OFFICIAL!! Steemit Artist Music Compilation Volume 1 Release is here!! 51 Multi Genre Original Songs from 55 Music Artists on Steemit!!

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Sound Legion independent artist collaborative music house is proud to present 

Steemit Artist Music Compilation Volume 1

51 Original Multi Genre Tracks from 55 Music Artists on in Side A & Side B Duel Digital Music Set. 

I have had the pleasure of listening to these incredible songs from this very talented and motivated community over the past month.   Since this is the 1st Volume Compilation I knew there would be kinks to getting it off the road, and there has been a few (such as unable to master the tracks as hoped, but there will be future masters for future volumes)  but the response and talent that came in absolutely surprised me.   I got a little emotional a couple times putting these tracks together in the collective albums and on youtube.    I am a fan!! I am a real fan here of each and every one of you.   Your songs have been the sound track to my life this path month and I cant thank you enough for your hard work, dedication as artists and your amazing, incredible talents, and for choosing to share it with me and the steemit community.    

Steemians We Need your SUPPORT!!!

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Download These Albums FREE and Enjoy this communities musical gifts!!!

*****Volume 1 Artists*****

* if you are one of our volume 1 Artists on Side A or B, would you please comment this post with your track name and artist name and tell us a little about yourself and the track.  You can leave links and also music videos for your songs if you have them to offer up.   

Steemians can also upvote artists comments to show support for there music.  

Listen Here!!!!

Side A -  Download

1.  On Firecracker Hill - Randall Head @californicajun

Download     Listen

2.   Chouraha - Alif @hardikv

Download    Listen

3.  Sense of Taste - Jay Sussman @jaybird

Download    Listen

4.   Strange Times - Escape Hatch @escapehatch

Download    Listen

5.   Along the Bottom - Shavon Bonnie Legion @soundlegion Feat. Cher Forgeron @cherforgeron

Download   Listen

6.   Empire - WVM @wvm 

Download    Listen

7.   Descend - Ruins of lsa @Isaria 

Download    Listen

8.    Cracker Jacker - De Wallen @dewallenband

Download    Listen

9.   Three Legged Dog - Ginseng @calum

Download    Listen

10.  Scope - Christopher Hengoed @dreamsonics

Download    Listen

11.  Lohbert - @bymma 

Download    Listen

12.   Where do we go from here - Brian Max / Nathan Waterman / Magnificent Fools @brimax

Download    Listen

13.   Riddle Me That - Clyde Majik Legion @clydemajiklegion

Download    Listen

14.   C'mon - BLAI$E @blaisep

Download    Listen

15.   You're The One I Wanna Do - Skyfish @luzcypher

Download    Listen

16.   Titan - Qrittix @qrittix

Download    Listen

17.   Manflu - Steevc @steevc 

Download    Listen

18.   Chomp - Elpi5  @harrisonmir 

Download    Listen

19.   Working birds - Carface @carface

Download    Listen

20.  Train - Ceejay Jonez @chrisgoans 


21.   Washedin - //i.s.a.a.c. @tribedownsouth


22.   Astral Empiricism - Jurema @brains1ck


23.   RUN TO THE PAST - John Dewar @johndewar


24.   # SRIRACHA - Tony Endz & Ghost Rene @reneyusufbey


25.   Emergence - JonJon @jonjon1


Listen to Steemit Artist Music Compilation Volume 1 Side A Below in a full set Video

