All About Delegation (And Where to Invest!)

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Steemit Delegation 101

Today we dive deep into the world of delegation. What does it mean? How does it work? And why should you delegate your hard-earned Steem Power to other users? We'll cover all of these questions and more in today's video.

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@brandonfyre Great article!

Thanks @thetruth36! Glad to see you here too :)

Watched your video and i am waiting for some numbers in the next video . Good explanation . Please try to make a calc sheet , so that we understand much more .Appreciate your effort.

Will do.. it's actually already in the works. Just want to get a little more data first. But it's looking like about 35% APR or higher which is similar (or more) than other upvote bots.. and higher than typical MinnowBooster delegation leases. 😀

Welcome back Brandon after 6 days.

I think delegation is one of the best ways to earn some passive income on the Steemit network. Aside from this, Leasing SP is another beneficial way to become more influential on the Steem blockchain.

@smartsteem and @minnowbooster provide great services to the users and one of the services is delegation. I like the service of @smartsteem because they provide a tool to calculate revenue means How much a delegator will earn with the certain amount of delegation and I think that's great!

Yeah,​ they are a great service and I recommend people check them out! Real classy people over there at @smartsteem!

Thanks for the feedback about smartsteem, @mslifesteem!

You're welcome @therealwolf. Your services deserve appreciation and I appreciate you for providing such amazing services to all the Steemians.

Just Delegated 66SP to you...

Hi Brandon, yours was the first videos I saw on YouTube about the website and you were the first person I followed. Thanks for your advice and hope to hear more from you soon.

Excellent @tony19r, I'm glad to hear that!! Appreciate the support :)

Thanks for all the information and help you are providing to this community. I've learnt a lot from you since I started on Steemit at the beginning of the month. I really appreciate it. Cheers.

Thanks for your kind words, @quasekiwi, I appreciate the support! :)

thank you for your great work. looking forward to earn more on steem

You're very welcome. I'm glad to help get you there!!

I don't know man. I've never tried delegating. Kinda gives me that feeling you get right before that roller coaster's about to go over the edge... But I'm sure it's one helluva ride! :)


Lol, nothing scary to it. 😄

Welcome back Brandon and thanks for demystifying the topic of SP Delegation. Hoping to delegate some SP to your bot very soon.

That sounds great, @faraicelebr8. Look forward to it!

You got a 31.65% upvote from @upmewhale courtesy of @brandonfryeroi!

Earn 100% earning payout by delegating SP to @upmewhale. Visit for details!

Thanks for the post, I have been delegating a lot of my SP lately, I delegated to Minnowbooster before I learned about your efforts. I am getting some SP back from a short term lease, and I am looking forward to helping your bot out. :)

Really appreciate your content, your efforts and attitude. Have an awesome day.

Thanks @infidel1258, I look forward to working together on this project and paying you out daily returns. :)

Hey @brandonfrye, do you ever think about becoming a witness? Seems like you would be a good person for that, some technical knowledge, lots of heart for your community and Steemit in general... I'd support you, is that an interest of yours?

Welcome back @brandonfrye

Thanks @sam009! :)

So if I have a certain Bandwith in use and I would do a Power Down, which makes my account worth less then the amount needed to use my Bandwith, what would happen?
I just can't think of a solution that sounds welcoming to me :D
Greetings from Germany ✌

I actually don't think that the blockchain would allow you to completely power down your account to zero. It would save some SP for bandwidth.

That's also the only explanation I had in mind.. Good to know and thanks for the fast reply!
Do you know if there is a calculator for that? Would be interesting to know how much worth a certain amount of bandwith has. I couldn't find anything on that.

Check out Lots of great stats there.

Good video and soon we will use those delegation services. Thanks.

Perfect! Glad that helped

You got a 33.32% upvote from @brandonfrye courtesy of @travelpreneur!

