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RE: #SharkSchool Lesson 1: How To Find Your Voice As A Writer

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A wiser person is one who forgives himself for his mistakes, learns his lessons and tries again.

In reading your blog, I can only say: Well done!


I told my mom I want to be like @haejin when I grow up

lol! @yallapapi i don't know what you mean haha. but how to become @haejin?

it is amazing and memorable for my friends in your buddies steemit ..

Hopefully we can be good, I am happy to be friends with you#$

You are very kind, happy to be friends with you


... and beware the stories you read or tell, subtly, at night, beneath the waters of consciousness, they are altering your world. ;) As always a compelling written story here!

I know how that goes..

Well done! Enjoy reading it too

yes thats true @haejin.

I fully agree with you one has to forgive himself first then only he can forgive others

Very true...