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Side B - Download

1.   Gratitude - Jamisun @jamisonic 

Download    Listen

2.   The connection - Kunoichi @kaykunoichi  (Featuring Blu) 

Download    Listen

3.   Dear Love - Quanah Jay Hicks @quanahjayhicks

Download    Listen

4.   Hoxie - Jessamyn L Orchard @jessamynorchard

Download    Listen

5.   Wait So Long - Chuky Charles @rdollarsign

Download    Listen

6.   Cherish - Verbal D @verbal-d Feat. Edgar Miranda @edgarstudios

Download    Listen

7.   Gunk Funk - @k-zet 

Download    Listen

8.   Misery Loves Company - Ron Donson @rondonson (prod by. Black Tokyo)

Download    Listen

9.   Delusions - Simon Kraemer @simonkraemer

Download    Listen

10.   Release my Soul - Morktra @lk666

Download    Listen

11.   Chillout - Patryk Maryniok  @maureis

Download    Listen

12.   It Could Be Us - T.J. @lilrobiee Feat. Breana Marin & Vee @nicholevargas

Download    Listen

13.   Hipster - Miki Solus  @mikisolus

Download    Listen

14.   Blue Roses - @ivanc 

Download    Listen

15.   Reason To Love You - Joe Russo @passion-ground

Download    Listen

16.   Sound of Strings - PurpleProse @purpleprose

Download    Listen

17.    Weeping Skies - Prince of Cats @princeofcats Feat. Melissa Boys

Download    Listen

18.    Ode To Cancun - Tyler Feldman @tfeldman

Download    Listen

19.   The Lonely Moon - Tamal Ghosh @tamsguitar

Download    Listen

20.   Another Hot Sticky Summer Day - Transhumanity @transhuman

Download    Listen

21.   Lazy Galaxies - TimothyPratt @timothympratt


22.   I've Made it Home - ryanthegecko  @ryanthegecko


23.   Grind - Trillex @trillex 


24.   Larva - @orrslaw 


25.   Michael D Pair Beat - Michael D. Pair  @pairmike 


26.   Baa Baa Black Sheep - @sanchez



Listen to Steemit Artist Music Compilation Volume 1 Side B Below in a full set Video

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

*This compilation will be posted once a week for a month with all payouts and donations going to artists 100% 

The Top Downloaded Track at the end of each week will receive 25 Steem!!

Steemit Artist Music Compilation Volume 2 Coming Soon!!!

Next time we are going genre specific so stay tuned!

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Thanks everyone who submitted tracks again you guys rock!!  Thanks in advance for all those who support this post and the talented artists who created these tracks for you to enjoy and were kind enough to give them for free.    

Which one is your favorite???????


I'm grateful to be included on this compilation, B side Track 25. Congrats to all the other artists! A big thank you to @Soundlegion. :-)

Hi folks, my track is "Emergence" Jonjon on side A. I am delighted to be part of such a wonderful album and project. I've been making electronic music since 2001, mostly drum & bass. I have lived the life of a junglist for 20 years and dnb/jungle is in my blood. The track means much to me, as at the time i had a couple of "experiences" of bliss (of which i've not experienced since), i was also quite creative at that point and my life was going very well, something that in all honesty, i was not too used too lol. But the track was made while a new, healthier version of my self was emerging. I sampled Alan Watts because he is something of a teacher for many people and he inspires. Huge thanks to soundlegion, truly a talented and dedicated being and huge thanks to the steemit community and fellow artists on the album. Much love! :)

Thanks for your contribution to this variety of Steemit hits! This is the start of something big. Your talented composition is great.

Thank you! the music from all the other steemians is immense, great album!

I am UK Rapper Clyde Majik Legion and my track is RIDDLE ME THAT on Side A.
The track was produced by Firebrand in London and was a featured track off my first full album release "Thought Criminal". It is now being re released along with a collection of some of my very best work on a new album called "To Hell, Not Yet Back"
Thank you for including me. @soundlegion worked really hard on putting this together cause she is to damn nice!
Great work

Hi my track is on Side A no.19. Working Birds @carface. I have been meaning to post some music over and over again since I started but haven't so this was a great opportunity for me to just do it!

I wrote a combination of melodies which I tried to fit together as best I could. The title just came from the sound effects in their which sounded like birds ha 😙

Probably not my usual kind of song as I would like to have vocals on my songs but really enjoyed the process and looking forward to creating more!

Thanks to everyone involved! 👍👍

I tend to like instrumental songs. I grew up listening to classical alot when I was driving. I was my way of trying to be peaceful when other drivers were being annoying. Working Birds was one of those tempo songs that I could just put on and drive to. Very nice.

Great thanks very much man! I don't actually write lyrics so in a way it saved me from slaving over that but I do love a nice instrumental song every now and then.

