The Haphazard Homestead Collection - Steemit Iron Chef 2018 - Act 1 - 15 Weeks of Wild Plants, Wild Mushrooms, and Homestead Harvests

15 weeks. 34 wild plants. 3 wild mushrooms. 15 homegrown crops. And snowballs! It's the Steemit Iron Chef -- Haphazard Homestead Style! I hope you enjoy this collection of my entries into Act 1 of the 2018 Steemit Iron Chef contest. I know I enjoyed eating them - and sharing them with you!

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The Haphazard Homestead Collection of SIC Entries 2018 - Act 1

I'm always so impressed with the Steemit Iron Chef entries from other contestants -and inspired by them, too! And usually, I am just happy to get my entry in each week. I am not joking when I say that this style of cooking does not come naturally to me. I am a simple homestead cook, all the way. You can see a pretty tough critique of how my food looked, before I started with the Steemit Iron Chef contest, here in my 2017 Steemit Iron Chef collection.

To see the original post for any dish, just click on the title above the picture. They will include more information about the wild plants, mushrooms, and garden harvests - including their scientific names so there is no confusion about picking the wrong thing! Enjoy!

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Round 1 - Olives - 4th Place!

Wild Chopped Salad with Olives, Gingko Nuts, Bittercress and Jerusalem Artichokes

Foraged: Bittercress - tender leaves and stems, Gingko - cooked nuts. Homestead harvest:Jerusalem artichoke - tubers, Cherry tomato - fruit.

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Round 2 - Cabbage - 4th Place!

Wild Slaw Trio

Bittercress - tender leaves and stems, Hedge mustard - young leaves, Yucca - flower centers, Curly Dock - young leaves, Eastern Redbud - flowers, Wild chives - young leaves. Homestead harvest: Sunflower - seeds, Elephant garlic - flowers preserved in vinegar, Fennel - young leaves.

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Round 3 - Cucumber - 6th Place!

Wild Cucumber Syllabub

Foraged: Gingko - cooked nuts, Colorado Blue Spruce - needles, Smooth Sumac - seedhairs, Lemon balm - tender leaves, Spearmint - leaves. Homestead harvest: Borage - tender young leaves, Bartlett pears - fruit.

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A Fond Farewell to Act 1 of the 2018 Steemit Iron Chef Series

I appreciate all the effort @progressivechef puts into the Steemit Iron Chef contest. Finding sponsors for the contest, posting everyday to raise SBD for the prizes, managing the contest Discord channel, and probably the hardest of all, judging all the entries every week! I hope you get your OpenLedger account back, too! All of the SBD from this post will go to @progressivechef, to use for Act 2 of the 2018 contest.

Thanks to the sponsors and regular supporters of the contest, too: @canadian-coconut, @donkeypong @voiceshares, @trophy-tokens and @bambam808. And thanks to all the other contestants. I enjoy seeing your creativity, cooking techniques, plating, and photography! I hope to see each of you in Act 2!

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Round 4 - Lettuce - 2nd Place!

Wilted Wild Lettuce

Foraged: Wild Prickly Lettuce - young leaves, Wild Lettuce - young leaves, Miner's Lettuce - leaves and stems, Dandelion. Homestead harvest: Jerusalem artichoke - tubers.

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Round 5 - Nuts

Wild About Wild Nuts!

Foraged: Shellbark Hickory - nuts, Hazelnut - nuts, Gingko -cooked nuts, English Oak - leched acrons. Homestead harvest: English Walnut - nuts.

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Round 6 - Local Favorites - 2nd Place!

Wintertime Wild Mushroom Faux Sweet Corn and BBQ

Foraged: Shaggy Stalk mushroom, Split Gill mushroom, Miner's Lettuce - young leaves, Grand Fir - ground needles.

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Other SIC Entry Collections

I enjoy seeing compilations from fellow Steemit Iron Chef contestants! @jeffjagoe made the first one for Act 1 in 2018 and it's such a great idea. I'd like to see collections from everyone that made multiple entries to the Steemit Iron Chef contest!

Here are links to the 2018 Act 1 compilations posts that I know of, so far. If you see others, please let me know in the comments and I will add them to this list: @jeffjagoe's Act 1 Roundup - Steemit Iron Chef 2018

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Round 7 - Leeks - 1st Place!

