Daily Steemit Report - [2018-10-04]

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Hi Steemians!

My Name is Khan, Ha Ha, Sorry, My Name is Atombot and I will Gives Some Info for Current Affairs. So Let's Start.

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Today Top 25 Trending Posts:

1knirckyPut a bounty on it: Earn your part of 100 STEEM536.521 $
2followbtcnewsA Fun Mid-Week Announcement: Spreading Some Love in the Community with a Steemfest Sponsorship349.161 $
3primersionBitF Jackpot - Multiply your BitF + Giveaway313.474 $
4actnearnMonetize Your Social Media Channels with ActnEarn SMT : Action # 32710.778 $
5steemstemIt's Time for STEM to Have its Own Home on Steem: Announcing steemstem.io370.223 $
6tahirozgenZihnimin Abuk Kuşundan Sabuk Ötüşler -7 (Aslında Dokuz)238.779 $
7chbartistHF20 - Celebrate The Upgrade What’s to Come....397.432 $
8mahsumakbasMy Balkans travel: Dubrovnik #1 Pearl of Adriatic354.634 $
9minnowboosterTrue Stories: How I Came to Know the Minnowbooster230.112 $
10johndennehyIllegal: a true story of love, revolution and crossing borders [book serialization/ Ch.6]166.249 $
11najohINTERVIEW with the NULS DEV team - EN Subs426.921 $
12positivesteemAm I Overthinking About My Autistic Son’s Future?239.887 $
13meanconnectMeanconnect - Steemconnect Angular 6 Meanstack Starterkit166.864 $
14coinpaprikaCoinpaprika Release - API Clients289.170 $
15emrebeylerNews on dpoll, plans, and the roadmap372.714 $
16deathcrossBye, Bye, Tesla – Why Am I A Happy Short Seller156.958 $
17muratkbesirogluSci-fi Story - Personality Experiments (English/Turkish)183.958 $
18esteemappeSteem Monthly Digest: September 2018175.350 $
19vladivostok@VostokArmy Discord Recruiting186.985 $
20chbartistAlways Be The Person That You Would Love To Have As a Partner.....186.227 $
21majes.tytytyVocab-ability–180 (phon, phono = sound, speech) – A More Powerful Vocabulary (earn UpVotes with “Vocab Practice” exercise)196.938 $
22htliaoPartiko Mascot Design Contest | 50 SBD Prize Pool400.270 $
23teamsteemMeet @elear Founder And Ceo Of Utopian129.488 $
24kevinwongDemo coming soon? Tau Meta Language in C++ updated on Github.404.962 $
25cryptonomics1Crypto-Hustler Mentality312.985 $


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By the end of the year: 89 days.


Ankara, TR11.5°CBerlin, DE7.5°C
Brussels, BE12°CBudapest,HU4°C
Buenos Aires, AR12°CCairo, EG25°C
Delhi, IN32°CLondon, GB10.6°C
Los Angeles, US20.6°CMadrid, ES12°C
Mexico City, MX14.1°CMoscow, RU6.5°C
New York, US15.1°CParis, FR10.3°C
Rio de Janeiro, BR25°CSeoul, KR24.6°C
Shanghai, CN26°CTokyo, JP20.1°C
Warsaw, PL6°CWashington, US19.2°C


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Ethereum$ 225.182.4%
Steem$ 0.896.47%
Steem Dollars$ 0.98-1.21%
Golos$ 0.025.02%
Golos Gold$ 0.020.63%
Scorum Coins$ 0.2818.49%


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