Three Legged Dog - Ginseng (Side A: Track 9)
This song is about struggle of all different kinds, in particular it talks about a friend of mine and his struggle to come out to his family as a homosexual. It also deals with the breakdown of a friendship and touches upon several other examples of struggle that I observed in life.
I try to write authentic music that is honest, melodic and meaningful. There is far too much pressure to be perfect placed upon us by society. My music appeals to the ugly inside of everyone. I want to form a community of liberal and compassionate people around my music who can celebrate being human; being imperfect. You're welcome to join that community on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.
This track is from my album, called Primal, which can be found (along with my two other albums) on iTunes/Spotify and you can even download it for free at Bandcamp. Feel free to e-mail me: [email protected]

Finally, a huge thanks to @soundlegion. The work you've done here is amazing and I feel blessed to be included on it. I really appreciate it. You're very kind to do all this. Let's hope it's the start of something big.

Last note: If you're a fan of music, decentralsation and cryptocurrencies then check out Musicoin. (I'm on there too).

I look forward to submitting music from Raine (my other project, an ambient electronica genre) for the next Steemit compilation album.

Resteemed, shared on FB, twitter(I hate twitter), discord, etc. My contribution resides on side B as my musical solo project Morktra. The track is entitled Release My Soul, and is an older track from a period of my grieving process where I felt so haunted by the memories of my wife. I now have processed that emptiness and made it part of my environment where it will be the rest of my life in this (false) reality. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy my track as I'm about to start listening to all the rest as well. Thank you Ms. Legion for this wonderful project :)

Hey! My track is #16 Qrittix - Titan on side a.
I have worked with Bonnie Legion a lot but this specific track is a solo track.
I have litterally produced this track 2 weeks ago.
I whent through a hard time and fought some pretty nasty demons from the past. I decided to put my anger and confusion in this track. And i can assure you! This really helps.
I hope you all like this dutchy style music and show me and all the other artists here some suport.


Sven (Qrittix)

My track:

Chouraha : Alif (Side A : Track 2)

Alif is the name of my band. We are based in India and write in Urdu and Kashmiri languages. Our music is based largely on the poetry we write and put into music.

The track Chouraha is written in Urdu. It talks about trying to find that place where you are at peace after achieveing your dreams. That final destination. But there is no such thing, since when you reach there, you'll find a crossroad giving you a choice of another journey!
And how when you make friends with the broken roads and obstacles in your journey, and keep going no matter what, the people who were making fun of you yesterday for following a dream, will join you in the celebration of the victory of your dreams.

For everyone's benefit, here are the lyrics and the translation:

My band has recently released our debut album and I detailed each and every track and how it is related to my personal experiences in this post - The album is titled 'Sufayed'. Go check it out!

You can follow me @hardikv

I want to thank @soundlegion for putting together this amazing compilation and bringing the Steemit Music Community together. This is just beyond amazing! All the love to you ❤️
✨ Keep this going ✨

@hardikv keep em coming .We got your back.Amazing song.

Hey everyone! I'm on Side B: Track 4 with "Hoxie," Live from The Landing Pad Studios and recorded/mastered by @robbied and @d-ro.

This song was written about a tumultuous time during my college years when I was in a complicated relationship which I knew would fail, but didn't want to leave for a myriad of reasons.

Hoxie is a town in Arkansas, USA, and very close to where I went to college, and while the song focuses on a very personal situation, it became a metaphor for the entire town and what it eventually came to mean to me years after the situation was in my rearview.

I do hope you enjoy my contribution, and all ups and appreciation to @soundlegion (Bonnie/Shavon) for all of the hard work that went into this compilation. Much appreciative for the opportunity to be involved in the first complication album of its kind.

All of my love. Thank you for all of your amazing support, Steemit. <3

Hi Everyone

My track is Another Hot Sticky Summer Day. I live in Phoenix Arizona where the temperatures get literally scorching hot; 120° just the other day. Having spent most of my life in Arizona, I have some experience with summer heat. This song would be great to play on a really hot summer day when the air-conditioning is broken and you are feeling a little out of it.

Furthermore, if you enjoyed Another Hot Sticky Summer Day and like to listen to laid-back jazz, I invite you to check out another original of mine called Jazz Caprice.

