Who Steemit made ME!!

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Hello steemian friends,

Today I want to talk about me and Steemit. I want to share my steemit experience and values with my friends.

There is something amazing about steemit: it betters you, improves your skills, educates you, grows you, gives you new friends, and changes your whole life entirely. So lets get the gist,

My steemit Journey

My steemit journey started a few months ago, June to be precise.

......looking back, have I done well on steemit, blogging, interacting and reputation wise?

Yes I think I have.

Well I give myself the credit if no one gives it to me.....hehehehe!

Did you just laugh? Its funny right giving myself credit rather than waiting to get the credit from someone else. This is because I know were I am coming from.

Where am I coming from?
Yes I know many people join steemit for the earning and is a good feeling seeing you earn from doing something. And Yes again, that was the first attraction for me to join steemit. It was about the "earn". Money is never too much you know. The truth is I feel good when I see the upvotes and the figures increasing....

If you tell me I joined for the money; I agree.

However, after joining for the earnings, what became of me? That is the interesting part.
Steemit transformed me so much...70% transformation in less that 4 months!!!.

What are the transformations

  1. Exposure:
    Steemit has exposed me alot. I am not talking about physical exposure because I travel alot. Travelling is my hubby. I could get sick staying in a city/town for a whole month without leaving that town for at least one week.
    Steemit exposed my mind and my personality. It discovered a whole lot of me that I wouldn't have know maybe in my life time. I am the type that doesnt talk nor write, but I have a very good memory, so I keep stuff inside. If you tell me to write what I know, you have killed me. But I can tell you what I know.

Maybe that was why I was never top in my class...lol.

Now I can write;

Initially when I started on steemit it was like an Herculean task, I almost quit. Now, it is different. Although not easy yet, but I find myself writing and enjoying it. Feeling is a part of me.

If I knew, I could enjoy writing like this, maybe I would have been a lawyer not a pilot...lol.

Wow....this part is what I cannot underestimate. You don't want to imagine how much information I have had the opportunity to know from playing around blogs/posts on steemit. Sometimes, I read some posts and I am like; so this was it, so this was when it happened... I will give an example.
I read @donkeypong post about apple here
...and you know I have been eaten apples but never bother to know the names or what country they are from, but now I know and I can confidently talk about apples like I did the research myself......lol
There are many more instance..but cant mention them all here.

I have learnt a whole lot from steemit. From science-art-entertainment-health- culture- even how to make gif by @stellabelle here. I have learnt to be creative and do original stuff. Yes I give it to steemit, it was a self made/discovery.

Oh yes: I never knew the value of interaction until I joined steemit. Giving my occupation, we barely interact with people outside our field so you can imagine coming to steemit. I was lethargic about commenting. I just upvote and go away. But I discovered there is power in interacting with people, and the feeling is different when you relate with what someone writes about on the comment. For me when I see comments on my post, it makes me feel someone actually likes it, someone gained something from it.

But again I was still struggling with commenting on peoples' posts, because I was still struggling with writing. Then I came across a post by @surpassinggoogle here.
That changed my perspective entirely about commenting as a way of interaction.
Now I do not look through a post without leaving a comment even when there are 1000 comments already.

Skills improvement:
Yes my writing skills has improved. Not perfect yet, but I was not where I used to be months ago before joining steemit. My command of use of English(not my first language) has improved

So yes....I give it to steemit. It was a full blown transformation for me. And I like the Me now better than the old Me before joining steemit. It has gotten to that point where, when I am bored or feeling down in my moments, what I want to do is WRITE.

All my years in high school, college and all the trainings, never taught me this much.

New Friends
Another thing steemit did for me, is the amount of new friends I have been able to make in a period so short.
We interact well, communicate so well, some I can trust so much(even with my private keys....lol) and I have not even met them physically. They are awesome people. The community and groups I belong feels like home.

I will mention a few because they are the noobs I started steemit together with. Supporting and encouraging ourselves until we found our feet on steemit. @dreamchasser, @drepo, @dorth, @rickie, @datageek, @diskovery, @ bitfairy, @crytokingzy, @heartbitcoin, @rexhafiz, @turpsy, @geetasnani, @elbleess, @haybammy, @Godtaye. Please forgive me if I did not mention your name and you were part of my steemit start up team. I appreciate you guys.

Now, while in the process of steeming, I met several people and some became my Mentors.

@donkeypong, .....I don't know if he knows this, but if he okays something I take to him for advice, I fill like I won a lottery. I would say he is my number one steemit mentor. I learn from him everyday.

@ehiboss, I call him mentor, he cleared my path into steemit and I am enjoying that now.

@infovore, I learnt something about blogging from him that changed my perspective about blogging on steemit.

@maryfavour, I got to know her on steemit, and it feels like she is a sister I have known all my life. When I get worked up on writing, I go to her and say, I don't think I can do this. But she inspires me with her words and I am at it again.

I never thought I could write long, but here I find myself writing cos I am enjoying it now.

However, I am still struggling, but I am much better than I was. Imagine me 1year on steemit....is going to be a different story entirely.

