APPICS: Steemit SMT Review

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APPICS: Steemit SMT Review

As you guys know, I've been talking about Steem SMTs for quite a while now. Well.. we've finally got a SMT launching and today I'm here to give you all the important details! These are exciting times to be a Steemian. Imagine going back in time and investing in Steem when it first launched. This is about as close as you're going to get to that.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@brandonfrye this does not look to be a SMT release but a ERC20 release. SMT's to my knowledge are no where near ready to be used. Please confirm.

Yep it’s an SMT of Steemit. Check out their roadmap...


Also checkout their Steemit Page:

Interesting for sure, i'll be keeping an eye on this one.

It’s a game changer for the entire Steemit ecosystem. This will positively impact us all. 😁

Enjoy your family time .

Thanks @wwealan, I appreciate that. My mother doesn't visit often so I have to make use of what time we have together. :)

Shame I don't have money to invest... Great video though. Enjoy your break. Cheers:)

Well the ICO hasn't started yet and will last a few rounds/weeks. So you might still be able to save up in time. And thanks, I sure will. :)

thank you sir have saved many small accounts in steemit and you are someone who likes to share.

You're welcome, I'm very glad to share! :)

thanks sir if you can guide me so like sir.

wow sir

Thanks for the shout out man, but yeah...I'm so on board with this launch. Simply because I 'understand' this market and I use it every single day.

It'll be my first ICO that I'll be investing in and can't wait to see this project come to fruition.

Exciting times man! If this blows up, Steem to the moooooooon lol

This will actually be my first ICO as well. It's already got a proven platform and blockchain, unlike some of these other projects. And there's no concern about the coin getting listed. I hate to keep using this word, but it really is a no-brainer. :)

Once again, thanks for the new info. Appics sounds exciting and looking forward to both using and investing in it.

You're welcome. And although this isn't financial advice.. I advise people to take a serious look at this one! :)

I truly believe that nobody is surprised to hear about this data issue from Facebook. This is a reinforcement of the need to move away from centralized companies owning our data without fulling disclosing the way they use it to their benefit. It also demonstrates the need for the data privacy regulations worldwide. There are also a lot of blockchain projects that may solve the issue in interesting ways that will permit us to really own our data. Decentralized solutions will probably be the best options in the long term as we will have the best ability to manage our data and where it goes and for what reasons. Just another reason to continue supporting Steemit and the applications using its blockchain.

Yeah I feel like this has been going on for years with Facebook. People are really starting to catch on to their business model and what they’ve signed up for. Decentralized social media is the answer.

Will XAP be easily exchangeable to steem? Why should I move or add myself from steemit to Appics? I am interested but also new to steemit and am not sure I can handle doing it all again.

I feel very confident that it will be. Perhaps even listed on BlockTrades. Even their ICO accepts Steem. And I personally wouldn’t “move” to APPICS. I love Steemit too much. But I will have an account there.

Will you be posting the same thing on both platforms? @cheetah seems to disapprove when I bring things over from Medium. When will we have a multipost bot to put all the things in all the places?

Will APPICS Be Connected To Steemit Like D-tube Steepshot Or Something? And I Can't Seem To Get A Bid In On You're Bot..

No, they will be their own standalone blockchain. This is what Dtube is hoping to do as well. And to place a bid it needs to be a minimum of .05 and can’t be too high. If it’s too high of a bid then it will return it because my bot has a guaranteed ROI of no less than -10%.

Ok Thanks!

How do I undelegate from your bot? I want to know for when I want my stuff back. Thanks. :)

It’s really simple. You would just go to that same page on the steembottracker website and remove the delegation. Then there is a 7 day cool down period.

Does the delegation payout fluctuate depending on how much steem is worth?

Thank you fro the break down. SteepShot & DLive peaked my interest enough to join SteemIt. Appics presale results looked decent & I'm pleased to see there is a cap, the concept is familiar & it allows daily use for something everyone is already doing for free. One thing I hope to see is a way for authors to continue to earn rewards/ passive income from works that are older than 7 days.

I too think that’s an important feature to consider. It really would be nice here.

I believe SMTs could moon Steem in the way ICOs lifted ETH. I am so hopeful for the price of Steem in 2018 and beyond.

I really think $20 per steem is easy and if Steem really succeeds watch out...

Enjoy your break and family time. Blessings.

Absolutely! Real game changer for all of us. And thanks, let’s see if I can stay away for a few days lol. 🙃

The appics platform looks good to me, I think, We should basically trust this platform because it uses SMT based on the steem blockchain and also @ned is the advisor of this platform.

Good luck for the break, spend wonderful time with your family. best wishes from me.

Thanks @mslifesteem. 😊

This Is Great For the steem blockchain, And I will participate in this ICO. Thanks for the Info 🙏

I agree, should do wonder for the Steem coin and it should bring excitement to other platforms who want to do the same. This is really a no-brainer for me as far as investing goes. :)

You’re absolutely right, this is a no brainer...

do we have to sign up again there or we can use our steemit login and posting key to participate ?