Finally, if you would like to release your original music and get paid for it when your fans stream it, sign up here.

I upvoted, resteemed and tweeted this blog post. Thank you to Sound Legion for creating this excellent, creative project on the Steemit platform.

Hello everyone, my name is Brian and have shared for your listening pleasure track 12 on side A "Where do we go from here"
This track was co-written with Nathan Waterman (still trying to get him on here) and reflects what we see happening around us globally ie: central banks robbing all of us, governments working for corporate interest - not ours, religion (Nathan is a pastor), pedophillia running rampant, hunger, wars, etc....resulting in us asking the question: "where do we go from here?"

We sure hope you enjoy listening to this song, and if you are not already please follow @soundlegion. They have been working so hard to create and grow the music community on steemit and could use another vote just like yours!

Hello guys. My name is Trillex and my track is 'Grind' which is on Side B. This track is centered on my failed relationship with a girl and most importantly the struggles I've been through as a graduate with no job...looking for a way to survive and not settle for less. Interestingly, I made this track in my room with a sound system and a Phone recorder
I'm glad @soundlegion made this compilation. I can't thank you enough for this project, I hope you know you're one of my fav steemians❤. God Bless you ma'am!

Awesome @soundlegion! What a great way to bring the music community together. I included a link to this post on Steemit Open Mic and will promote the hell out it for you. I'm very proud to be included along with so many Steemit musicians. So much fun and thanks for putting it together. Upvoted, resteemed, and blasted to all the Steemit groups I'm on.

Thanks to YOU @luzcpher the music scene here on Steemit is THRIVING!
You have contributed so much to this community. Keep up the great work!

Hey jaybird here...

Track 3 - Side A. Titled "SENSE OF TASTE" by Jay Sussman

  • This song is the productive of some heavy songwriting I did during the initial days of Openmic. I had been writing a song or two approximately every week and many of them were pop/relationship themed.

  • This tune features a standard "I miss you/I'm over you" love theme & reveals the inner dialogue, psychological state and physical repercussions of a person coming to terms with a past intimate relationship.

Hope you enjoy!

jaybird ~

seriously this song is one of my favorites ! I have listened to it a million times now and I just love it Jay!!! you are fantastic songwriter. Gold Star Points my friend! I would really like to work on a collaborative acoustic track with you, duet sorda thing for a sound legion feature and release. The Universe says it must be so! Both Bonnie & Clyde Legion

Wow thank you. That's great that you're getting some good use out of it !

I think it turned out pretty good actually.

I appreciate you taking the time to check it out and I am glad that it's serving it's purpose !

What kind of stuff do you usually create?

Firstly, I'd like to say thank you for putting this compilation together! I imagine it took an immense amount of time and effort.

The music community of Steemit will surely continue to benefit because of your initiatives and actions!

Now I will commence the listening process lol!

jaybird ~

My track is Sound of Strings, I'm a guitarist/ multi instrumentalist but wanted to see if I could make an electronica track, I also paid a lot of money for a midi string library and wanted to use it on something. It was only a demo so it's nice to see it included.

This is a great playlist so far! I'm enjoying it while at work=]

I listened to the whole thing the other night and I liked pretty much every single song.. Great work! I think this could be pretty big in the future if you keep doing it!

this was a big success so many talented people on here I was just blown away by it!!! looking forward to many more steemit original music volumes

Side B Track 9 - Delusions
My name is Simon Kraemer and i am a guitarist and independent producer from Hamburg, Germany (yes, i survived the G20 riot ;-)

I listened to all of the tunes, and here are my personal favorites:

  • Side A: tracks 4, 6, 18 and 21
  • Side B: tracks 1 and 2

well done!

This is a great accomplishment. congratulations to all the artists

Thank you so much @soundlegion for putting this together. It's so wonderful and I can't wait to hear all the songs!
My track is Side A - Number 7 - Descend - Ruins of lsa - @Isaria
Descend is one of my oldest songs, written during a very painful time of my life, and it still hits me emotionally when I hear it.
I'm currently creating a video for it, but here is a video of one of my other songs:

Thanks so much again, I am honored to be on this compilation!

this one hit me as well i def feel it! i love your video work great job

Thank you so much!!!

