Ulog 19: Hair Salon Psychology: Spontaneous Spa Day Helped Me Determine My (Un)Social Self & Personality

in tribesteemup •  2 months ago

I know I have always been a quiet person. Someone who never seeks out attention. A person who remains in the background. Someone who prefers quiet time instead of a party.

I am the definition of the "wall flower". I don't like overly chatty people. I like time to think. To let my mind wander. To be able to sift through my thoughts.

So yesterday's girl's day at the spa turned into a revelation for me.

I like to be alone.
Is that sad? Is that selfish?

I don't believe so... and here's why...

I enjoy time alone plain and simple.

When I was getting my hair cut and styled yesterday during Mr Golden D's birthday treat to me, I was anticipating a few hours of down time. Time to relax... get pampered. But what I got was a chatty Cathy hairstylist who could talk circles around ANYONE.

I wasn't rude. I kept up my end of the conversation to the best of my ability.

Fortunately when I went to the nail salon and got my pedicure and manicure, the manicurist was quiet. She diligently did the task at-hand and only spoke to me to ask me to move my foot, which color nail polish I preferred and to thank me for being a patron. Perfect!



We have all taken those personality quizzes; whether online, in a magazine or perhaps even in a doctor's office for some reason or another.

I have known for decades (probably since high school) that I was a wall flower person. I never attracted attention to myself. I rarely sought out people at social events. And I can't remember a time I chose going to a party versus staying home reading a good book, being by myself or sitting down and writing.

It's not that I want to be unsocial; it's just who I am.

In junior and senior high school, I was never one of the popular kids. I wasn't in the in crowd. I didn't hang out with the cheerleaders and jocks. I kept to myself; I earned good grades, hung out at the library and usually had my face buried in a book or was writing something; whether homework or my thoughts in a journal.

I was rarely invited to the event party of the year back in those days. And it didn't bother me. I didn't care.

I spent more Friday and Saturday nights in my bedroom reading, listening to the radio or the latest album release. I wouldn't hesitate to cancel a night out with a friend to stay home; I did it quite often.

Here is a personality test to see what type of wall flower you may be. Curious? Take the test.


Here are my results

▶️ DTube

In conclusion... I am EXTREMELY social online and on steemit/Discord... but in real life... I am quiet, reserved and prefer time alone.


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Lover color of 💅 and yes, I prefer to be alone to sometimes and just do my thing. It’s my kind of ”me time”.

Happy weekend @goldendawne!


Thank you! I have never seen so many shades of red, pink and purple in my life!

Enjoy date night <3 Looking and feeling fabulous! Who wants to go to a hairdresser and chat the whole time?? I go there for peace and quiet too lol. Luck for me I can just pretend I don't speak any Khmer language at all lol. One of the perks of living abroad I guess lol


My mind never turns off... so some quiet time be pampered was what I was looking for I guess


Followed by date night, a pretty good day I must say <3

I like being alone too


I would have to say 90% of the time that's how I am. WIth the exception of hubby

enjoy life always my friend,that was a good night of you. i like does nail color!


thank you! They had hundreds to choose from- it was the biggest decision I made of the day- lol


Well,that was a day to remember for you😂😂

God Bless!

My sister is a hair dresser and she is a quiet person. She complains a lot about her clients being chatter boxes. She said the other day “why people assume that hair dressers are shrinks?” I find it hilarious 🤣

Well... people are different. Regarding being social active online and quiet in real life. I am like that too, but I don’t know how healthy it is. It’s not good to spend too much time online and hide behind the screen, that’s for sure. Sometimes I realize that I spend hours and hours in silence. When this happens I go out to talk with real people. Chatty hairdressers come handy 😊 Maybe that’s what my sister was talking about.


WHen I'm not online you can usually find me in the kitchen creating something, the garden or greenhouses. Now canning season is here.

And when hubby is home we spend time together. And sometimes I am constantly doing chores, messing in the kitchen and he says "now what are you doing/making?"

Chatty hairdressers come handy Maybe that’s what my sister was talking about

You could be right about this


Whats a beautiful video

Your post remindes me to that i have to visit a pedicure again ;-)

But it also look like you have fun and look forward to it. Does they give a little prosecco for the waiting time to you? :-)


Glad I reminded you!!

No Procescco... just bottled water- lol

Oh, how I understand you! Without the test I know I'm the same!


lol- amazing how many people stopping in here today are agreeing with me. I don't feel o guilty now

muy bien goldendawne, recpeto tu opinion y tu modo de ser, es recpetable, yo pienso que cada cual tiene su estilo, buena por esa te doy mi voto.