Thank you steemit
Thank you steemians,
Thank you to everyone whose blog or chatty interaction has lead to transformation in my life.
I am enjoying and loving the adventure.

Thank you for stoping by and please do leave a comment a comment.


Image skech my me!!!


So yes....I give it to steemit. It was a full blown transformation for me.

I am glad to see your progress and prosperous journey here on steemit. Indeed I can relate to the changes you have displayed. Steemit transforms and remolds, our interaction with people we may not have met in life on this social space is a blessing. Steem on.

Thank You @turpsy, you part of my progress too and you know how much you have helped me progress. I appreciate you.

Lovely @ceepee and u are my greatest friend on here ...u have help me in so many ways..whales has visited me through your wonder coach . in my weakness u lifted me in my tears u rendered a shoulder to cry on .thank u my steemit godmama. Ama gonna go on tour wit u. Impressive post i love

I love this lady, and i cant stop loving her. She has an amazing soul, her heart could give her life for you. It hurts me to know people take advantage of kind hearts, but my dear we love you and appreciate your amazing sef and good heart. Thank you my dear sister.

Excellent outpour. One of the best forms of blogging is lifestyle blogging. Good to have you enjoying it now 😁. We are going places ma'am.

@ceepee the Novelist!!
I'm loving this new and improved writer....Lolz!
With this, I know a Novel is on the way.
Nice one dearie. I love and appreciate you too!

Rickie Rickie, you know where we meet and talk.. Thank you for your support from day one.

You to read about your journey and experience on steemit. Keep it up man.

Thank you. Appreciate you stopping by

I am glad to see your progress and prosperous journey here on steemit.
thanks for sharing

Thank you @robert31. Appreciate your stopping by, taking out time to read, upvote and comment. You are part of what makes my progress journey a sucess.

Steemit change a lot of lives
And make exposure to users

My support

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate

hii @ceepee, nice lines writtrn and you shared your whole story wonderful and gave the credits to seniors of steem community, well done good effort keep it up high. my best wishes for you.

Thank you and best wishes to you too.

The issue of wanting to give up. I guess everybody experience that.

I even gave up self but later decided to try due to my brother's persuasion

Yeah. Is with everybody, but not eveybody could resist not quitting. Am glad i did not cos i can see th effect in me. Thank you for stopping by.

I am glad i did not give up as my earnings in steemit covers my subscription pee month

I just started and I will keep searching for inspiration on what to write and will be asking myself if it worth it, this just inspired me.
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you. Hang in there, inspirations will always come. I suggest you follow @surpassinggoogle, read his post, you wil get loads of inspiration. He has made so much impact in my lifestyle and blogging since i started following his blog.

Thank you I am following @surpassingoogle already and reading his write ups as well.

A great change

This testimony is true.

There is something amazing about steemit: it betters you, improves your skills, educates you, grows you, gives you new friends, and changes your whole life entirely.

It was so with you because you positioned yourself for such reshuffling and change. Do you know this say about higher institutions? "Some will go through university but will not allow university to go through them "

Like I always say; steemit is an institution.

Many will graduate successfully and some may drop out at some point.

Bravery takes hold on opportunities because nothing lasts forever!
Good luck @ceepee

Thank you @maxdevalue, am glad you can relate with me. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate you stopping by.

Friend, you have fixed a long time. And in good condition. I'm very far down.

You will be up in no time. Draw inspiration and move up the stairs... Thank you for stopping by

You are on a beautiful journey and you are grasping. Let me leave it at that for now as there will be more times to talk. I see evolution which is great. Too many entries and i am reading them all and leaving comments. Stay awesome. Some friends will visit later

Thank you @surpassinggoogle, yes there will more time to talk and i look forward to that. I cant stop saying this, you always make an impact in me with your words, your blog is so inspiring. Am sure many can relate. Sometimes people say nice things about someone just to get something. And i am not trying to say nice things here, but the effect of the inspiration your post/blog gives me is reflecting on my steemit activities. Thank you.
Appreciate the opportunity to participate. Will do it again and again. Looking forward to more.

I am glad to hear that. This is what i live for in reality. There will be awesome times in the near future. Don't worry, i have always been there with #nigeria. You may not know it but they know it. It always happens behind the scenes. And my post regardless of how it appears, has an undertone just for Nigerians and you will feel it when you are there. I have a very neutral stand because i touch on the human more than the nation and i do have special gifts and untold exertion when it comes to another human and you may have felt these things. All the info, i leave out there in undertones, simply to open the eyes, so that you start to see more. So no wahala. Stay awesome

Thank you. I see your hand behind the nigerian community. The personal impact i sherish more. I look forward to amazing life impacting post from you. Thank you.

Yes. Stay awesome. I am always reachable

She is on a beautiful journey and am i glad to have know she grasped with just a little push. Some of her post has pushed me beyond my thought. I undoubtedly stretched my mind on a post i made yesterday about a conference of steemit to be held in nigeria. You are inspring, I am waiting for the next series you will dish out. Cheers @surpassinggoogle and may Jehovah strengthen and help you.

Thank you @turpsy for journeying with me.