy that I have known the steemjet community, I want to participate in the flying the jet (spread the knowledge of crypto to the world directly & indirectly...)

I'm @joanhay, a steemjet-newbie..🛫🙋

@dimimp is a genius! Wow!