Wild Spring Grill Carnival - Elephant Garlic Spring Leeks with Wild Carrots and Dandelion Roots

Foraged: Dandelion - roots, Wild Field Mustard - young leaves, Wild Carrot - roots, Spruce - young needles preserved in vinegar. Homestead harvest: Elephant Garlic - stalks.

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Round 8 - Grapes - 5th Place!

Wild Style Whiskey Raisin Pie Ala Mode!

Foraged: Lambsquarter - seeds, Spearmint - leaves, snow - snowballs! Homestead harvest: Concord Grapes and unknown variety of green seedless grapes - fruit, Fennel - tender new leaves.

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Round 9 - Peas

Public Park Pea Pods

Foraged: English daisy - flowers, Narrowleaf plantain - tender leaves, Red maple - flowers, Shepard's Purse mustard - tender leaves and seedpods.

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When it comes to wild foods, who knows what the harvest will be? It's unrealistic to look at a recipe and then try to forage those specific ingredients. And with a garden, what I cook depends on what I've harvested - not the other way around. So my posts aren't really recipes and I didn't follow any recipes for my entries.

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Round 10 - Monochrome - 4th Place!

Wild and Sweet White Desserts

foraged: Black locust tree - flowers, Wild Carrot or Queen Anne's Lace - 1st year roots, snow - snowballs! Homestead harvest: Ubileen pears - fruit. Rose - dried petals.

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Round 11 - Childhood Favorite - 2nd Place!

Wild Greens of My Childhood -- Curly Dock

Foraged: Curly dock - young leaves, Wild garlic - cloves. Homestead harvest: Jerusalem artichokes - tubers, Elephant garlic - stalks from young plants.

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Round 12 - Celery - 1st Place!

Saffron-Braised Celery with Wild Cherries and Flowers

Foraged: Pin cherries - fruit, Eastern Redbud - flowers, Yellow Deadnettle - flowers, Wild field mustard - flowers. Homestead harvest: Saffron - stamens, Elephant garlic - flowers preserved in vinegar.

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Wild Food is Real Food for Regular People

With wild plants and mushrooms, I have learned how to identify them, what part to use, when they are in the right condition, the basics of preparing them, and any precautions to note. Even though there's no recipes here, I hope this collection shows how wild plants and mushrooms can be real food for regular people!

I eat a lot of wild plants and show you how, because I believe that we can all have lives that are richer, more secure, more grounded, and more interesting by getting to know the plants and the land around us – in our yards, our parks, and our wild places.

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Round 13 - Lentils - 7th Place!

Wild Myrtle Lentils: Short-Stacks of Deliciousness

Foraged: Oregon-myrtle - leaf, Wild field mustard - flowers, Himalayan blackberry - young shoots, Hedge mustard - tender leaves. Homestead harvest: Beet - young leaves, Peaches - fruit.

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Round 14 - Rice - 4th Place!

Rice Gone Wild

Foraged: Western Larch - tender young needles, Colorado Blue Spruce - needles and pollen cones, Grand Fir - needles, Slippery Jack Mushroom - dehydrated tubes from under the cap, Norway maple – flowers with sap in their center, Eastern redbud – flowers, Wild field mustard - flowers, Yellow deadnettle - flowers.

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2018 Steemit Iron Chef Is Almost Here!

I'm looking forward to Act 2 of Steemit Iron Chef 2018 -- I keep telling myself, lol. I hope I can keep up with it for all 15 weeks in Act 2 - and whatever new challenges @progressivechef has in store for us! The Steemit Iron Chef is a long contest series and who knows what the featured ingredients will be - or what I will be able to grow and forage from the wild?

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Round 15 - Burgers

Burger Domination Wild Style!

Foraged: American elm – green seeds, Eastern redbud – flowers, Wild field mustard - flowers and flowerstalks, Dandelion – leaves and flowers, Grand Fir - needles. Homestead harvest: Jerusalem artichokes - tubers, Hops – spring shoots.

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What Do You Think?

If you read this far into my post, you might also like to see my 2017 Steemit Iron Chef compilation. That was 17 weeks, 12 wild mushrooms, 22 wild plants, and 24 homegrown crops.

  • Did you enter anything into the Steemit Iron Chef contest?
  • Will you join Act 2 of the contest?
  • Have you eaten any of the wild plants or mushrooms that I used in the contest?
  • Which of the entries would you like to eat?