I can so relate to you with this. I hate it when I go to the salon and the person is overly chatty. I like my quiet time and I can't relax if you're making me talk all the time. Those nails look stunning by the way 😀


Oh yes!! We all need those moments to just unwind

And thank you! It's been about 30 years since I had a manicure let alone a pedicure

I came out 100% also. I checked Charlie because I had no idea what the movie was about! LOL

I seldom leave the homestead. Most of my social contact is when people come here. Like you I am perfectly happy reading.

Unlike you, I am not very social online, preferring to have actually physical contact with people, or at least talk on the phone. I checked FB only because they didn't offer steemit, and FB was my old business account...


I seldom leave the homestead. Most of my social contact is when people come here. Like you I am perfectly happy reading.

Was that me or you speaking? Words are identical!


I know!! But I seem to be even more of a homebody. Going out to get spa treatments is not on my radar. But if you bought me a new book.... :))


OH YES!!! Books are THE BEST present of all.. or better yet a gift card to use online

Why is it that the person that cuts hair talks so much? I do not mind a hello or a how are you? Why do they want your life history. Just unnerving sometimes.


Yes sometimes it is. And yesterday was for me.
I did try to make light of it in the video... hopefully I was successful. I didn't want to offend anyone but I think we all have those moments we want quiet time

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i love your video and you look so pretty ❤😊❤
Your nails look nice and beautiful colors ❤ sooooo beautiful hair 👩
lovely smile talking, i think you are very joyful....you will do a very good job!

I don't like chatty hair-dressers or taxi-drivers either
I am little more receptive to chat since steemit, since it is engagement, content, engagement haha
But I like Me time too
Side Note: I do get a very warm and personable vibe from you though 😊


Thank you! I am a social butterfly on steemit. I am in my glory... but in person... I kind of wilt away and become quiet.

Enjoy your day @goldendawne.
I too prefer to be on my own time for relaxation. Its de-stressing me more.
Happy birthday! Best wishes and blessings :)


Glad I'm not the only one. I felt bad at first when I decided to do this video, but... self-discovery is important I believe to perhaps one day move pass the obstacle hindering you.

Hair can change the overall look

One of the reasons I never visit hairdressers! Lol! I'm also uncomfortable with people I don't know being in what is quite an intimate position with me. The best customer service people are those able to read their customer well enough to know whether they want to talk or not.


Sad thing is...when I was in high school I was involved in a co-operative program and went to school to get my cosmetology license to do hair.. but life and fate never allowed me to completely fulfill that career.

Can you imagine if I did? I would be the quietest hair stylist around!


Lol! You'd have the quiet clients lining up for you!

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I can relate so much as I am someone who is socially awkward and shy. I don't know how to communicate with people when I meet them and I need a lot of time to open up and feel comfortable.

I appreciate me time so much and not being constantly surrounded by people. The hair dresser situation you described - I feel you on that one 100%!


Yes, I definitely appreciate me time... I am so glad to see so many of my friends and followers feel the same as I do. what a relief!

Yay! So glad you got at least some of the time to be what you wanted! Lol! And that is funny since you're always so warm and social, but especially genuine on Discord & Steemit! I am very chatty and I usually blame it on being Portuguese, but I'm definitely chattier than my brothers, but I get self-conscious when it comes to posting regularly or even when I start to get more heavily involved with a Discord server. I don't know what that's about. I too was not part of the "in crowd. On the contrary, I was labelled as a nerd in Jr High, but I didn't care. I loved volunteering at the library and still love reshelving books using the beloved Dewey decimal system. 😆 I guess we all have our quirks.


I was labelled as a nerd in Jr High, but I didn't care.

OH YES!!! Same here- and it didn't bother me at all.. not one bit. Hubby and I went to the same high school but never crossed paths- he was the jock and outgoing one... I was not


@goldendawne My hubby and I went to high school together too! Except he hung out with trouble makers and I was Band President! Lol!! We got together nearly 10 years after high school! Funny how those things work out.

hey goldendawne! you're describing me! I'm a total introvert in real life, it took me two months to start posting when I joined here because I was so shy! lol. so I completely relate!


Yup--- introvert and wallflower here (in person at least).
Two months?? WHAT?! Get out! You're so talkative now we would never know!


haha! well I've always been fine one on one but in a group I just disappear but this is one on one so I'm fine here. But I had to force myself to get started. lol.

I am with you. I need quiet time alone. I have a hard time finding a salon because that seems to be what I get every time, a chatty Cathy. Last time I went I came home with a headache from all the conversations.