STEEMIT Culinary Challenge # 5 : Unorthodox CHILLIed Dish

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This week, we are having two time winner of the 1st and 2nd Steemit Culinary Challenge ~~ @meesterboom as the guest judge. As always, we do not micro manage the judges so he also had the liberty to choose this week's theme and the criteria for judging. Once again, we encourage everyone to just be yourselves, bring some heat on the table with your best - unusual CHILIed dish you know or have in your country, whichever part of the world you come from, I suggest that you show us that for this week's theme.

Just be yourself, be proud of what you eat - everything is allowed in Steemit so we encourage everyone to join.

There are a few changes on this week's announcements - on "MUST DOs", prizes and other things so please read till the bottom. From now on and if there would be more of this to come in the future, acknowledged entries would be announced in a post instead of the usual writing the acknowledgement on the comment thread.

A THANK YOU shoutout for the Steemit Culinary Challenge Logo to @oaldamster!


Cite sources if you just got your recipe from the net!

Here are a few ideas to help you come up with your Unorthodox CHILLIed Dish. Click on the blued words.

  • Title your entry this way : "STEEMIT CULINARY CHALLENGE #5 : Title of your Dish" .


  • ONLY ONE ENTRY per participant would be counted so submit your very best! If you still submit more than one ONLY YOUR FIRST ENTRY would be counted.
  • Post a link of your entry in the comment thread. If you have/ are in post it on the steemitculinarychallenge channel. If you don't use Steemit chat, we suggest that you do.

Deadline of Submission is no later than MONDAY at 12 midnight UTC +1 . Yes, we are giving you guys more time. I also suggest that you don't hurry submitting. I'd post late Saturday afternoon if I were you.


- To make sure that your work is yours and is not plagiarized or copy pasted from the internet and to make sure that we won't be rewarding a thief DO ONE OF THESE:

a: Have your picture taken holding the recipe you've cooked.

b: Have your Steemit badge or the paper that says STEEMIT+ date [email protected] on each of the picture on your entry. The picture should be laid on top or next to your dish entry to make sure it wasn't just photoshoped. Remember, @steamcleaners and @cheetah would go after you.

c: Write your Steemit name on each picture to claim it really is yours.

BE ORIGINAL! Encourage everyone to help in counter-checking - your co-participant's work. If you find someone's work elsewhere shout it out tactfully.

WINNERS would be announced as soon as everything has been checked.
Announcement of winners would be in a post right after the last entry has been paid out.


Don't forget to THANK AND FOLLOW our sponsors for supporting the Steemit Culinary Challenge.

1st and 2nd prize sponsored by @smooth

1st prize - 30 SBD
2nd prize - 20 SBD

3rd prize sponsored by @roelandp
3rd prize - 10SBD

4th prize sponsored by @sirwinchester
4th prize - - 7SBD

A THANK YOU SHOUT OUT to @wingz and @razvanelulmarin for their support to our first four Steemit Culinary Challenges!

ORIGINALITY is based on owning your recipe and how related it is to the theme. It could be passed on to you by your nana or ancestors and if has a clone recipe elsewhere which is inevitable - be sure that you've changed it and made it YOUR OWN version. Recipes that have been copied and are already existing on the net would not get any points on originality to make it fair to everyone who's doing their best tweaking or making their own version of a recipe.

SUSTAINABLE INGREDIENTS is about being able to use ingredients that are available everywhere and could grow or last for the whole year to give anyone who would look back at your recipe a chance to do it. Remember, everything stays in this block chain and we want to leave a legacy for future users. Make that legacy worth looking back at!

NUMBER OF UPVOTES is the number of Steemians who upvoted your entry not the amount your entry have gathered.

DOABILITY is very important. Make your recipe presentation idiot proof to make it re- doable. Gather extra points for posting you recipe step by steps and spice it up with your OWN photos with your picture on it or your STEEMIT badge if you must!

FOOD STYLING is mainly on how you presented your recipe. Challenge your excuses - if you can shoot the step by step process do it. Steemit is going world wide so let's make Culinary Challenge reader friendly for non - English speakers.

OVERALL PRESENTATION is about having your post professionally published. If you have borrowed the recipe else where in the net or you have tweaked it but it already exist in the net, don't forget to write your sources. Extra points for posting well edited and entries that talk as if the reader is being walked through the process.

@dresden, @juanmiguelsalas and @nelyp are willing to help translate recipes from Spanish to English. If you ask them for help, don't forget to reciprocate.

GOOD LUCK and will be looking forward to submission of entries! Help make this a SUCCESS for everyone. We all know that each entry would pop out on the #food, #food-trail, #steemitculinarychallenge. If you see any co - participant's entry coming short on the MUST DO LIST kindly let them know so no entries would be wasted .

Here are the past winners of Steemit Culinary Challenges in the past:

Steemit Culinary Challenge #1 : Sniffle Remedy Soup
Steemit Culinary Challenge # 2 : Out of The Box Sandwiches
Steemit Culinary Challenge # 3 : Smoothie Showdown
Steemit Culinary Challenge # 4 : Super Salads

For the announcement of winners and updates about the status of this challenge.


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It's gonna be the hottest competion on Steem so far. :-)

@oaldamster - it is!

  • ben terug was zoooo saai niet meer terug gegaan.

Curious about the results.

{NL} Welkom terug. :-)

Hot hot hot!!

dude. this time i have a very good one. you shall not win again!!! muahahahahhahaa

I am looking forward to this!!

the tears of defeat will make me as proud as Richard the Bruce!

I cannot wait!!!!!

For the love of pepper, let there be burn!

@oaldamster - I got 2 too was looking for jalapenos and exactly when i need them - out of stock !!!! grrrrr hahah - so I had to settle to that haha

These are hot enough. At least for me Ivy. :-)

Couldn't have put it better myself!!!

pff...that's hot?...

For me it is. ;-)

I hope to see some great dishes, well taken photos, clear instructions and some good use of chilli!! A bit of humour always tickles my fancy too!! ;0)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

O yeah @englishtchrivy I will participate too and a big welcome to the new judge @meesterboom
I really want to create something special now ...lets see...

@cynetyc thank you! good luck!

I'm interested in seeing the dishes! Upvoted and resteemed!

@riosparada Thank you!

An interesting challenge @englishtchrivy
I'm trying to think of chilled dishes off the top of my head, but um... that's salad in my house. LOL

@merej99 when will you ever join? Join - come on ask Momma for a spicy dish recipe gurlash !

@kenjiby that's the spirit ! Just keep joining even if you don't win could you please go to the steemitculinarychat? Thank you

@dgarsan got it would you please go to the steemitculinarychallenge chat channel?
thank you btw, acknowledged - it's on the update announcement

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