What If Your Reputation Score Has Plateaued?

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For about a month now, my reputation score (36) has stayed the same. Usually, it inches forward one point after I do a batch of posts. 

So I've been combining posts, and commenting on threads I am fascinated with. It's not easy as this is one of the main things the platform struggles with: quality content. I know it's still eons away from getting to the quality of say: Vox, Salon, Fast Company, or even the weakest post in Geraldine Deruiter's blog.

One thought nagged me: 'Hey...you're posting to get...not give'. And there lies the key.

Though I am still fascinated with the workings of Steemit and how the reward system REALLY works (does it?), it would be quite futile to try to make sense of it all unless I find the right person to have a chat with (yes...on Wire) who could give me answers to the questions:

  • What do I need to keep a steady increase on my reputation score?
  • How many posts should I limit myself a day? (I know it's four --- but...I don't have the link handy to back that up)

I'm hoping there would be better way to find my kind of people compared to if I were using Reddit, Twitter, or Tumblr. Could my ambivalence chance towards Steemit if I found some of them here? I'd like to think so. 

Meanwhile as a strategy for moving forward, I'll just focus on generating content that I could see myself linking to. The growth of my Steemit reputation and Wallet stats should just be an afterthought. :)


Have you figured about the whole 'reputation' thing? I look forward to reading your views as a reply below or as a link  to your post (whether or not it is on Steemit)! If your not yet on Steemit, you can send me a tweet too! If you are the type that doesn't like letting the public see what's in your mind, you can send me a note here

Photo by Shawn Jenks

(Why this photo? I think it reflects a lot of how I'm feeling about the platform: a long journey ahead)


For upvoting, I had heard from Steve Clark, that it is better to upvote posts that are less than 7 days old. So if you would like to be sure I get rewarded, head here  to see newer posts. Because you still can upvote anytime ---- of    course  you can upvote this post even if it is more than 7 days old!   :D  

After reading this post (specifically item one), I've decided to include links for verification so any of the witnesses can confirm that I am me! :) 
#1 - Here's a tweet linking to one of my Steemit posts #2 - Here's a page on my site with a Tweet from my handle embeded #3 - Here's my Thrive Feed (that links to my site, which links to my Twitter feed...which links to my Steemit feed...)

 Posts about other topics:      


As for my other written pieces (outside of Steemit), some of them can be found on Thrive and Buzzfeed

Search Terms: Programming / Artificial Intelligence / AI / Startup / Bots / Community / Connection / Circle / Personal Development / Influence 


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LeighLim Leigh Lim tweeted @ 13 Oct 2017 - 12:43 UTC

@steemit Whew...only had to wait 3 days. :)

Still figuring out the platform...meanwhile...

Hello experiments!… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Yes upvoting posts after 7 days is a waste of an upvote as the post has "expired" and cant receieve anymore rewards as it has already paid out.

Iv written a few articles on how to use steem you might have encouraged me to write one about how the reputation score works 😊