#21 What is it? (win @sbi shares) PLUS: Curie Community Building Support Application

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Curie Community Building Support Application

Normally we would start with an image but today I would like to put my contest forward for some community love through @curie's newest community building project, so bear with me while I complete the application for the benefit of us all.

If you think I should be considered for the sponsorship please feel free to add your 2 cents in the comments section and tag @randomwanderings :D

If you have a community or contest that helps Steem grow then think about doing your own application, just click HERE for all the info.

What is it? Contest Application

  1. What is your community/contest and what is its purpose here on Steem?

    Here it is, the #whatisit contest, its a fun interactive game that is in it's 21st week, which equates to almost five months running, week on week the engagement grows but with most of the upvotes coming from my fellow redfish and minnows and the price of steem the post rarely goes over the prize value given.

  2. How much support are you seeking per month for the two-month period?

    I would like the opportunity to give out up to 5 @sbi shares a week and also add a $5 steem @steem-bounty to the post to encourage guessing and engagement between players, this would equate to approx. 40 steem a month, but I would be happy with half that if I could reward more than I am now.

  3. How will this support be used?

    As above give out up to 5 @sbi shares a week and also add a @steem-bounty to the post to promote continued engagement and growth of the community.

  4. Approximately how many users participate in your community or contest?

    The comments range from 100 to 200+ a week with many repeat players, a majority of which are redfish with the odd minnow that likes the fun.

  5. How will supporting your community or contest help grow the Steem community?

    Many people love the contest enough to check in weekly to see what the new one is, and after 20 games only one person has requested not to be put onto the tag list. I have been told that people wait for it and love the challenge it presents, along with the laughter it brings. The players often engage with one another and the amount of interesting and hilarious guesses grows weekly.

    As I said earlier the main players are redfish so any @sbi shares received can only help their engagement on their own posts which in turn keeps them posting and the Steem community strong. A win-win for everyone, including me for I can use my limited Steem to power up and reward the many that go undervalued daily.

    It also allows me to promote the @asapers which is a community curation account that was started by my husband @shai-hulud myself and our benefactor @hitmeasap. Side Note: We will be submitting an application for them separately.

  6. What is your Discord name and number? (Optional - This may also be sent privately to @randomwanderings#9929 on Discord.)

    @insideoutlet#9162, I look forward to hearing from you @randomwanderings :D


What is it?

Now time for my weekly contest inspired by a game we played with the kids at my niece's birthday one year, albeit slightly more advanced. As with all my contests they are simple enough, guess right and win.

What do you have to guess?

You need to guess this image. It’s a zoomed in shot from an actual object.

As always I aim to keep you guessing but interested for as long as possible, I hope this is tricky but doable. Make sure you give a detailed answer I am looking for the "exact type". If you can't be exact then be fun as I will be looking for the most interesting answer for a possible second @sbi share this week!

maw winner.jpg

What am I?

What do you win?

The first to guess will wins a @steembasicincome share, sponsored this week by @simplymike.

Winner will be chosen at my discretion based on the image details I have.

Sponsors wanted to help the fun continue!

I am currently looking for additional sponsors to help me share the love and pay it forward, there are so many good answers and I would love to give more, so if you know anyone that could help out with a @sbi share, a @steem-bounty or some SBD for the winners/most creative answer etc, me and my awesome followers would really appreciate it.

If you are keen, please feel free to comment below or contact me on Discord (insideoutlet#9162)

Can I guess more than once?

Yes, feel free to guess as many times as you like I will check in daily to let you know if you have guessed right or wrong so you can guess again if a winner has not been announced.

Last Week’s Contest

The week was a challenge for most and it was the most widely guessed item yet, I was impressed with peoples imagination. It was, of course, the simple windowed envelope, the type that all the bills come in if you don't receive them by email yet. It just happened to be sitting in front of the keyboard when I started last weeks post.

After some consideration and much pondering it popped into @roselifecoach's head like turning on a light switch, so she was last weeks winner with the @sbi share being sent off by @simplymike yesterday.

The funniest this week was a hard one but the first person to make me laugh was @thekitchenfairy with 11 guesses before I got to answer one following up with another ten after that. haha this was closely followed by @dreemsteem who accused it of trying to steal all her @sbi shares and @c0ff33a who also accused me of stealing his slippers. haha, a theme seems to be gathering here. I also loved @anutu guess of a playing card which this totally could have been.