It will be a completely separate platform when it launches so different credentials too.

the reward there will not be steem and anything related to it ? only APPICS coin ? I am right ? and what is the price now ?

No, no Steem in their rewards system. From what I understand, the only token will be their XAP token. However, I haven't read their technical whitepaper yet so I'm not sure if they'll have a liquid form of the coin too, like we have SBDs here. And there is no price yet because it hasn't launched yet. The ICO is pricing the coin at around 15 cents. You can learn more at

geez...good one!!!! thanks for the heads up! i wonder if the @altcoinbuzz crew will cover this one! i'd love to see them do a follow up on steem also. i TOTALLY agree with you about using this crypto/blockchain DAILY! consolidated other cyrypto holdings into steem also after realizing steem's immense value. APPICS looks like it's gonna FLY! enjoy your mother and the valley of the sun! we will be here when you get back lol

You're welcome. And I hope they'll take a look at it and review it. It's definitely one to get excited about!

Can't play the video right now. 😢😢
Philippines internet is slow. APPICS is new platform like steemit?

Oh I’m sorry you’re having internet trouble. Yes, it’s a social platform being built with a Steemit Smart Media Token. See their website above for more info. But it looks like an awesome project!

perhaps @appics will airdrop you some XAP for making this incredible review! re-steemed!!! following appics now!

That would be nice, lol. 🙂

I'm not sure HOW you are always on top of stuff like this but I sure am glad that I found your steemit page when I did. I would have never known about this new 'steemit-like' platform otherwise. Thanks again! :)

Lol, actually one of my followers here told me about it. And I couldn't believe I hadn't heard about it yet. But I glad I got the 411 before it was too late. Definitely gonna jump on this once the ICO starts up! :)

I already got April 11th marked on my calendar. LOL.

Hey @brandonfrye, thanks for introducing APPICS to us.
I can't really compare facebook with steemit. In facebook you can choose your audience (only friends or only to a specific list etc.). Steemit is more like blogging to the public. But of course I like the idea of sharing the value with the content creators.
Why do you think APPICs has such a great future. I see loads of websites coming up based on blockchain technology. I recently got invited to I have absolutely no idea what it is about and why I should be using it. I think as long as I don't see what can be done with it except for investing money, I don't see a reason to join one of the platforms. In steemit I see how content is being created and how people interact. I like this. But with all the new websites based on blockchain technology I have no idea what exactly they are for.

That's true. Facebook and Steemit are really very different in the grand scheme of things. Steemit is more like reddit than anything else. I was simply comparing how content providers are being rewarded for the sake of this video.

But the reason I think APPICs will be a success is the fact that they're being built with the SMT provided by Steem. Even if they got no outside exposure, they would still be a success just from all the Steem users who will be flocking over to their platform. Steemit was basically the test model for the SMTs and because it's been so successful, more platforms are looking to take advantage of Steemit's proven technology.

And I'm not sure about That's the first I've heard of it. There are a TON of projects being built on blockchain technology, and like you, I'm not as interested in the ones that I wouldn't personally use. But there are some that I wouldn't use that I still do invest in. Voise is one of them. I'm not a music creator but I can see the power of setting up a blockchain-based music platform that allows artists to earn 100% revenue. That's just one example. Of course there are other projects that are just completely far-fetched, or even worse, projects that have ZERO plans for anything.

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Sounds interesting and something to keep up with. I followed their Steemit page too!
Thanks for this and enjoy your time!

Cool, glad I could bring this up for you. I'm going to be following their ICO pretty closely. Their rise will likely be even faster than Steemit due to the proof of concept. Can't wait to see how it grows! And thanks, will do. :)

APPICS upcoming ICO has my attention. Thanks for sharing and do enjoy the recess with your mother. Can't wait to catch up with more of your posts next week!

Thanks @faraicelebr8, now let's see if I can really stay away for a few days. 😂 I love you guys way too much!!

awesome review man we need more of those please include in ur video if they are available in usa in every review of ICO you do or any upcoming project thank you for your free service sir.

I already want this platform to be active.
Your family should be like with youR bitcoin ortfolio, HOLD ALL THE TIME.

Great job on informing us about it cant wait to see how it will work. Thanks @brandonfrye

Hi, @brandonfrye I just wanted to check your bot in steem bot tracker and I could not find it, Is everything ok?

Yep it’s there. Just make sure you have the vote value scale slid to the left so that it shows all bots.


Ok thanks.

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Thanks for the information, I am excited to be part of this project and have given my bit, I hope soon and with the passage of time to contribute more, thanks and good luck friend.

I want to talk with you. give me your facebook id or discord please sir..

Look like a good platform, I wish I could go back in time and buy many altcoins

mr. it's great, if mr do not mind mr please guide me until I can equate mr.
I am very interested in success like mr.

@brandonfrye, please dm Matt @cryptoTradeMatt twitter or whatever is easier for you. thanks!

@brandonfrye man that's looks hot! I'm with you I hope it will be a real game changer yeah