Curation Rewards Explained Simply!

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Are you confused about curation rewards, how they work and how you can earn more of them? In this post I will attempt to explain it simply without going into details too much because we do not have a master's degree in Mathematics!

How curation rewards work is very complex and attempting to explain it with mathematical formulas can only confuse us even more. Nevertheless, there is a good post you may want to read if you want the formulas and graphs to explain how the whole thing works: 

An Illustrated Guide to Curation - from the simple to the complex - with real examples from past posts - Part 1

Curation Rewards Explained Simply!

Curations rewards are paid in Steem Power when you upvote posts and comments. If you look at a post that has received its rewards, you will see that there are Author and Curators rewards.

This post is 7 days old and just received its rewards. The total is $27.47 with 75% going to the author and 25% going to curators. $6.29 went to curators who upvoted the post.

Now, what you would like to know is how much curation rewards you can get when upvoting a post and what is the best time for it.

Basically, Steem rewards people for curating content early on, but not too early, and it's very complicated.

When you upvote a post during the first 30 minutes it is published, part of the curation rewards go back to the author. This is what is explained in the FAQs.

I wrote about this here: When is the Best Time to Upvote on Steemit?

Unless you want to give back some of your curation rewards to the author, you should vote after 30 minutes. Ideally the best is to be in the first 5 upvotes after the 30 minutes for maximum rewards.

As I understand it, this should look like this after the 30 minutes limit if everyone as the same amount of SP and vote at 100%:

- curator 1: $1

- curator 2: $0.90

- curator 3: $0.80

- curator 4: $0.70

- curator 5: $0.60

- curator 6: $0.59

- curator 7: $0.58

- curator 8: $0.57

Curators that come after are getting less and less and that's why autovoters are set to 30 minutes by default and also why hardly anyone upvote your posts after 24 hours. Curation rewards for upvoting comments work in the same fashion.

Also, it is better to vote for authors that have more rewards on their posts, because curators get more rewards too. Getting 25% of $1,000 is better than 25% of $2, and if you are in the first 5 after the 30 minutes, it's even better.

All the calculation becomes very complex as all curators do not have the same amount of SP,  voting power and vote weight.

This is a headache and I personally do not care about the curation rewards I would get. I just put several authors in my autovoter with a vote weight of 15% to 50% to make sure my voting power always stay at +95% and I set the timing at 35 minutes. I might get a few more cents voting at 30 minutes, but is it worth the trouble? 

I also vote manually posts and comments and I absolutely do not do it to maximize rewards. I think time is better used writing a good post than trying to vote at the right time.

If you want to estimate your rewards, you may be interested to try this tool: 

Just enter your username and the link to the post or comment you want to upvote or have already upvoted.

In this example, I upvoted at 15% weight and the post already had a value of $87.34. It is now at $98 and I will get 0.001 SP for this.

You can play with the slider to see your curation rewards. If the post is at $500, for example, I would get 0.002 SP.

You can use the tool before you vote so you know the rewards you would get.

Now, I use to see the curation rewards I get.

There you can see what you earn for each action and you can decide how you want to increase your rewards.

Now, that's the curation rewards I got in total on Steemit.

As you can see that's very little and my strategy is not a good example to follow if you want to maximize your curation rewards. I mainly upvote minnows and authors I appreciate and also everyone that comments on my posts. I chose to reward people regardless of rewards as my time is better used writing good content.

If you are looking for an autovoter, you may want to read this post: Unlimited Free Auto-Upvotes with SteemAuto and More!

If your voting power is running low, you may want to read this post: I Finally Got my Voting Power Back!

In this post, there is a section about Steem Power, voting power and vote weight: Understanding Steem, for New Users Only!

In this post I show a tool that is very useful to monitor your voting power: A Tool to Monitor your Reputation, Voting Power and Steem/SBD Prices.

I hope that this post is useful for you and that you now understand curation rewards better.

Would you upvote this post and follow me for more because this will encourage me to continue writing more posts explaining Steem? 

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Michel Gerard


Thank you must for writing this post
It was really helpful.
I have read many explanation most of them are too complicated but this is really easy to understand
Thank you so much.

I am glad the article is useful for you @govind7.

I just checked what I typed and I was wondering how did I repeat what I already wrote.
This is the problem when I use esteem app

So this means that if someone votes after more than an hour or so will get negligible award??? If yes then how people got reward when i received upvote after 2-3 days of post. I still lost 25%

Posted using Partiko Android

There has been some changes with the new hard fork and not for the better. I suggest you vote posts and comments because you like them, not to get the rewards. Thank you for commenting @nkleet.

I am talking about receiving votes, not casting

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Thank you for taking the time to write this post!

I am glad that it is useful for you @logan8wolf.

You wrote:
Ideally the best is to be in the first 5 upvotes after the 30 minutes for maximum rewards.

Either I don't understand you or this is incorrect. In case there are already quite a few upvotes within the 30 minutes, you will basically get no curation reward.
The same goes if a whale upvoted before you. And neither will you get any curation reward of no one upvotes after you.

Then you created sort of a table that states of Steemonians with equal SP upvote the first one gets $1 and the second upvoter gets $0.90. This also seems incorrect as the second upvoter gets less then half of the reward from the first upvoter.


Curation rewards are always confusing and this is why I do not pay attention at the time I make an upvote or comment. If the post is good I just do it at any time, even days after the post is created.

This still doesn't answer my questions. Unless you have a political answer....?

As I said in the post, this is how I understand it. This might be correct or incorrect, but close to it. For those interested If you want to read an actual really good posts with graphs and everything, I linked that in the article.

Okay fair enough.

The article that you referenced to is indeed very good. Most of it I figured out myself and that made me win Ashers league several times. But until I read that post I was missing the technical and mathematical proof.

Do you know Ashers leagues?

No, I don't know them. Thank you for sharing the link.

Great article! I am fascinated with the breakdown of how rewards are distributed. This is by far the most in-depth and informative I have seen. The 30 minute mark seems to be the golden area. Will definitely be putting this to use in the future :)

In depth means it's really comprehensive and detailed, right?
If so, then you must be referring to the post that is being linked to? Cause that one contains much more details and examples.

This might be!

Thank you for your nice comment @abrockman, I am glad the post is useful to you.

What if author upvotes his post after 30 min and bot upvotes after him will author get all curation reward?

I believe that if the author upvotes his post after 30 minutes he will get the same curation rewards as upvoting somebody else's post. By default your post is upvoted just when publishing so you get the maximum author rewards.

I am really thankful to you for explaining curation reward. Its too much useful for all users of steemit. Thank you once again.

I am glad you like the article @lovecreativity and that it is useful for you.

How to get URL of comment to check its curation reward? I tried but its showing URL of post. Please help.

I reply to this for my reference later. I am studying this curation thingi right now

Thank you for commenting @simply-me.

Aw, this was a very nice post. Taking the time and actual effort to produce a superb article.

Thank you very much @lovecreativity for your kind comment.

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