While I would love to pay you all a share, I only have one more to give this week, with luck I will get a small sponsorship from the #curiecommunitybuilding we can change that and reward everyone soon. @randomwanderings

Contest Image

It was hard yet totally doable.


Full Image

The simple envelope!

Envelope Window.jpg

Any other rules?

Nope, that's it! There are no requirements to follow, upvote or resteem although I would love you to consider all three.

I hope you try again this week and as always I look forward to hearing all your guesses.

Note: If you want me to stop tagging you, please let me know in the comments and I will remove from next week.

@bashadow, @gillianpearce, @bengy, @leeart, @engchitchat, @sparkesy43, @andysantics48, @lynncoyle1, @smylie2005, @simplymike, @kamiikazer, @newbiegames, @zord189, @claudiaz, @rentmoney, @plushzilla, @apanamamama, @bananamemos, @arbitarykitten, @sweetpea, @silentscreamer, @viking-ventures, @traciyork, @anomt, @mineopoly, @happycrazyon, @bala41288, @ma-glee, @gillianpearce, @lymepoet, @oluwashinaayomi, @inalittlewhile, @sams-world, @charisma777, @michelleloh168, @lapb, @markusmichael, @byn, @armadillocreek, @solcross, @fun2learn, @sinlg, @onionking, @roselifecoach, @fullcoverbetting, @headchange, @evlachsblog, @michelleloh168, @eoj, @bigtom13, @themonkeyzuelans, @bluefinstudios, @blockurator, @ivan-g, @ijmmai, @thekitchenfairy, @phelimint, @giddyupngo, @thetimetravelerz, @iamjadeline, @karinxxl, @muftii, @photoquest, @dfinney, @gohba.handcrafts, @whitestallion, @saun, @porters, @permanayogi, @stbathans, @heartbeat1515, @andesta, @thekittygirl, @yidneth, @yoghurt, @animecraze, @poyim, @dinoromanelli, @dollarsandsense, @celinavisaez, @ayushjalan, @guchtere, @crypto-econom1st, @thehive, @itravelarts, @lastravage, @rachelcreative, @quillfire, @crazyartist & @kandywriter, @steemflow, @joyrobinson, @delishtreats, @bmj, @kittyjenny, @minimining, @eaglespirit, @tonygreene113, @anutu, @sultnpapper, @maquemali & @mattifer.

Thanks for playing and good luck!!! Start guessing now!

As always thanks for reading and hope to see you next time.

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A kind of shell?

@markusmichael Nice try but not this week, it was an old banana peel.

The corner of an eye of a snake or some other reptile.

very inventive guess!

It was wasnt it, i like it a lot too.

@gillianpearce nice guess, it was an old banana half eaten. lol.

Banana peel

I see that now. An old, black banana. I knew it looked familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I'm betting you'll win this week!

He was right, I would have loved some more details as I love details but a winner is a winner this week :D

@izaid You are the first to correctly guess the image, I would have loved some more details as it was a half eaten old banana but we will pay this out as well, check in next week for the proof of transfer of @sbi share. 😁

Thank you so much @insideoutlet

@izaid You are very welcome, thanks for playing, :D

Hi hi everybody!!
Looks like the opened peel of a quite old brown banana to me :)

You were the second to guess the banana peel but the first to do it in the detail I like! It was a half-eaten banana that my son devoured shortly after I took this image, gotta love kids.

So congrats on being my choice for the extra @sbi share this week. The initial winner was @izaid.

C O N G R A T S to @izaid!!!

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, first time ever I got it right. So cool. Thank you so much for the @sbi share <3

When I wrote my guess I have not even realized that somebody had the same guess. :)

Thank's so much again and have a beautiful day today!

That happens alot, once you hit reply all the other answers go lower and most wont see without checking. You were both in very early so it was a little easier than i had hoped but still super fun. 😁 hope to see you again next week.

For sure I will return next week, thank you again for this awesome contest!
Have a wonderful week!

@anutu @sbi share now sent, new contest out very soon. Have fun :p

Thank you oh so much @insideoutlet <3

Cannot wait for the next one!

Have a most wonderful Sunday!!!!!

As someone has already gone for shell, I'll go for a fish's mouth. Maybe a stonefish even?

@chaomos Nice I do like me a good stonefish, so long as I am not stepping on it! it was an old banana this week. See you next week!

This lady qualifies for sponsorship because she hosts the funniest whatisit contest ever.
Have to warn you though, it is this much fun because the participants are as 'crazy' as the host.
You will be supporting a fantastic group of lunatics.


