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RE: Curation Rewards Explained Simply!

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You wrote:
Ideally the best is to be in the first 5 upvotes after the 30 minutes for maximum rewards.

Either I don't understand you or this is incorrect. In case there are already quite a few upvotes within the 30 minutes, you will basically get no curation reward.
The same goes if a whale upvoted before you. And neither will you get any curation reward of no one upvotes after you.

Then you created sort of a table that states of Steemonians with equal SP upvote the first one gets $1 and the second upvoter gets $0.90. This also seems incorrect as the second upvoter gets less then half of the reward from the first upvoter.



Curation rewards are always confusing and this is why I do not pay attention at the time I make an upvote or comment. If the post is good I just do it at any time, even days after the post is created.

This still doesn't answer my questions. Unless you have a political answer....?

As I said in the post, this is how I understand it. This might be correct or incorrect, but close to it. For those interested If you want to read an actual really good posts with graphs and everything, I linked that in the article.

Okay fair enough.

The article that you referenced to is indeed very good. Most of it I figured out myself and that made me win Ashers league several times. But until I read that post I was missing the technical and mathematical proof.

Do you know Ashers leagues?

No, I don't know them. Thank you for sharing the link.

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