When is the Best Time to Upvote on Steemit?

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New users to Steemit may not know that there is a certain period of time where it is not to their advantage to upvote someone's post or comment, if they want the maximum curation rewards. I myself was not aware of this until I read the FAQs.

When is the Best Time to Upvote on Steemit?

When you publish a post on Steemit, you will notice that there are just a few people upvoting your post in the first minutes of it being published, and then after a certain period of time, suddenly there is an avalanche of upvotes, which then decreases again.

This is because of how the rewards on a posts are shared between the author and the curators. On the amount in $USD that you see for a post, when you click the little arrow down, you will see that 75% goes to the author and 25% goes to the curators, people who have upvoted the post.

Now, this is very easy to remember, but it does not stop here as there is an element of time that is taken into account for the calculation.

Basically, if you upvote a post, or a comment, in the first 30 minutes, there will be a split of the curation rewards between the author and yourself, which means the author can also get curation rewards from the 25% split depending on when you upvote.

Interesting, isn't it?

If you upvote a post immediately after it is posted, from 1 second to 2 minutes and 59 seconds, 100% of the curation rewards will go to the author. So it is not a good idea to upvote a post in that time frame, unless you are the author, or you want to give your curation rewards to the author.

If you upvote a post after 3 minutes, 90% of the curation rewards go to the author and 10% to the upvoter. It is not clear in the FAQs if this goes like this until the next split, which is at 15 minutes or if the author percentage decreases proportionally as time passes.

If you upvote a post at 15 minutes, it is a 50/50% split between the author and the upvoter. It is again unclear if the percentage decreases proportionally until the next split.

Then, if you upvote a post at 27 minutes, the author gets 10% and the upvoter 90% of the curation rewards.

Finally, after 30 minutes, the upvoter gets 100% of the curation rewards.

You can refer to this section of the FAQs for all details.

So as you can see, it is important to upvote a new post or a comment after 30 minutes until the end of the rewards period, I believe, to get 100% of your curation rewards.

I am not sure why it is set like this, but this is an important thing to know about Steemit. It is also important to remember to set your auto-voters to upvote after the 30 minutes period. 

I hope this post has been helpful.

Have a nice day.

Would you upvote this post after 30 minutes as passed so you can get 100% of your curation rewards, and follow me for more?

Michel Gerard



Wow, didn't know about this rules.
Thanks a lot!

I am glad @bronevik that my post helped.

Nice post Michel. I didn't know about the 30-minute period for agggeesss. Whoops!!!!

Thank you very much @tomasgeorge, I'm glad this post is useful.

I am not sure you have the correct interpretation ... anyway I would rather upvote at about 15 minutes or less to split the reward with the post author, which have the most work at first place to write the content and to do the post itself. Thanks ;)

Thank you very much @camendes70 for your feedback. Upvoting at 15 minutes is fine as long as you understand how it affects your rewards and it is your choice.

Good sir

Before 30 minutes, split between author and curator grows linearly with time. Bullets in FAQ are examples. That is, if one upvotes at 1 min 37 sec after posting, it's not zero reward, it's actually 96/1800 = 5.3% multiplier.

Another thing to consider here: is this multiplier for what? Before or after 30 minute mark, curation reward depends on how popular the post was before you upvoted. The lower post reward was at the time of your upvote, the higher your reward will be (other things being equal, namely total post reward at the time of payout).

This creates an interesting mind game for curators to play. To maximize profits, you want to upvote before others because of the latter mechanic, yet not too early because of the former.

Thank you very much @teo-nyx for your feedback and explaining this with a formula. I believed it worked that way, but was not sure of exactly how.

Yes, this can be a complicated game to play. Interaction is more important than rewards I think, and just upvoting after 30 minutes or even on the last day is fine for me. I won't hesitate to upvote a post that deserves it at any time.

Your post is full of knowledge and it was explained very clear. Thank you for this.

I am glad that you like it, thank you for your comment.

i dont really get it.

Thank you for your comment @josephnsowah. Basically, vote a post after 30 minutes if you want 100% of your curation rewards.

@gmichelbkk I intuitively thought that upvoting a post at the earliest gives one a larger share in the curation award. You mentioned that it is not so. Then how come a curator potentially earns a lot if they have upvoted a post early and the post ends up getting viral?
#confused #newbie

It is best upvoting just after 30 minutes. You may be interested to read this post: https://steemit.com/steemit/@gmichelbkk/understanding-author-rewards-calculations

great...very informative especially to new members keep it up...tnx...

I am glad this is useful for you.

Thanks for your information. I'm upvoting the posts in the NEW section. It means all my rewards go to the author only. Now I realised. Thank you very much.

I am glad the post is useful for you.

so much to learn where to even begin! Thanks for your help--

I am glad that this post is useful. I try to make my posts about Steemit easy to understand.

Hah! I actually thougth that it's better to upvote on posts as early as they are posted!. :-) #newbie
Btw, @gmichelbkk , could you write an elaborate post on why you think the upvoting system is the way it is? Thanks.

Thank you for commenting @tomion, and I'm not sure why it is set the way it is. Since the beginning many changes have been made and it could change again.

I had seen many posts clarifying how voting works but yours was really clear and finally explained all the different variations. Thanks for your insight. Cheers!

I am glad it is useful for you.

That's a great information. Didn't knew about it. Thanks.

I am glad it is useful for you @dasv.

i didn't know about this until now. thanks @gmichelbkk
this is really helpful especially to me who is new to this platform. thank you :)
have a great day ahead.

Thank you very much @iamkuyaj. I am glad you find the post useful. Follow me for more.

I monitored this post and saw:

  • 2 users who voted in the first 3 minutes: @pichat and @santiagocazorla >> 0% curation rewards.
  • 1 user voted at 9 minutes: @arslan.saleem >> 10% curation rewards or a bit more.
  • 1 user voted at 27 minutes: @teo-nyx >> 90% curation rewards

The rest of the upvotes came after 30 minutes.

This shows that people are not aware of how the split of curation rewards works, even on a post that explains it!

Thank you everyone for your upvote at any time, before or after the 30 minute period.

LOL - I hoped to understand rewards better with your posts.
I now walk away even more confused!
Pythagoras cutting of the pie formula!
It's like some hyena feeding hierarchy or something.

Sorry @teknow that my post confused you even more! Re-read the FAQs and it will sink in.

Lol I actually do get it. It was meant as humour towards your point regarding the few who still, despite your revelations, voted outside of the formula.

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