Friday Favorites #3: My Favorite Posts and Blogs from the Week

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Every week I'm taking note of specific posts I read throughout the week and making a list of my favorites to share. These are the posts that stood out to me this week:



This Contemplating Life photograph caught my eye at first because I thought it was a painting and was intrigued at the story behind the artwork. The fact that this gorgeous piece of art came from a camera is pretty amazing to me in and of itself, but it is so beautiful, I had to share. It very much made me want to write a story and inspired this short, The Worry & Wonder of Motherhood



An Uncomfortable Existence: One Woman's Journey Through Childhood Sexual Trauma.

A beautifully written, heartwrenching and true story of one woman's journey through and healing from childhood abuse. This is a very good friend of mine and a brand new steemian and she is an incredible writer, sharing her story through raw and honest words. If it is in your heart to support someone through their healing journey, or if you think you might gain some healing yourself by reading... go follow, read, upvote and support @soitgoes



Coping Mechanisms

This web comic really caught my eye. I can't say that I keep up with comics much, but I couldn't help but be drawn to this artwork... and the topic. You might get the idea that I love things that I can relate to and I truly appreciate it when people share their truth, their struggles and their realities, even when they aren't "pretty" or picture perfect.



Micro Story “Teddy Bear”

This author writes "micro stories" that are fascinating... managing to capture a full story with just a few words. Obviously I have a hard time saying ANYTHING with few words, so maybe that is why I find this so impressive. This was my favorite one, but there are plenty to read!

My Favorite Freewrites this week:


@marie-jay Lace: A 5 Minute Freewrite

A wonderful story following one woman's lifespan and the role of lace throughout her life. Fascinating concept for a freewrite!


@eyedreemit Freewrite #118

A five minute freewrite that packs a punch with a twist at the end that had me going back to reread it again!


@plumandrain Something Old

A sweet hand written freewrite that is about the tradition of it all.


@isaganispeaks Lace a 5 Minute Short

Another 5 minute freewrite that packs a whole lot of story into very few words. The ending was amazing!

And, of course I want to include our post of the Winners of the “How We Met” Contest! Some sweet, funny, romantic and unexpected stories here… it was really hard to choose the winners!

That's all for this week. I spent a LOT of time reading love stories this week, so I suppose most of my "Favorites" are included in the Winners post above!

If you know of a steemian (especially newbies) who are posting quality content that I might be interested in seeing/reading or following, please drop a link in the comments and I'll check them out throughout the week!

Thank you all for reading, thanks for your support and go visit some of my favorites and tell them I sent you! Let me know which posts you liked as well... I'll see you next time!

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  • All photos are direct screenshots from the blogs they are directly linked to under each photo, except for the ones from my posts and the cover and those photos belong to me.


I loved the story you wrote with my picture, it really sums up the emotions I am feeling right now! Thank you for featuring me in your post too! :)

You're most welcome!

She is pretty amazing! Thanks for the comment :)


Thank you for featuring my freewrite for this week. :)

You're most welcome! I had to share the ones that stood out to me! :)

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Thank you @byn. What an unexpected surprise! The best part, besides learning of your generosity of spirit, is connections to more amazing writers to follow.

There are some awesome people on the list! I hope you find new blogs to follow!


Thanks @byn is a pleasure for me that you read my post and more so being picked to be featured in your blog! Can i ask that my name be edited from @plumandrin to @plumandrain ?

Thanks again, you're a star!

Yes! I am SO sorry! I went in an edited it last night.


Wow What a great idea! - It's really cool to give a shout out to people that are doing good things :)

Thank you! I was looking for a way to be supportive so I could explain WHY I liked something, rather than just resteeming (which I don't like to do very often) so this was my idea.

thank you so much for the feature! can't wait to check out the other posts you've got here :)

Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to visit the other authors, too!


Oh I absolutely love that you are doing this. You are creating your own curation trail. So smart! I may have to do this too. I am definitely going to check out the links you’ve shared. This is so great because none of us can see all the good stuff.

Thanks! I have been wanting to keep track of the things I like in a slightly more "solid" way just for myself and realized that people might appreciate me actually posting about it. I want to support those people who really impress me throughout the week, especially the newbies!

Thanks for the encouragement!

It’s so smart on several levels. You give more exposure to great content that might otherwise get missed, it’s great visibility for people trying to get traction, and you become a go-to curator in the process!

Yay! Another post. I trust your picks so i will go and check them out. I have some stories i wrote as well but i am a lengthy(1000+ words) but i try to make them as detailed as possible. You are always welcomed to visit my blog. @rumaisah

Thank you! I will go check out your posts tomorrow when I'm doing my reading (My family night is getting ready to start, so I don't have time to read tonight. I will definitely remember to read tomorrow!


Excellent choices.



Thank you! I appreciate the support!

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