[CONTEST] Why do you think Steemitworldmap is awesome?

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What are we doing?

Hey all, @martibis here! I have been away for a while, traveling through Thailand and Bangladesh. But behind the scenes things are definitely moving forward at Steemitworldmap!

To take the next step towards growing the map, we are now looking to create a promotional video. As part of the promotional video, we want to integrate several of our users, as without you Steemitworldmap would be nowhere as amazing as it is right now!

To make this entire project a bit more fun and rewarding, we decided to make a contest out of it!

The contest

If you want to join the contest you create a post with a short video answering the question "Why is Steemitworldmap awesome for me?.

At the fourth of April we will announce the winners, who will be featured in our promotional video and will earn 20, 10 and 3x3 SBD respectively.

We will look at several factors including fun-factor, location, quality and more. It is very important that you drop a link to your entry post here in the comments!

Once you have won, we will ask you to send us the video file in high resolution after which you will get your reward! A resteem is always appreciated, share the travel love!


1. Entry: a post with a video about why you think Steemitworldmap is awesome
2. Comment: add the link to your entry post in the comments here!
3. End date: 04/04/2019
4. What we judge on: fun-factor, location, quality, etc.
5. First prize: 20 SBD
Second prize: 10 SBD
3x runner up: 3 SBD
6. Rights: by entering you give us the right to feature your footage in our promotional video

Have fun, we are already looking forward to your entries!

Your Steemitworldmap team: @martibis @livinguktaiwan @choogirl @ItchyfeetDonica @oroger & @lizanomadsoul

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Thanks for the initiative,
I truly think that steemitworldmap is a great tool!

Here is my video:

I'm glad you made in Mike and really pleased that the Steemitworldmap helped you to plan your trip.

Thanks for entering. Comment upvoted since there's no post for us to upvote.

Swinging by to let you know you're one of the winners! Announcement post!

Hi White List Author!

Thanks for being part of our contest community.

Here is a 100% upvote from @contestkings

Official Discord Server: https://discordapp.com/invite/SMSNk7w


Thank you, we appreciate your support!

You’re most welcome!

I have just seen right now. I am good at making a video but the idea is definitely great!!! If only I have read before I would propose you to translate into Italian sorry about that. First of all I resteem it

Would love to see an entry from you! And thanks for the resteem!

You're very welcome!! About my entry, I will do my best but I can't promise :(

While not one to create a good video @steemitworldmap, I did think I would at least do my small part to contribute to your efforts here ...

I have found this app to be one of my favorite ways to interact with the Steem blockchain. The technical details of how it all works are likely over my head, but I have always been impressed with how well they work.

I think SteemitWorldMap provides a great service overall in adding value to our Steem blockchain. Which whether any one Steemian actually uses it (highly recommended!) or not, it benefits us all.

I hope this project goes well for you. Thanks for all you do for us! Upvoted and resteemed.

Aww, you're making us blush @roleerob! Thanks a lot for the incredibly kind words!

This is my entry!

you guys are doing great things, hope you'll get the support you are looking for. :)

Swinging by to let you know you're one of the winners! Announcement post!

Thanks for hosting that contest!

This is my entry on my steemitpage: https://steemit.com/dtube/@dvotravels/r1rnu600

Thanks for everything your doing and I hope you will like it!

Greetings David

Just saw your entry, absolutely enjoyed it!

Definitely here is my entry, hope it's found good.


Here is my entry.. :)

Dtube link

Youtube link

here is my entry! just made it in time :)


As a user from the first hour I said I deliver a post and here we go


Why I love the SteemitWorldMap .png

Here's my entry guys - best of luck to everyone!

I really hope you get lots of entries and heaps of thanks - Steemitworldmap's rocks.


Wow cool! Thank you :) Having contests is new for us, so yeah we hope we get some great entries as well to create a good campaign. Thanks for yours! And for your support.

Resteemed this article. I hope this contest goes well.

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Thanks a lot, we're definitely enjoying it so far! Looking forward to more great entries!

Yah! @steemitworldmap's first contest. Look forward to the awesome entries!

Hey, @steemitworldmap!

Thank you for your contribution to the crowd. We are the Steem community project dedicated to empowering The Wisdom of Crowds. You can find more about us on our official website or whitepaper and you can support us by voting for our witness and joining our curation trail on Steemauto . We are also inviting you to join Crowdmind Discord server. Don't forget to use the #crowdmind hashtag and happy crowdsourcing!

Additional comment: Awesome to see you girls and guys taking up the step in this great project that shows how steem unifies the world and travelers all over it. We hope that the contest will get a lots of attention, hence, we are waiting for some great entries.

Thanks a lot for the support! It's immensely appreciated and we hope we can get some amazing entries here!

Well, it's time to take Steemitworldmap to it's next step, haha! Once again thanks for the kind words, and I hope both Steemitworldmap and Crowdmind can grow together with the Steem blockchain!

Not really travelled, would have loved to take part

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You can definitely still make an entry, for example maybe the map inspires you to visit some places on our beautiful planet!

On my way to the beach, might try it out when I get there

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Awesome, I already look forward to it!

Looking forward to see some entries!! Im sure it will be a great promotional video for our campaign!

It's awesome because it is helpful to see how many steemians are there in a specific place when you travel that place.

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Hey, make sure to create a video if you want to join in!


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Did you upload it it somewhere? I cant find it :/

me gusta porque nos conecta con un gran oceano de bellas personas abrazos desde Venezuela..

Hola, gracias por tu comentario. Oye si quieres participar en el contest mandanos tu video en ingles o con subtitulos, diciendo porque te gusta el mapa. Seria excelente tener un video de Venezuela igual. Abrazos devuelta, Liz

hello friend good night thank you for the opportunity a big greeting and hugs from my beautiful venezuela God bless you

si me encantaria amigo

Woohoo~ 🙌 🎉 Let’s get the ball rolling!

I have used it several times last year but didn't for many months I just love the way it's showing posts on map

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Thanks! Yeah, it has really become a useful tool for travelers, that's for sure!

We would love to see a video entry from you, It doesnt have to be long.. Add your link to that post here once you participated :)

It's been such a crazy time for me, but I'm going to try my best to get an entry in if I can swing it... The steem at world map has been something I've been interested in and supporting since basically my first day on Steem, and I would love to be a part of this little step~ I hope you get some really cool stuff!

You entering would be amazing Crimmy. Please do it! 💜

Oh, would absolutely love to see an entry from you!!!

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Thanks a lot for including our contest!

Thank you for supporting Steem community.

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How did we miss this! It must have gotten lost in the feed. Well shoot. Would it be okay to go ahead and do a video even though it is not an entry? @steemitworldmap is a huge thing for us and we love sharing our travels on the map.

Hey, we noticed quite a few missed the deadline so we have extended it with one day! So if you can get it in today it will still count toward the contest as well! If not you're definitely still welcome to make a video too!

Okay... I will jump on that now...

Via YouTube or dtube? How do I submit the video? And the URL of the video?

Your choice really! Just create a post with the video in and post the url here in the comments!

You just make a post here on steemit with the video. You can use dtube or youtube as you want. Once you have the post done you let us know. The easiest way to do that is putting the link to your post here in the comments. There are not that many participants yet so you have a big chance of winning ;)