Just Tell Me "How Steemit Changed Your Life" and Win 5 SBD For Free 🤓🤓

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Hello All Dear Steemit Friends,

So today i want to give you an opportunity to win 5 SBD for free and all you have to do is, just tell me in the comments that :-

How Steemit Changed Your Life??

and you could win 5 SBD if i like your Reason of " How Steemit Changed Your Life" because Steemit Changed the life of many of us and we all have our own special stories about this topic so share with me and win free SBD.

Rules are simple :-

1. Simply share your original story and thoughts about this topic and don't write any fake story to grab my attention.

2. Only one entry is allowed for each person.

3. Resteem is not compulsory for anyone.

4. The Winner will be announced on the payout day of this post.

So friends all the best to all of you and share your best experience about "How Steemit Changed Your Life"

Thanks For Visiting My Blog 😇😇

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After I lost my savings from the mandatory one year graduate program (NYSC) to ponzi scheme. I was skeptical about the scheme for months but decided to try it after my brother cashed in some real money. The rest they say is history.

With a decent job getting harder to get every year and more graduate joining the army of unemployed graduates. The only job that is a bit easier to get is a teaching job.

Teaching in a private school can never be enjoyable with a shitload of work, how can teaching from 8:30 am to 3 pm and sometimes 5 PM be? Add that to an abusive boss lady. It would have more endurable for a better paycheck than 18,000 naira. And don't be deceived by the zeros, that is just $50 for a month work.

I was introduced to steemit by a friend I met in the business of buying and selling domain names. The trending page I saw was not attractive, I had to ask my friend that introduced me if he was the one that designed the website. Well, some great gifts don't come with an attractive wrap, I guess steemit is one of such.

I had a fairly good start, I made my salary in two weeks on steemit. And triple of my salary in a month. It looked too good to be true. People around me were telling me it is another scam. It became very true to me and them after I made my first payout. And since then I have not looked back. Steemit is taking care of my expenses for now. I am planning on starting a small company that will be steem powered... Is that not great. Add that to that the fact I bought myself a new Laptop that would have required saving 10 months of my teaching job salary without removing a dime from it.

I frequently suffered from depression, all because i felt my life was not going in the direction I wanted. Every little dream was difficult to accomplished. But that has changed since I discovered Steemit, I now have something to look forward to, a responsibility to add value to my followers through my contents. And steemit is helping me achieve other goals. I now eat better, sleep better, dress better, think better and I meet wonderful people from all over the world...all these within 3 months. Steemit is indeed a life changer.

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Hi everyone,

I want to share my story of how steemit has changed my life. I read about Steemit from someone who created a thread on Nairaland to educate online users about the platform. Before now, I have phobia for writing so I said to myself at the point of joining "I will stick to commenting on people's post " I always feel, I don't have what it takes to write on anything that would capture anyone's attention.

My account was approved on the 5th of February, 2018 and with the excitement, I wrote my first article and earned $0.85. I couldn't believe my eyes, It was as if, I won a jackpot. Now, this might mean nothing to most people here, but I was happy to have proved myself wrong. And when someone commented on my post and typed "Nice Post" I was so overwhelmed.

Steemit restored my confidence, proved my guts wrong and gave me a boost. I am one month and two weeks here with 202 followers, 530 posts, and my reputation is now at 44. I mean, I wouldn't have imagined this not even in my widest imagination.

Steemit totally changed my life for good. As it stands, I can comfortably write on anything and it feels so good. Like literally, my greatest achievement so far for the year.

Wow! Did I just type all that? I have never thought about this up until now and thanks to @thecrytotrader for making me see these points. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story. I know there is a price to be won, but it's not all about the price. I am happy you made me realise how much steemit has truly changed my life. @thecrytotrader, thank you and kudos.


Iam really happy that Steemit helps you to overcome your writing phobia and it's a really good change in your life😇

I wish you more success in Steemit, just keep continue your hardwork 😇


Thank you so much. I wish you same too

That was me in feb. taking home lesson for $5 a month then a friend introduce me to steemit. I quitted that job and within 15 days I cashed out 8 SBD which is worth over $10 in my country national currency.
Steemit has changed my life, I now work from home with no pressure and comfort. I am a full time steemian now, all thanks to steemit


Well it's a really good inspection for other people also,thanks for sharing your story, your entry registered.😇




Who gonna teach the kids though ? I
Just messing with you. You have to think
About your family and needs first


@yungchief I am very happy for you and all the best brother...