@ijmmai haha thanks, I do love my little bunch of cray cray, makes my week fun :D

Maybe a cotton plant husk.

It's a mussel!!

Posted using Partiko Android

That's exactly what I was going to say @simplymike!!!

@simplymike You stole @lynncoyle1's answers haha, pipped her at the post, you both would have been wrong though haha, it was one of Thana's old uneaten bananas haha.

No, she was about to steal mine. There's a difference,lol

@simplymike very true haha. :D Thanks for this weeks sponsorship :D

@sparkesy43 no nuts here sorry, it was a banana, a very old one :D

I think it's a fig...

@lastravage Not a fig, it has been guessed now, come back next week to see the full image.

It is a fruit.

@sherbanu It is a fruit but that is not enough information to get the share. It has been guessed now :D

Hey I am back! This is really hard. I am sure the original image is wholesome. Haha! So my guesses are:
a shitake mushroom?
Or a chestnut? Acorn?
Or a horse's mouth?

@evlachsblog Welcome back! I am not sure it's as wholesome as it could have been if we ate it a few days earlier, haha, it was a half-eaten banana.

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A seed pod maybe but not a clue as to what kind. At least I didn't say tongue lol
I will return to say a word about the application. Too early need coffee before making any serious comment 💤 Good luck with the sponsorship.

@headchange haha no a tongue would not have been correct this week, it was a banana peel an old rotten one haha.

Well we all know I am not very good at this game. I still think just saying tongue every week is a pretty good plan.

@headchange haha, well it worked for @bananamemos, he was just too late haha. See you this week, heads up its not a tongue haha.

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I think it's an elephant - like next to its eye.

@viking-ventures What a cute elephant, not... It was a banana peel and half eaten one a week old.

Hahaha! The life of the mother, I'm guessing...

@viking-ventures haha yes, that an no time or too exhausted to think when there is time, the joys, he's well worth it all :D

This one is easy, you burnt your toast

@ijmmai haha no burnt toast here, I am the kinda girl that would scrape it off if I could save it or re cook altogether. haha.. I hate burnt toast.

Just like me. No need to waste food :)

@ijmmai no need at it, it was still very tasty inside haha.

Ahhh...never seen it so never guessed the envelope.....we do not have such envelope in India...it was nice though

Posted using Partiko Android

@steemflow I had wondered what other countries would use, and if the business envelopes were common over there.

Ahhhh...we do have simar envelope but not the blue part.the window portion remain white

Posted using Partiko Android


Although I'm sure it can't be because that's not fiendish enough for you @insideoutlet. 😂

Good luck with your @curie appliation.

@gillianpearce haha you know me too well lol... And thank you, it was guessed, it was an old half eaten banana, haha.

There is no hint this week @insideoutlet seems pretty confusing, already so many guesses....
I go for tree bark most probably the palm tree

Posted using Partiko Android

@steemflow no hint until day three if it isn't guessed, it was a banana peel and old one from about a week ago.

Ha ha. The envelope! Don't know that I would have guessed that but now I see it!
Today I think...clam, oyster, eggplant. Maybe one of those? ;)

@apanamamama I have had a few clammy guesses haha, I like the eggplant idea, but it was a banana this week!

First I think it is a hard shell clam, but I forget what part of the world you live in so that is as close as I can get guess wise. But likely totally off.

Second; Good luck on the curie support. It is a fun game simple and well we players get to cut-it-up a little bit. People like to have fun so @randomwanderings I think if you look back at especially the last month and how much it grows, these are all real people, I do not recall seeing many bot type comments, just people having fun, so this is a good weekly contest that yes people look forward to, well at least I can say that.

@bashadow Nice try and thanks for the support, it was an old banana peel this week.

@gmatthe2 haha I do love my uggs! It's not correct though, it was a banana, a very old half eaten one haha.

A shell? A mussle? Lips of a fish?

@lymepoet no lips or seafood in sight here... It was my son's old banana, half eaten for fun haha.

This must be some carnivorous plant? Or a banana peel?🤔 or or or. Damn this is a though one I like it😎

@guchtere you would have been correct with the second one, the banana peel, but a few guessed it before you had the chance to get it. Thanks for playing and see you next week!

Goodmorning, just gave my answer first (I think) at your new picture ;)
I can't always be the first congrats to the winner.

Thanks for hosting this fun game!

I saw the curie proposal and was waiting for Peter's and hitme's app to comment, but I'll chime in on your comment as well. I did also put our pifc contest forward too! It's such an awesome opportunity, isn't it?!

