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Hello there this is Contest by @steemitworldmap and it's title "THE REASON WHY @STEEMITWORLD MAP IS AWESOME FOR ME"

Here in this video I basically speak about two things that I like about @steemitworldmap and why I think it's so awesome.

>PS; Forgive the little hesitation and glitches

Just like in the GIF below, is a process of how @steemitworldmap works and how to use it, it's basically for travel bloggers to find a place where travel contents can basically be saved automatically using generated codes to save your content on the map of @steemitworldmap. It also record each and every travel event and the beauty of it is that you even get recorded in the daily @steemitworldmap travel blog, by people like @choogirl @lizanomadsoul @martibis and many others


Thanks for watching check @steemitworldmap for more

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Nice Job! - all the best with the contest.

Thanks a million

Resteemed :-)

Thanks a million, I'm grateful as always

Awesome entry!

Thanks a whole lot, I tried in my own possible ways to make it good

Thanks a whole lot, I
Tried in my own possible
Ways to make it good

                 - josediccus

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I love haikubot!

Sounds exciting! Thanks for your entry! But the video can’t load here. I’ll try again later.


Try to reload the page entirely and it'll play, it's playing fine here

I did and it showed something else:

I won’t give up though...

Oh my! But it's really playing here

Now it works. Very detailed explanation about the Map! 🗺