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Haphazard Homestead

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What a great collection of majestic recipes, the most wonderful thing is that they are elaborated through plants that are available to everyone in the world, often a gift has provided us with this beautiful summary.
Now I understand how I was not going to win, if it is not the same to go to the supermarket and buy the ingredients, to plant them to take care of them to grow and take them, or to go to the mountain to look for them to clean them to collect and cook them for steemironchef, that's another level congratulations and thanks for the summary that makes us continue to inspire, I will take the reestem to have it as a beautiful article to share and have in my cooking base to learn a lot.
Happy day a hug.
Best Regard @galberto.


Thank you so much, fellow forager, @galberto! I enjoy seeing how you cook your harvests, too. Making food fancy is a challenge -- but making it delicious is much easier because of the fresh and wild plants. You have so many wonderful posts that show how good the food is from wild and fresh-grown plants. Happy foraging - and thanks for the resteem!

Great collection! Congratulation for your success in participating the Steemit Iron Chef. As I said before, all of your dishes looked beautiful and yummy, although I am not vegetables lover.

I personally admire you in cooking those wild plants, wild mushrooms and homegrown crops. I gained a lot of knowledge about those things from you. Thanks so much for sharing with us. ;)


Thanks, @tangmo. I'm glad you enjoy what I'm cooking, even though you don't have those ingredients around you. And you only enjoy certain vegetables, lol. When I forage the wild fruit, I think you would enjoy eating that! :D


You’re welcome! Yeah! You always know me very well…. I’m looking forward to the time when you forage the wild fruit, and I’ll enjoy eating that, for sure! ;D

I got real curious about wild greens after reading about your entry for Round 15. Your post led me to your YouTube channel, which only heightened my interest. I am trying to learn as much as I can about foraging and wild plants now since we're also growing our crops. It would be lovely to actually find some value in other plants that are growing along the crops that we plant. I am a novice at this and the idea of wild greens was so foreign to me until I saw your video about those giant dandelions. This collection of recipes will definitely help as I try to figure things out. I doubt I'll be able to make anything that I could submit as an entry for contest, but I am definitely going to try these recipes for myself especially the Whiskey Raisin Pie Ala Mode. Good luck in the Act 2!


Thanks, @dandalion -- for checking out my YouTube channel, too. You probably have so many unique tropical plants in your area, in your garden. But the foraging principles are the same, like Pick Clean. And Pick Organized. Enjoy learning the plants in your area -- and may all your garden weeds be ones that are good to eat! : )

I remember a lot of these and I must say that you bring foraging to another whole level the way you present these!

Every one of them is a work of art. Most of my cooking is pretty plain and straightforward, but, seeing how you use some of the ingredients really appeals to me.

Good luck for the next season!


Thanks, @dswigle! Maybe that's why the Steemit Iron Chef contest motivates me to post every week, even if I don't do anything else on here. I'm a homestead style cook, myself -- plain and straightforward. I cook to eat, lol. I surprise myself with how things turn out for the contest. It's given me an appreciation for what foraged food can be, too.


It has been a delight watching you grow!


Thanks, @denise. I hope nobody minds if I put out photos of my 'homestead-style' cooking now, though! I'll have to put a disclaimer on those photos, lol.

Oh dont forget all the good brews you enjoyed along the way as well! Every meal you truly make into a work of art HH!!!


haha -- I'm always surprised when people notice the brews, but you are so right! Beer goes so well with a lot of these plates of food! One of these days, I'll try making a wild beer. Then watch out!! ; )

Wow, have you considered opening a restaurant? Those dishes should fetch a pretty-pretty penny!!!


That's the interesting thing about wild food. Some things are easy and efficient to harvest. But others would never pencil out for a business. But all the plants and mushrooms are out there, free, for the picking.

I am really looking forward to more of your creative and sustainable ideas. I learn so much from you and love the artistry and care you put into your work, HH. Keep picking and please keep cooking:0


Thanks, @prydefoltz! It's amazing how many different plants and mushrooms there are out there, good to eat!

I remember many of these and wish I had actually been able to have tasted each entry! I can't wait to be able to see what you come up with this season!


It all depends on what's out there, growing -- in my garden or in the wild. But there sure is a lot to choose from! It is amazing how there is always something, especially if I preserve some of my harvests, too.

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