I Finally Got my Voting Power Back!

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Getting my voting power back to 100% has been quite challenging, especially because I like to upvote people who comment on my blog posts and like to support Steemit authors.

I started to have my voting power decline rapidly after I delegated most of my Steem Power with only around 100 SP left, which was at about 53% voting power.

I Finally Got my Voting Power Back!

Having your voting power back to 100% is very difficult when you have little Steem Power and when you do not monitor it regularly. The first tool that helped me be conscious of the issue I had with my voting power was Steemnow.com.

I wrote this blog post about this tool: How to Monitor your Steem Power, Voting Power, Rewards and Upvotes.

At the time of writing the article 3 weeks ago my voting power was at 53% and 56 hours were needed to recharge completely.

Considering that I was upvoting 20 plus authors from 25% to 100% vote weight, and upvoting every comment on my blog post at 100% because I didn't have the slider, I was lost for a solution.

Looking at Steemnow.com I saw that it was not going to improve unless I reduced my vote weight in my auto-voter. It's what I did as a first step and unfortunately I was not able to offer much rewards as the votes were at $0 for a while, which was not ideal. As a second measure I started not to upvote comments from bots and multiple comments in a thread, which had only a few words. That did help.

Then, on the 31 December 2017, I bought a 550 SP delegation of Steem Power for 90 days from BlockTrades.us and I had to wait 14 days to get it as it is in high demand.

I got this delegation 4 days ago, in fact, and I was able to set people at about 10% to 25% vote weight in the auto-voter, and able to use the slider when upvoting comments, which at 10% was giving a 2 or 3 cents upvote.

After a couple of days, I saw that this was going in the right direction, my voting power was increasing and the time to recharge reducing, with giving everyone some rewards, which is so much better than giving $0 upvotes.

I am now at 100% and so glad that it is because one full upvote is worth so much more. Now, what I'm going to do is to increase a bit my vote weight in the auto-voter and see if I can maintain that.

Steemnow.com will be useful again to tell me if I am to generous with my votes risking a downfall in voting power again.

The lesson I learn with this is that it is better to monitor your voting power closely, especially when you have less than a hundred SP, especially when you do not have this vote weight slider that can help divide the rewards you want to give better.

I hope that you have found this post useful and that you will give steemnow.com a try.

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Yes, it is important to monitor voting power. Sometimes I feel bad when I can't reward people with my vote. Anyway, welcome back!

Thanks a lot for commenting!

Thank you for sharing this! I'm still a relatively new Steemit user and am still trying to get the hang of everything. For instance, this Steem power and/or voting power are still some concepts I'm trying to grasp fully. Although I can already relate with that sad feeling of just being able to give $0 upvotes. There are a lot of posts/comments that I know are worth more than my $0 upvote, so it's quite sad for me not to give them what they deserve.

Thank you very much for your comment @cruziana. The voting power could be compared to the energy level of a character in a video game, which is going down as he performs some actions and has to be recharged to continue playing.

I see! Thanks for putting it simply! I do have another question... how does "powering up" work? Does it have something to do with voting power as well? And is this different or similar to reputation? Sorry for the questions!

At the top on your wallet you have Steem, which is liquid Steem that you can exchange right away to spend. When you power-up your Steem, which become Steem Power, your Steem is blocked for a certain period of time, like a saving account where you can't withdraw. In exchange you get more value on your votes in the network and interests I think are 2%. When you want to cash your Steem Power, you have to power down and it will take 90 days to get them back. One vote with 500 Steem Power is worth 20 cents at 100% for example and you have 10 of them you can do in a day. The more you vote, the more your Voting Power goes down and it has to recharge. Reputation depends on the age of the account, the number of posts, comments and upvotes you have.

I think I've read your reply for ten times but I don't think I've completely grasped it yet... haha. Maybe I need to experience it myself. The general idea, if I'm not mistaken, is that more Steem Power increases the value of your votes and it can decrease the recharge time of voting. Is that right or I misunderstood something? And, I see from your post that powering up can make a lot of difference, but why would I really want to increase the worth of my upvote (aside from giving back to the Steemit community)? :)

I thought your Reputation has more functionality here in Steemit, but I guess it's just really, literally, your reputation here in the website.

You need more time on Steemit and I believe you have read my recent post that explains more in detail about this.

Yes, definitely! I have, thank you very much for helping me out! :)

Oh my man ive been there lol, I use to vote down to about 20% every day till I actually figured out its only replacing 20% a day!

Thank you very much for confirming that I am not alone to have faced the problem.

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