Weekly Comment Catch-Up 2/15/18

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Weekly Comment Catch-Up 2/15/18

In today’s video I dive deep into your comments from this past week. Special thanks to everyone who shared feedback, video suggestions, and other comments throughout the week. This is what allows me to keep producing helpful content that everyone enjoys.

People Mentioned in Today’s Video:

@abhicrypto, @broncofan99, @beekerst, @nuek, @gadrian, @mslifesteem, @robmenzies, @kephawalks, @awesomegames007, @harvhat, @toddcurry, @chitrics, @johnmark23, @movievigilante, @gicquelhugo, @mahbubrobin, @d00k13, @sumanpuja, @dominicbasulto, @zenymonk, @herosjourney, @bitgeek, @street.yoga, and @wealthydrop

Links Mentioned in Today’s Video

15 Ways to Reach Your Steemit Goals in 2018

If you're interested in more videos, tutorials, and how-tos, I encourage you to follow my channel and leave me replies of things you would like to learn about. If I don't know the answer, we'll learn together! :)

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Literally just watching ur video on youtube about what not to do on steemit thanks for the help man i have done alot of stuff the wrong way as a beginner but this is a new learning curve. I love steemit amazing platform and it only gets better because of people like you.


Welcome to Steemit @ychaudrys! I'm glad that my video helped you and don't worry, we all make mistakes at first. :)


Wow thanks man i was not expecting such a fast respond amazing how someone like u respond to everyone indivisually , i appriciate ur hard work man i worked very hard too even made a small post about my life struggle felt so good talking about it if u get a chance read it if not its not a big deal keep up the good work. Thank you


Lol, unlike some of these channels (or people) I'm a real person and if I get the notification that a person has commented on my channel then I'm going to take the time to respond if I can. You help me to make this channel better each and every day. So thank you and I hope you have an awesome weekend!

And I'll take a look at your recent post shortly when I get a moment. Keep it up man! :)


Just followed you 👍⚡

DTube automatically tags your video with "dtube", so you're wasting one of your tags by inserting it again.


I was thinking that. But almost feels like bad karma now not to include it lol.

I was actually able to upload after I used Firefox (this was before I watched this video). Idk what is up with that, but it did work. So, I guess I will use Firefox to upload from now on.


Excellent, I'm so glad that worked. Sometimes it is just an issue with the different browsers so I'm glad that worked.

Thanks @brandonfrye for mentioning my account name.

I really appreciate you that the way you are doing Weekly comment catch-up because it motivates every commenters. The reason is that we value your quality contents as a curator and you give value back to us by appreciation.

Thank you once again. You've slightly changed your posting time, that's why I couldn't get you at the same time as I always did, But it does not matter because I can watch your video at any time. You should post according to your own schedule that works for you.


Thank you @mslifesteem. Yeah, my schedule has changed up a bit from week to week depending on what I have going on. But this is one video I will try to never miss. Definitely the most enjoyable video I do every week.


Yeah, exactly.

@brandonfrye, it reminds of that famous misquoted line from field of dreams “ If you build it...... they will come” and thats what your doing!! Consistent quality material keep uo the food work!! Always a pleasure supporting you.


That's a perfect quote for Steemians to hear. Thanks @robmenzies, hope you know you're much appreciated. :)

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Thank you I really appreciate this information. Congratulations on your post. I came on Steemit not really knowing what to do with it. I am an Internet Interviewer. I came in at the get go posted all of my YouTube Interviews in one day. That was a total waste. Now I am slowly adding them on D-Tube and pacing myself. That is where my creativity lies. Some of the posts that I have shared have been from the heart or about day to day experiences that I am having, but I am really eager to bring my creative juices to this platform. I am already working on vocal recordings with graphic images that tell the story as I am speaking. They are going to be quite awesome. And, hearing this has inspired me much more. Thanks again!


I made a similar mistake when I joined. I started posting a lot of stuff too quick lol. But I'm glad you picked up on that so now you can space them out. I'm glad to hear that we have a creative person like yourself joining the platform and bringing awesome content. We need more people like you! :)


Thank you! I am really excited now that I have a better understanding. Have a GREAT weekend!

It always been interesting & learning experience to catch up with the weekly comment video as it gives a chance to listen to authors choice of comments which indeed incite us to be more creative with our comments.


I'm glad you enjoy it as much as I do. I try not to be choosey with which comments I respond to but this week you guys got me good. I had to choose lol. So many great comments! :)

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To learn more about Steem, will you please use http://steem.guide/ because this URL forwards to my most recently updated complete Steem tutorial?

Congratulations on the viral video. I will try not to get burned out. :)


Thanks @giddyupngo, it was totally unexpected! :)

I'm glad that I was able to participate in the comment, resteem and upvoting your of last post. Since it went viral, I hope we all can benefit great from it. Looking foward to more posts like the previous one in the future.


That's a good point, @mahbubrobin. We all benefit whether we authored it or curated it. Thanks for your comments! :)

That is so cool Brandon!!
Cheers to you and your commitment to Steemit and your vision! Amazing support from the community for your valuable work!
Incredible encouragement.


Thanks Lynn, as always. Glad to have connected with you here! :)

Congratulations!!! What feeling to see your work
rise in the trending numbers. In my breif time on steemit, this tells me your providing quality to knowledge hungry young Steemians and diving into some steemie waters with some of the bigger fish in the pond so to speak.
Thank you for your input and inspiration.


Hey @kuttlefishx, thanks for your kind words. I've been blown away by how Wednesday's post is doing. You never know who's watching you on this platform so keep up the great work!

Thanks Brandon @brandonfrye. I enjoy all that you do. You really put a lot of effort here at Steemit. And your videos are top notch.

Thanks again.
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i just follow and upvote to your post ,, kindly follow me back and upvote to given link ,, then i will upvote your five more posts


bro your videos is great i watch your all dtube and youtube video...using your videos i continue steemit.


Awesome, I'm glad you've found my videos useful for you. Keep up the great work!

Followed and upvoted. Just saw your video on steemit curation and I find it very useful and wanted to thank you for the effort you put in making it


I appreciate that @bebeomega. Glad that my videos have been helpful. :)

nice post,I like this post ,, continue bro post about BTC very useful for me .. thank you


Hey @agamr4m4dh4n, thank you. And I sure will. :)

Does Steemit Allow Provide A Widget That You Can See You're Total Lifetime Views?


Hey @kephawalks, not that I'm aware of but I will try to find out if that information is available somewhere. Would be neat to know.


Thanks! I Have Tried But Have Come Up Short

I have only been on steemit for about a month now, and I have been loving it. I just found your page through the same youtube video mentioned a few hours ago, the "10 things you shouldn't do on steemit". Deffinitely following for more, great posts!

wonderful days with delicious coffee served @brandonfrye. Regards @launglilawangsa

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Very educative session . You almost covered all the comments on your video . Weekly comment Catch-Up is a nice idea .

You are one of the best vloggers .

Your videos deserve to go viral .

Good post 👍👌, Please upvote back me, @hazmisyahputra, thank you.

Great post really enjoyed it watched a couple of your video's keep up the good work hopefully I can get a 💯👍 vote like your girlfriend lol 😂👍

I just started following you. Your videos are of real help.
Thanks i have upvoted your content and started following you and looking for more videos.