How to include image in your post - Reference to using in include pictures your post

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I've been putting my pics on I've been putting my pics on and using them in my first few posts.  After an image is loaded to, you can review it and get the embed code which is useful if are not very technical or don't know a lot about of HTML.  There are different codes provided and I have been using only one which is the HTML for the Full Image.  I've been wondering how the other options will turn out.  So, I'm showing how I do it in this post and hope use it as reference for myself and everyone who cares.

First, after loading the image to on and , when you review the image to see the difference options of the embed codes provided:

Here, you can see the different embed codes avaialble

You can click on the embed code you want and a [Copy] icon will appear for you to copy the embed code which you can then paste to your post

After trying all the options, my conclusion is the BBCODE option does not work quite well(at least for now). The Markdown code also seems to require some tweaking to use. So, I'm going to stick to HTML options. Here I'll pop in the different embed code options so we can see what each will result in:

Direct Links 

Image URL

Image Link

Thumbnail URL

Medium URL

Full Image


Full image (linked)


Medium image (linked)


Thumbnail image (linked)


Hope this helps.






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Just wanted to say a great BIG thankyou! I was going nuts following earlier dated advice trying to get my images to work in my Introduceyourself post and nothing worked until I followed your advice.

you're welcome. just went to see your first post. looking good.
i just posted about an old trip to Belgium. fingers crossed.

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This is quite an honor to be included in the steemit community! It's great how much we learn just be reading the replies. Very inspiring to know that there is incentive just by helping someone. @ace108 was great help to me as well as a few others. Good people, good deeds. Hopefully my help will be of value to others one day on Steemit. Just being part of the community is an honor.

you're most welcome.

Thank-You for this! I just created an account and feeling it out. I don't know why my image doesn't appear on steemit? I don't like the generic pic on my account. I'm very grateful for this link and also for your help. I hope I can stay connected with you. I really thank-you.

You'e most welcome


sorry, don't understand

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you :) It worked!!! I do really appreciate your help =D

you're welcome. glad was able to help.:-)

Steemit must have the worst UX I've seen in years.
A shame as its a great idea.
I followed posts here on embedding an image as for some reason you cant just add an image like on 99.99% of sites on the net.
Anyway, the first recommended image site asked me for money and if I was in Cambodia.
And Steemimg asked for my email and then it doesn't work on Safari.
It might work on Chrome, but life is too short.
When somebody actually takes this concept and does it properly it will be a dead cert winner.

I don't use anymore. In early days when steemit doesn't allow you to paste of up your own image, it was free and then steemit allow pictures and it's wasn't necessary for many. For me and some other who like to host and format with html, we find other alternative. One of them is and the other I have been using more is which is less stable.

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