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RE: Friday Favorites #3: My Favorite Posts and Blogs from the Week

in #steemit3 years ago

Oh I absolutely love that you are doing this. You are creating your own curation trail. So smart! I may have to do this too. I am definitely going to check out the links you’ve shared. This is so great because none of us can see all the good stuff.


Thanks! I have been wanting to keep track of the things I like in a slightly more "solid" way just for myself and realized that people might appreciate me actually posting about it. I want to support those people who really impress me throughout the week, especially the newbies!

Thanks for the encouragement!

It’s so smart on several levels. You give more exposure to great content that might otherwise get missed, it’s great visibility for people trying to get traction, and you become a go-to curator in the process!

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