Some FAVOURITES from my @steemitbloggers FAMILY #46

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It is always an honour to share the work of my fellow @steemitbloggers! And in the spirit of sharing is caring, these are some of my recent favourites... trust me - each and every one of these bloggers are worth a good gander!



Bags of Encouragement

By: @wildwanderer

I have a friend that is going through a really tough time at the moment. Just as she seems to be coming terms to one trial, another big blow hits her out of no where! I feel so helpless when my friends are suffering through really hard times and I'm unable to do much from my end to help them. The best thing I think one can do is offer one's time and find small ways to encourage them.


Vegan Melon Banana Smoothie Bowl Recipe

By: @injiskitchen


Bonjour mes amies, Today i'd like to share with you a very easy and healthy vegan melon banana smoothie bowl, and i started my day with a lovely fresh fruit bowl after sport time, and of course it has a lower calories and full of potassium and vitamins. I don't like to eat bananas, so i prefer to mix it with another fruit as a smoothie or as a drink.


#21 What is it? (win @sbi shares) PLUS: Curie Community Building Support Application

By: @insideoutlet

Normally we would start with an image but today I would like to put my contest forward for some community love through @curie's newest community building project, so bear with me while I complete the application for the benefit of us all. If you think I should be considered for the sponsorship please feel free to add your 2 cents in the comments section and tag @randomwanderings :D


Ulog 19: Hair Salon Psychology: Spontaneous Spa Day Helped Me Determine My (Un)Social Self & Personality

By: @goldendawne

I know I have always been a quiet person. Someone who never seeks out attention. A person who remains in the background. Someone who prefers quiet time instead of a party. I am the definition of the "wall flower". I don't like overly chatty people. I like time to think. To let my mind wander. To be able to sift through my thoughts. So yesterday's girl's day at the spa turned into a revelation for me.


#Ulog @thereikiforest #Ulogacy continues..Sept 7 2018 ~ My Artistic Expression + A Blast of REIKI LOVE

By: @thereikiforest


Just wanted to quickly share a few more of my artistic expressions that I have created through the DDG. Additionally, infused within this artwork, I am sending out a blast of positive vibrations for any & all BeautyFull Souls with an open heart & sincere willingess to receive this gift of #REIKILOVE.


Don't be a victim of yourself

By: @wales

I was thinking. You’re always thinking. Yes, well; I was thinking that there are victims everywhere I go, hobbling along on the crutches of their life, and yet they sound quite normal when you approach them with some request. What are you talking about now? Well, you know: when you get under the full moon on a dark night and there are shadows about, you just have to know where the exits are before you slam the door and say no, I am not here today. And so you go and ask someone what time it is.


A Compilation of My Designs

By: @zord189

I never knew that I would've narrowed down my niche to actually creating or producing designs and videos for people on Steemit. I found that this niche was very rare and that the Steemit place could use more designers but definitely not me, because I'm NOT a designer by profession. I'm a character animator. But having seen that there was a demand in the market for decent designs, I decided that I can actually start this niche. What better way to help a Steemian's profile, community or an initiative looking more professional ey?


Painting Memories - A Look Back on a painting I did for my Father

By: @corinneiskorean

So some context is in order. Way back in high school, I came up with the brilliant idea of gifting art done by yours truly for birthdays. I actually started with drawing a picture for my friend, and my family liked the idea so much they started requesting art for their days of birth as well. It’s gotten to the point where my mom has denoted the wall space above her bed frame as a gallery of my art throughout the years. Ten years to be exact.


Jason Bourne's Day Off [Diary]

By: @blanchy

I normally treat myself on my day off and sleep until 06:10 but I had a flashback in my dream about a past event so I woke up in a sweat at 05:58. I lay in bed for the twelve minutes playing candy crush. Level 120. The one with the candies regenerating. I need two sweet ribbon wrappers together to wipe the board but keep getting the stripe sweet. Pain in the balls. That reminds me. I have a doctors appointment at 09:30.


Cream Cheese Pound Cake

By: @papacrusher

There are no words to describe the glorious rapture of indulging in this succulent cream cheese pound cake, it is just one of those experiences that you have to enjoy for yourself to get the full effect! This cake is much easier to bake than most people would have you to believe. There are one or two key points you will want to follow exactly, but overall it is a piece of cake! The overpowering addictive compounds of this heavenly cake is so strong that I literally started craving it at 11:30 p.m. last Saturday night and could not rest until I dirtied my entire kitchen to make it! (It was really good the next day for breakfast as well!)



Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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Thank you so much for the mention @jaynie!
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Always and only a pleasure sweets! MWAH! Every little bit counts yeah ;)

howdy there jaynie! this is such a wonderful selection, I love these guys! lol. great job for all you do!

As always some very interesting posts! That's what I love about our community the diverse talent always leaves for interesting material.

As always you got a great taste of bloggers 👍...always great read to them👌

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very interesting articles of #steemitbloggers community!
Vegan Melon Banana Smoothie I want to try! Looks so tasty!

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