Thank you very much @satishart

Steemit has helped me learn more about cryptocurrency and allowed me to be open with my writing and create content not just for google trying to rank and get traffic but for my readers. I'm slowly building up my steemit blog and audience and the community has been really helpful and supportive.

I've even deleted all my social accounts facebook, Instagram etc and o focus only on Steemit. I want to eventually earn enough money and enough followers to start a weekly podcast about entreprenearshup and help share peoples stories


That's really good and this is also the speciality of Steemit to give knowledge and helps us to become a better person in life.


@chekohler Great and looking forward to your weekly podcast :-)

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I started learning English, taking more pictures and putting pictures. I have the first cryptocurrencies that I started to store and exchange. As a result, I have a personal blog and savings


That's really great achievement, entry registered.

Here is my entry @thecrytotrader . I publish it my post after reading your content.
Link : https://steemit.com/life/@prince121/how-steemit-changed-your-life


I read your post and it's really good, thanks for your entry buddy 😇

I came across Steemit when I was searching for Airdrops for various cryptocurrencies. Did not find any authentic airdrop news but found a gem.
Honestly speaking I visitied the Steemit page and saw the trending posts which showed $800+ as payouts. I immediately jumped onto the Signup page.
Waited for a day for signup. As soon as I was approved I posted. I wrote about airdrop. Just opened up a discussion about how people felt about it. I assumed since up-voting was free, many people will just distribute upvotes. But then I realized that my post was not read by anyone.
Eventually I improved my knowledge from Steemit. Read all posts about becoming successful. That's what changed my strategy here on Steemit.
Eventually I got addicted to the platform. Curation and comments started becoming fun to me. I loved browsing through my feeds.
Then I came across SPL(Steem Poker League) Another addictive thing. Poker was always my love and just imagine you being paid for playing poker. How awesome was that. I played many tournaments and won some SBDs in 3 of them.
Currently I am spending more than 6 hours on Steemit.com. It can be participating in various contests, writing comments, reading amazing posts or playing poker.
Steemit has got me addicted and it has stopped me from drinking. I start scrolling through my feeds or replies anywhere I get free time. Worst case Steemit will at least get rid of my increasing addiction to alcohol.
So in general I just shifted from one addiction to another.
Alcohol to Steemit.
My wife is happy and annoyed at the same time. LOL


Haha that's a fuuny but good change in you and all thanks goes to our lovely Steemit,Thanks for your entry buddy 😇

Thanks for Such Great Opportunity. Here is my entry.

Before join steemit i invested in Crypotcurrency but i chose wrong time to enter in crytpo world and brought Bitcoin at peak level. I switch some bitcoin in altcoin and this is my 2nd blunder because altcoins are very volatile and I loss almost 80% of my investment( My investment $1000) .

To recover Loss i lend money($500) from my sister and friend to recover but again price fall and now i am in huge debt. $1000 is my hard earn money which i earn though job but i left my job because of my health and personal issues. Till date i invested $1500 in crypto and now in my portfolio contain only $400. I don't know when will i recover my money. I have to do wait only.

But few questions always arise in mind mind. What happens if my investment took long time to recover. I lend money from my sister and friend and promise them to return in 3 months but i don't think i this is possible according to market condition to recover soon.

I love to get knowledge though net and i use internet to get more and more knowledge about cryptocurrency and then i find this site though google. I studied about this site and i am in love with this project.

This project give me a RAY OF HOPE to return money to my sister and friend. You know i was very depressed before join this site. Because i have no source of income currently i am recovering my health problem and even preparing for govt. exams.

Now i do more focus on steemit instead of my portfolio. I know if i do hard work then i can return money and became debt free.

I am minnow and working hard. I am trying to interact with more and more people not for business purpose but to meet new people also. You know i find new people here. I am not use facebook or any other social networking site from last 4 years so this site also help me to interact with people outside from India.

Like this site help me to interact with you. If everything goes well then i will meet you personally bcause my future plan is to surf India and then world. Whenever i visit to any state i will meet my all old and new friends.

Bro till: I don't want to say that steemit change my life financially but this change my life mentally for sure.

I am sure steemit will surly change my life financially too.

Sorry Bro: My English is not good but i wish you understand my points written with emotions.