Now, as far as your photo, I was going to say mussel, but simplymike already did!

@lynncoyle1 I got the @asapers one out, thanks for the comment on there hun! I told @simplymike she stole your wrong guess, but I dont' think she was too fazed given you were both wrong, haha. it was Thana's banana.

My guess is a clam. Very creepy image by the way! LOL

Plus thanks for bringing awareness to @curie Curie Community Building Support initiative as this is really freaking cool! Too bad I don't have any communities to create.

@mikeycolon It is a super creepy image especially given it's a lonely unloved banana peel half eaten and forgotten about haha.

Hello i like this idea of contest:) i would have never guess the enveloppe. For this new photo i think it looks like a mussel?

@drawmeaship Thank you, I appreciate that. The envelope was super cool as it was so simple yet not. This weeks was a half eaten banana, thanks for taking the time to guess and I hope to see you again next week!

Omg i would have never guess loool i will definitly give it a try next week:)

@drawmeaship It should be out very soon, just finishing it up now :D

Oh I missed this contest...
I think its a riped banana...but I am always bad at guessing...so not sure..haha
and good luck with the currie support

@itravelarts haha, you would have been right this week, but not the first! It was a half-eaten banana that my son hadn't got around to eating the rest lol.. And thank you for the support :D

Woohoo.. I was at least correct 😃😃😃 doing my happy dance.. Will wait for the next one

Posted using Partiko Android

@itravelarts :D See you soon, just finishing it off now.

La concha de un mani tostado

@celinavisaez Sin cacahuetes esta semana, era un viejo plátano medio comido.

There's just no way this isn't the answer this week (even though it hasn't been the right answer all the other weeks we've guessed it):
single banana 50x45.jpg

More specifically, the inside of the skin of a banana, including the phloem strings.

@bananamemos you know I had you in mind when I took this image, but you were just too slow 😭, three guessed it before you jumped on the post, I made it a half eaten one for more fun haha.

What?! We missed getting the answer right the one time it was the right answer?

Too many banana daquiries over the weekend...

@bananamemos haha, Well I hope you enjoyed them better luck next week, can't promise it will be a banana though haha.

Good luck and I have no idea what it is.

@enforcer48 haha thanks for stopping by and the support. IT was a half eaten banana.

This contest deserves a sponsorship @randomwanderings. Not only is it supplying sbi shares for a large number of winners. But it is also encouraging a huge amount of engagement.
The number of people coming here grows each week. We all have lots of fun interacting in the comment threads and often meet new people and make friends.

@headchange Thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate it :D

Hey @insideoutlet,
I was going to say mussel, but simplymike grabbed it before I could :)

The curie support would be awesome for asapers, wouldn't it??!! I'll wait for hitme's or Peter's application to really put my best foot forward haha

But, @randomwanderings, if you see this, @asapers is one of the first groups I joined and started curating for because they are simply all about community, engagement and supporting quality posts here!!


Not guessing for this round 😄

Thanks babe!

Here is frossing fingers, Curie will choose you 💗

That is 100%, no doubt about it, the peel from a rotten banana...maybe even one that sat on the counter too long because you were waiting for it to ripen just enough to be perfect. Poor forgotten banana.

@mattifer It wasn't 100% rotten just half eaten with the grand plan to eat at a later date haha, we did have four correct guesses before your answer, so just not quick enough this week, but thank you for playing and I hope to see you next week.

2nd guess, my eyeball as I try to slowly pry it open from being glued down by eyeball snot. the reason you can't see any eyelashes is because they got burned off as a kid when I tried to melt a wonder bread plastic wrapper I had wrapped around a stick, (they made cool plastic pool puddles of different colors), and my brother had pumped a lot of my dads butane lighter fuel in to the bag, so when I lit it on fire with dads stolen butane light it blew up in my face, cause I was a kid you see and you had to be real close to the bag, with the lighter and one eye slightly squinched shut, and tongue properly hanging out the right side of the mouth, (not the left that did not count), so you see my left eyeball was thus really close when the bag went Whoosh, and my brother started laughing his ass off, as I scream in agony. Needless to say dad was not pleased at me stealing his lighter, and mom was not pleased at my brother for laughing.

@bashadow OMG, is that real, not the eye snot but the brother burning your eyelashes off? Surely they would grow back? Either way, I feel bad for laughing but it's too funny not too. haha. :D

No it was not real, didn't happen, just a funny short, my version of, "fractured fairy tale".