Want to promote your posts too? Send a minimum of .05 SBD to @brandonfrye with link in the memo for an upvote on your post. You can also delegate to the bot for daily passive earnings. Learn more here

It has been a great experience to delegate and see passive income coming in on a daily basis. I feel it diversifies my stream of income a relatively new user on the platform that has not created a big following yet. Some days, I get more from the delegation than my own rewards! I am striving for that to change soon though!

Nice! The feedback has been really good. 80% of all bids are going right back to you investors. 🥂

Congratulations to the winner. That is a fabulous prize to offer. A new follower here. This is the second video of yours that I have seen. Very informative and very helpful. I was a little confused on how minnow-booster worked. You cleared some things up. A question for you. How will you be voting your delegated SP?

Thanks @prydefoltz! Glad that cleared some things up for you. And I will be using the SP delegated to me for my upvote bot. I have a promotional upvote service for people to use. You can learn more about it here if you like:

I understand there is a lot of money to made with bid bots. It is nice that those that delegate to you will also share in the profit. We need to spread that stuff around. Wishing you and your collaborators good luck with the endeavour.

How much people earn from the delegation ? is there a list, for example if we delegate 100 steem power how much we earn per day ?

I’m actually working on that right now. I need a little more data but will share that very soon.

You got a 3.93% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @brandonfryeroi!

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Hi @brandonfrye ! Just want to say I appreciate all of your videos and contributions to the steemit community. I have learned a lot from you and your videos are right on time. I was just about to look up how to delegate and the YouTube notification showed me your video! Thanks again for all the hard work and dedication! I am trying to do the same myself. Hook up a newbie with a follow and upvote if you get a chance! Thanks @bitzofcoins

That's awesome, I'm glad that my videos have helped along your journey here!!

Most definitely, you have a great way of putting it into an easy to understand language and that is oh so valuable, so thanks again! I am looking to delegate to your new upvote bot soon. Is it possible to start with 25SP for the minnows in the pond? Thanks again @brandonfrye!

Yes, you can. The payouts will be pretty low but better than nothing. 👍🏻

Thanks @brandonfrye for this info! there is so many ways to dice and slice this steemit game! I am definately gonna try this. and as well I need to check out your upvote bot video. I just started messing with these myself! I am really trying to learn how to spread and share my post! I am wondering if you use Steemitplus and if so how do you like it? perhaps you have already done a video on this. thanks! be rad!

Hey @hilladigahackles, that's the first I've heard of SteemPlus. It looks like it's a Chrome extension for upvoting at different percentages. There might be more to it than that though. I'll have to look into this. Thanks!

this video really got me on thinking to invest in steem ! its a great project !

I love Steem. It's the most used blockchain on the planet!

Delegating Steam Power seems like a good option for those who don't post too often, but want to invest anyways.

It really is. Many of the early adopters delegate for this very reason. Thanks @explorer79!

Yeah man, echoing a lot of the comments here but you made this easy to understand for everyone. Great way of turning that complicated subject into an easy to digest lesson.

Welcome back from the time off. Hope you enjoyed having your mom around!

Thanks Jon, always appreciate you brother!

There sure are a lot of strategies that can be used to earn on the steem blockchain and the steemit platform.
I'll try delegating down the road but right now I still need to build my account up a bit first. Even the minimum delegation of 50 would cripple my own account.

Hope you had a great week with your Mom! Thank you for another great video. MB can be hard to figure out and I appreciate you breaking down one aspect for us! Anyway you can do a video on how to add vidoes and gif's to your posts perhaps?

Hey @brandonfrye
I bumped here from youtube, I was searching for steemit delegation videos and I found this. I just wish if you could review other services also for delegations
Like blocktrades, smartsteem etc

I really liked your video and I wish I could win because I need that

Thanks for the suggestion, @silentkiller. I've actually decided to use Blocktrades for delegation for my bot. They have the cheapest prices and it's no hassle.. just purchase the delegation and receive it immediately. :)

How old the post should be to be eligible for an upvote ?

It can be a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of 3.5 days. And you can place a bid for an upvote immediately after publishing your post as long as the bot doesn't upvote within the next 20 minutes. You can always check just to make sure.

