"Why is Steemitworldmap awesome?" - [WINNERS]

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Hello everyone, @martibis here. Two weeks ago we asked you guys to send in a video entry, telling us why Steemitworldmap is awesome for you!

We got quite a few entries and it was hard for us to decide who deserved what price, buuut we managed to make a final decision. If you are one of the winners, please send us your video in the highest quality possible using a WeTransfer link (just leave it here in the comments). After we have received your video, we will forward the SBD for winning the contest!

Without further ado, here are our winners!

#1 @dvotravels

This was my personal favorite entry, and a lot of the team agreed! Absolutely loved the fact that you started shooting it whilst swimming in the ocean and wrote Steemitworldmap in the sand! Very strong points on why you like the map as well!

#2 @ivansnz

On the second place we get this great video, we loved it as it really gives a lot of details on how to use the map and how using it can benefit yourself whilst also benefiting other travelers! No surprise here as you always create quality video content!

Our three runner ups!


Great video, it was super hard to decide for the second place! Some stunning footage and great framing with your bike! Sounds like you're on the kind of adventure I want to be on right now, haha!


A great take on why Steemitworldmap is awesome, with a unique video to match! We loved the way you integrated your travel footage! Glad to see you still around since day one!


Great video on why people should use and enjoy the map and what you can get out of it! Also a really great overview on how a personal map can look like after using Steemitworldmap for a while!

world map.jpg

Have fun watching the entries and Congrats again to all the winners!

Your Steemitworldmap team: @martibis @livinguktaiwan @choogirl @ItchyfeetDonica @oroger & @lizanomadsoul

For the Spanish, German and French translation of this post click [here]

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Congratulations to @dvotravels, @ivansnz @mikearound @detlev and @travelgirls. Definitely Great contest and idea @steemitworldmap

Thanks, we were really glad to see all these amazing entries!

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Woow, greetz to @dvotravels @ivansnz @mikearound and @travelgirls.

Thanks @steemitworldmap for choosing my little video.

And as I said, after so much traveling, you need a !BEER

Here is a BEER token from me to you....

We did really enjoy it! Make sure to send it to us on WeTransfer to claim your prize though! Also we really have to meet up to grab a beer together again!

Sure, I will put the video to WeTransfer later on.

Did you say Meetup? You may have time at the 3rd of May? https://steemit.com/deutsch/@detlev/steemit-meetup-aachen-6-save-the-date-see-you-at-may-3rd-sehen-wir-uns-am-3-ten-mai

If you like you can do a presentation about News from SteemitWorldMap and be LIVE STREAMED

I will have to check (mostly financially, dead broke at the moment) but if I can make it I will be there!

Thank you @steemitworldmap, happy to hear you chose me as a runner-up. I consider it an honor!
Will upload the video as soon as I get out of the jungle this weekend, greetings from Borneo!

Ah, so that's what happened to you, haha! Hope you are having a blast!

Yeah its surely inspiring to get remote and off the grid from time to time! Anyways, please excuse the delay, here's my link: https://we.tl/t-XKRMGxwhbi

Definitely, sometimes you just need that kind of vibe! No worries at all, thanks again for entering. Let me send you your prize as well!

Congrats to @dvotravels and all the runners up! Thanks for taking the time to enter our competition. We enjoyed watching them all.

Wow! I am honoured to be the winner of this contest!

Congratulations also to @ivansnz @mikearound @detlev and @travelgirls. Awesome entrys!

Making a video for you guys made so much fun since I really appreciate and love the work you are doing. So glad that you liked it!

Here is my WeTransfer Link for you: https://we.tl/t-xDvoZqTbd0

So thanks again and I hope there will be more contests like this one in the future and that the Steemitworldmap community will grow! With best regards David!

It was well deserved, really really great entry! I have forwarded you the 20 SBD, enjoy some pinto con huevos and a fresco on us, I miss my time in Costa Rica, damn, haha!

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oh wow thanks for choosing mine as runner up!! and well done to all the other winners and runner ups ....everyone did a great job!

Well deserved, was a great entry! Make sure to send us the video in the highest quality you have it over WeTransfer to claim your prize!

Congrats to all the winners! It was fun watching all the entries and so pleased that the SteemitWorldMap has helped you in your journey

Well done everyone - I'm glad you got so many entries in the end - some brillant video's guys.

Congrats to the winners.

Yeah, it was hard to make a choice! Thanks a lot for entering!

I bet, my pleasure :)

Congratulations to you all! They were all really fantastic entries.

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Here is your BEER token!