Bro above may be create problem to understand you but bellow is the improvised

I love to search about new thinks related money and i find something new to me is cryptocurrency. Very attractive and even growth is very good. I invested 7k in Bitcoin when the price of Bitcion is 150k (Rupees) and I sell them after 15 days that time because i started feeling negative after invest in Bitcion so I don’t want to lose even 7k. You know after 4 month I find that Bitcoin touches 1400k. My 7K can be 70k but it’s my fault. My bad luck this always happens to me. Whenever I invested in sometime it not grow even 1% but whenever i leave it they start growing like it will shot the moon.

So after see these kinds of growth I feel very excited and sell my all Stocks and invest my all money on Bitcion that time I invested $1000 which is the only money I have. I done a bulder mistake by brought Bitcoin at Peak level. You know Bitcoin drastically fall and my $1000 become $500. This time I stay and promise myself that i will not sell until I good profit. I start gaining knowledge about Bitcion and find that there is lot of other cryptocurrency in the market whom we call Altcion. They too showed tremendous growth, so I switch some Bitcoin and buy Altcoin and you know this is my 2nd blunder because Altcoins are very volatile and I loss almost 80% of my investment ($1000). Now I left with only $350.

To recover the loss i lend money ($500) from my sister and friend. This time I brought Ripple. I brought Ripple of $200 at 70 Rupees. Ripple shoot like star and touch 250 Rupees just in 10 Days. My $200 became $600. I think this the right time to buy more and I invest rest $300 at 250 Rupees. Again ripple starts falling and you know the current price of ripple is 42 Rupees. I learn though my mistakes in this span, which I will share with you through my blog but you have to must follow me. I promise you will never loss in future if you do any kind of investment. Now i am in huge debt because I don’t have any other source to earn money. $1000 is my hard earn money + $500 which i lend from my sister and friend. Till date i invested $1500 in crypto and now in my portfolio I have only $400. I don't know how much time its takes to recover. I know i can recover my money but I have to wait patiently.

But few questions still arise in head that what happens if my investment took long time to recover. I lend money from my sister and friend and promise them to return in 3 months but i don't think this is possible if I see toward market. It may be taken 2 to 3 year at least.

I love to get any kind knowledge though internet. I am always eager to get more and more knowledge related to cryptocurrency. Then I found steemit though Google. I discovered steemit 1.5 year back but that time I don’t know how this site works and even I don’t have knowledge of cryptocurrency that time so i skipped. Now I know about cryptocurrency so i studied about Steemit, I find this project very interesting and fall in love with this project.
This project gives me a HOPE OF RAY to return lend money to my sister and friend. Before this I was in depression and only thinking about my promise which I did to my sister and friend. I don’t like to break my promise. If I promise someone then I do it in any cost no matter if have to pay it from my pocket. Sometime I took time but I do it.

Now I am giving more focusing on steemit instead of my portfolio. I know my hard work can help to make me debt free.

Currently i am minnow and working hard to achieving my targets. I am trying to interact with more and more people, not for business but to learn something new and to make good relations. You know i find lots of new people on steemit some of them are very cooperative and some of them are very harsh but you know in this world there is different kind of people living. Every person has own way to live, so you have to go on without criticize them to just focus on your work. I am not use facebook or any other social networking site for last 4 years, So this site help me to interact with new people all over the world.

Steemit introduce me good people and they are good friend of mine. I will share you my joinery but you have to stay connected with me.

I don't want to say that steemit change my financial life for now but steemit makes me strong.
I am sure steemit will surly change my financial life too.

Stay connected to see my steemit journey. I will share something very good in my coming posts.
Sorry for my Bad English. I write this article for communication purpose only. I know you understand me very well.

I first want to tell you ,are doing a great job here and your music is lovely.keep up the good work

This is a really great idea for a contest. Thanks @thecrytotrader for this nice opportunity to inspire others with our progress or even success story. Am arranging my story. You will get it soon!!!!


Im waiting for that 🤓

How Steemit Changed My Life
Before steemit I would just post on facebook and instagram random photos of my day or vacation or concerts and that was about it, I didn't really comment much on other posts and just liked random photos. Then I found steemit an it all changed I started engaging others from all over the world. I learned a lot more about cryptocurrency and through the #contest I have even become a poet and an artist.
please feel free to join my current Steemit #contest here https://steemit.com/contest/@isteemithard/design-isteemithard-a-profile-picture-avatar-contest-9-winner-of-8

@moneyinfant has added your contest to the list Steemit Writing Contests: Issue #57. The list is updated on a daily basis and your contest will remain on the list until its expiration - there's nothing you need to do.