It's kinda neat to see your train of thought on what you are doing with the bot. I just wish I had more SP to delegate out -to the bot and to others on the Steem platforms. I will probably get into Minnowboooster eventually once I have the power to spare for investing.

Very informative video, thank you! I did not understand the delegation process at all before this

So this is the way to delegate . Good explanation .

Your explanation is awesome . You explained everything about delegation like when delegation feature is invited it's need and how you can delegate . This video helps many minnows .Thanks for making this video @brandonfrye .

I found your vids really helpful so far. I think the progress of Steemit and how it will self-regulate itself is gonna be interesting. Still getting my head around it.

When you were mentioning steem power delegation for new users, it got me thinking, what happens if the new user is not active? Does that delegation just stay in the “dead” account or after a time does the account close and the delegation move to another new user?

Great question. To my knowledge, Steemit Inc. never would recoup the money. It would just stay in the dead account. I know of people who have been inactive for a long time and then come back and there account is still here. But I'm not 100% sure on that.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

wow brandon! thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!! between winning the daily comment and upvote SBD from your video and the daily payouts from the brandonfrye bot.....IT WAS A VERY GOOD DAY...yesterday!!!!! you are so appreciated my friend.

Yeah man, you're rolling in the SBD right now!! Hah, congratulations!!

CHEERS! also, thanks for the shout out in the video! so cool!

Hi @brandonfrye I have been looking for something to put my steem power into. today after watching your video I decided to put my steem into your bot. If you look in the transaction histroy you will see that I am there 450 steem :)
I have been looking into bots for a while but you have made me confident enough to give you nearly 90% of my steem power just by watching your video.
you seem like a nice chap, you knew what you were saying and I think this could be a good choice for my self as like you said it is a passive income.
thank you for taking the time to make this post and giving me confidence in your bot.
If it was not for this video I think I would still have my steem power sat in my account doing nothing.

cheers once again


Hey @artonmysleeve, I'm glad that this video helped to clarify how delegation works and the best way to delegate. I truly do believe that delegating to an upvote bot is the best way to earn passive SBD and Steem here on Steemit.. and I'm glad to hear that you chose my bot!

I look forward to sending you daily earnings which will begin tomorrow at 12 noon MST. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know. 🥂

Daily earning as of tomorrow that is super cool, really didn't think it would be that quick.
If i had more sp I would have delegated more but what i have given you is what i have made from steemit.
with everything going on i'm my life right now I have been a little busy to post as often on steemit as i was doing.
I get how bots work as I have used them, I am looking forward to building my sp sbd with you and thank you for replying back to me.

@brandonfrye I was wandering where did you go? I missed your posts and videos, welcom back. Great explanation.

Lol yep I’m here. Just took some time off to spend with family. 😊

Very helpful video. Followed. I'm interested in hearing more about your bot. I'm currently delegating SP using minnowbooster, but if your bot is paying a higher return, I'm interested in learning more.

Excellent, I’d definitely appreciate your support and would love to provide you with a great investment opportunity. I’m seeing around a 35% APR or higher with my bot which is quite a bit higher than you would typically get from a MB delegation. In the next few days I’ll put out some hard numbers from our current investors. Be on the look out for that.

Awesome! Once I get my SP back, I will definitely invest with you. Quick question...when I finish my MB delegation, do I have to wait 7 days before I can invest that SP with you?

Awesome thanks! And Yes unfortunately. But it’s actually a good thing that the 7 day cool down period exists.

I am accumulating SP to delegate to your bot. =)
I hope delegate soon.

A HUGE thank you to @cektop for your delegation of 2,000 SP to the @brandonfrye bot. Your delegation not only earns you payouts each week but you're also helping to fund the growth of Steemit through our brand new initiative which benefits minnows. 🐟🥂

Thanks @brandonfyre As a newbie to Steemit there is certainly a lot to take in! Thanks for making the learning curve easier ;)

Hah, oh yeah I know. But I'm glad that I've made the info a little easier to consume. 😊