This is very interesting. Gotta check out all the songs !

incredible talent here! The songs are all genres, everything from acoustic singer songwriter EDM rock, hip hop, Rap, Jazz, bollywood fusion, complete awesomeness!!

Great compilation of Steem hits! Resteemed! Great job as usual.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this great project!!

cool sounds here, thx for sharing, upvote and resteem :)

Hey Guys! I am Shavon Bonnie Legion full time multi Genre singer songwriter and co- creator of Sound Legion collaborative music house for independent artists exposure and promotions. !! I had the pleasure of putting this great collection together for you all here on the steemit platform to enjoy and share at will!!! You are gonna find some incredible sound pieces in various styles here!
I have a track on Side A #5 Called "along the bottom" with fellow steemian and singer songwriter @cherforgeron
I discovered chers incredible songwriting talents a few year back on youtube and have pulled her into my world a few times for some collaborative work. One of our most popular collaborative tracks is this folk acoustic singer songwriter piece! I thought of cher straight away after writing the original piece and contacted her for the add of your talented harmonies and she also did the full instrumental production of the final release track.
Huge love goes to @cherforgeron and her wonderful music
and all of you out there who inspired me greatly with your tracks and talents.

*Note Steemit would not allow me to post all the download links for each track as the post size was too large???? so the last 5 tracks off each album you can download off the listen link as well

I GOT so MUCH good MUSIC to listen too!

Really awesome post! SO great to see the music scene here on Steemit really progressing! I have entered the steemit open mic quite a few times and love interacting with the musicians especially of course @luzchpyer
This is a great addition to the growing scene which not only gives more exposure but also helps support the artists with more $$$.
I will give you a follow for sure to help support the growth of the music scene here on Steemit!

I felt that this article was very valuable to the Steemit community so chose to feature it in my project. If you would like to check it out you can. SteemON!

thanks huge for this my friend!

Well deserved. Keep up the good work. I intend to follow and contribute to this project and its success.

I just discovered this one. Way to late for an upvote, but still in time for a comment of great appreciation for all the work you've done and the result as well as a BIG thank you to all the artist who created the materials! Great project you've run and executed! Some very great tracks included! Still listening! So much great talent here at Steemit!

Hi All, I'm @ryanthegecko track 22 on side B. I'm London, UK based and have been making electronic music since 1998.

Many thanks @soundlegion for putting me on! I'll be listening to all the tracks over the next couple of days.

Here's my soundcloud:

Where are the Whales? This post needs more love. Will promote

That's awesome... @soundlegion nice post and this is great playlist so far....I'm enjoying all tracks...and my congratulations to all wow wow..... @soundlegion thank you so much sharing this post...GOD BLESS YOU upvoted and resteemed

how can I join to be in this list ?

Hey my friend we would love to share your music on the Volume 2 compilation. Stay tuned here on @soundlegion for submission posts for the next one! I look forward to hearing your material. following

some good stuff

A remarkable achievement, keep working, because your work will be awaited.

Thanks for sharing the playlist. I will surely listen them.

Excellent article. People have done colossal work.

Bookmarked this post and when I am free, I will listen to all of these.

Hello guys! Upvoted and Resteemed, shared Twitter and Fakebook.

Congratulations for the excellent work of helping musicians :)

How can I submit my tracks? @soundlegion

I made this tack. It's a Eastern Classical Composition. Would you please listen and and tell me your feedback or suggestions? Will means a world to me.
Thank you. 🙂

Wow Great post keep doing it

This is a great idea! You did a great job 😊

This is awesome! I'm gonna listen to the whole thing when time permits! Thanks for putting it together and sharing!!

This is such an awesome project!! Thanks for doing it!

Special theme Good Regards, Please, thank you

Thank you to all artists and to @soundlegion for this. It is a great idea to put out a mutli genre album, it allows us to listen to a mix of different sounds, no just in the styles we think we like....opens up our music appreciation to new ideas, different genres. Awesome work all!

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Very nice I like it so much
Thanks for sharing
Upvoted + Followed...
Pls visit my site @am24it

wow, this is sooo excellent. thanks a lot for this.
peace love and happiness...