The list was created to save writers the excessive amount of time spent searching through the #contest tag for writing contests. Now they can just come to the list each day, see new contests and use their time doing what they love - writing.

If you'd like to help spread the word about the Steemit Writing Contest List I'd really appreciate a resteem, but it certainly isn't necessary. The project is simply meant to help writers save time and contest creators attract more contestants.

P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

steemit is really changing lives, before I joined steemit things wasn't going well for me, though am still a student and am still under my parents but they can only afford to send me to school, most of the things I need for my self I work and I buy it my self,my friend introduced steemit to me and it has change my life, I nearly run mad when I receive my first payment because I don't really believe it in the first place , now am a full-time steemians, with steemit I know more about crypto and I don't post for free again... Thanks

@thecrytotrader I have just joined and steemit looks very very promising! I would be able to write a wonderful story after six months may be:-)

Netizens know how easy it is to get warped up and fall face first into the bottomless pit of internet. Imagine if you're an introverted person and generally stray away from social events and socialize very little. That cannot be that big of a problem because there are social medias but imagine if you find the large social circle in your facebook composed mostly of narcissistic liars in denial about mediocrity of their lives. Imagine that you are misanthropic nihlist with little regard for human prosperity and are convicted to not contribute to their productivity. Imagine if you are like this because you are depressed because you are a social animal that don't socialize that much and do not have any safe outlet to calibrate your opinions and ideas. That's where I was before I found steemit and look at me now, jolly as fuck. Steemit has changed my life because it has incentivized expression and with some chaotic and misguided ideas out of my system I am becoming more tolerant of world and people in it and their irrational musings and stupid opinions.

Steemit didn't change my life but it has helped me in a lot of ways.

  1. Sustained my reading habit. Steemit is my motivation to share what I've read by writing. For as long as I can remember, I told myself that I should read books, but every time I read 2-3 pages, I yawned. But with earning what I share, it became my biggest motivation to read, to learn and to share!
  2. Understand my boyfriend deeper. Through his writing, I'm able to know what he's thinking, his personality and his worries on a different level.
  3. Able to help more people than I've ever imagined. I love volunteering and my motto is "When I make you happy, I will be happy too." By taking part in helping the newbies, I am living my motto.

Interesting contents !Here is my entry !

I learnt about steemit from a friend that I helped buy his first cryptos because he didn’t have Paypal at the time. Through that I got more curious about the space. Since then we have been sharing info on crypto and he introduced me to steemit. When I first came here I thought I couldn’t write articles and poems like I saw him doing but he convinced me to enter a few contest and just try and that I did.

Steemit has helped me to focus on my writing and communications skills. I’m currently writing a poem a day and it has given me the creative discipline I need, I also take criticism gracefully now. Another thing I’ve been trying to do for years, which is expanded my vocabulary has finally manifested because of steemit. The prizes I’ve won so far motivate me not just because it’s currency but it’s cinfkrmstion of my progress.

I’ve learnt new philosophies from different people all over the world and it has made me see life from different perspective.

Most intestingly, I now see how the future generations will survive . I use to wonder with all the AI technology and robots taking over jobs in the future , the next generation would be doomed , but now I see that content is king and this is how the youth of the future will strive ! Steemit has changed my mindset !

Thank you

Wow! So let's start bro😛
As you know I am ankita who use my bro's account .
Firstly when my bro tell me that hey my friend tell me about steemit where we can earn money ...I m so excited after listen this.
My english is not good so I want to reply this post in hindi 😉...I hope you accept it .

Meri study complete ho gyi and kch special nhi tha mere pass krne ko and other social site use krne pr lgta tha ki time waste ho rha h and eyes bhi😛

So me esi hi kisi source ki search me thi ..Jha se me kch kr sku and self depend bn sku....Or me kch kash kr nhi pa rhi thi so me little tensen and depressed bhi thi.

And when jb mujhe steemit ka pta chla through you...I am so excited ....Mujhe lga haa ye acha h me apne time ka good use kr skti hu and really I am so happy ...Even me 2 months spend krne ke bad bhi kch kash nhi kr payi but I don't give up ...Because mujhe real me kch acha krna h .

Steemit pr aane se phle useless feel hota tha bt now feel better ki something is there for done.

And best part my english also improving .

You can see how I mixed two language 😜

And mera jo mein purpose h wo abhi share nhi krungi ...If I achieve then I will share .

So I feel worthy ...And thanx to you .

Steemit changed my life and now I always think that what I can share even in my dream also😍

So this is my entry where I tell my feeling😇