HF20 - Celebrate The Upgrade What’s to Come....

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Some of the conversations I have had with fellow steemians on my blog have left me thinking a lot about how much this experience is similar to life in general. There are people with who you resonate with, that you agree so much that it’s easy for you to become friendly. But, of course opposing opinions are never far, and learning to deal with them is part of the game.

The more I think about this however, I come to the conclusion that this community is going to alright after all. Regardless of difficulties, disagreements or technological challenges, there is almost no indications that there is a loss of momentum and interest from the key people on the platform.

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I also think about the fact that even with some basic disagreements in the way, but more importantly with some common ground, the sky can be the limit for what this blockchain one day might become.

I was talking to a friend today and he explained to me in detail what the current upgrade is all about. You might know the website was practically inaccessible for a long time and the upgrade, called Hard Fork 20, is a necessary step towards the final goal for the STEEM blockchain; Smart Media Tokens.

Difficulties aside, software issues and all, I’m happy to see things moving along and witnesses cooperating on this launch. It lets me know as I said before, that things will come to pass, and that once again being patient is the one thing that is going to pay off in the end.

I clearly remember having to wait weeks for my account to be approved and thinking to myself that made absolutely no sense. So to me, this change, velocity, is not just a good thing, convenient, it’s absolutely necessary for anything to scale on STEEM, and that is what we all want after all.

At any rate, I just wanted to write a short post on HF20, the first of many I’m sure, to celebrate the upgrade, and celebrate what’s to come.

Very important:
I would really like it if those who read these posts would take their time to support, to upvote those who have taken their time to read, understand and leave meaninunful comments, in the same way that I do. From now on I will stop upvoting those who self vote on their comments, and I would suggest everyone to do the same.

Why? Because believe me: This is how you build a good network, with good people. Like this everyone can win recognition.

If you are new here reading my blog be sure to read the previous post because as I said earlier I am writing a number of them and to understand every context that I wish to teach for everyone it is important that you understand that they are interconnected step by step to build this journey of change of mentality and positivism.

If you read my last three posts you will see that I asked personally for people to learn to support each other, to vote on each others comments with the condition that the comments show effort, and it work incredibly. There are comments with 7,8,9,10 upvotes. That is the spirit of a positive network and I also participate of it when I see people put effort.

I didn't see this happen in my last post so I ask everyone to pay more attention to it and support each other and if you were one of the first to post a comment on the post go back the next day and vote on the good comments that other friends made and have spent their time with you. I would appreciate it if you had this attitude between you.

Don't forget to follow @chbartist and resteem these posts if you like them. The content and conversations could be valuable to someone else, even if you don't know that person.

Wishing you all the best



Hoepfully, Steem can now scale easier..

No real reaction in the Steem price either way.

hf20 was a painful experience for 1 million accounts.
If only development team had paid more attention to reasonable analysis of the situation and code review all these challenges could be avoided

I understand your frustration but if Bill Gates had also paid more attention to revising the windows it would not show you so many blue screens. This is development my friend and is part of the process and users who should report the errors to help the developers in details that may have gone unnoticed by them. Let's go, everything will be alright!

Not to do a simple what-if analysis before rolling out the code is just dumb.

i have not seen a blue screen on windows in years dude what are you talking about. releasing products that make your userbase uncomfortable and literally deactivates them really had a bad effect on the platform. I run a community and out steemit post section has been dry since HF20

most folks moved on to smoke scorum and whaleshares in the case of my community. the steemit team has some work to do as there is an obvious user retention problem.

Signups are also declining monthly, which shows the new user focused approach leaves out the current users and their complaints which have yet to be address by any update.

Sure. It's a great mistake for steemit team thinking there is no competition.

Hf20 is good but in my opinion, they should make reward pool like "weku".
This will encourage new users and steemit will go to the heights

Like weku in what way, specifically?

It means
Weku is a website like steemit.
But at weku, the rewards are best.if you have 5000 wp in weku,you have 20 $ vote.
But here you have .20 $ vote

How much is a WEKU worth?

It is not yet on the market

Hmm. But how is that outsized voting power acheived? Massive inflation? The behind the scenes mechanics are important.

I’m on Weku. What I see are the higher payout numbers— in a currency with no trading value, and reputation scores inflate faster too. It seems like they’ve gamed a few obvious mechanics that Steem users are familiar with, but no one digs deeper into the implications of those changes.

I've seen people earning so much there

It's great that noone of steem valuable member didn't leave after hf.
I won't blame them for it.

Are you sure of that?

Greetings, I hope you find yourself very well ...
HF20 ... I had never been in a significant change of steemit, like this one that was experienced last week ... and I'm going to confess ... I felt very sad and distressed ... I thought I could not continue on steemit because it did not allow me to vote or comment or publish, because it said that I should buy SP ... and wow ... it moved me everything ... STEEMIT, as I have mentioned many times, has been a blessing in my home ... that in my country the salary does not reach for anything, God allowed us to know this great platform, where I could not believe that something like this existed ... ** that they pay you for publishing **, it was like a lie hahaha, but here we are and It's very real, so steemit forms a big part of our income ... In fact it's my job because I'm unemployed since May ... and it's my income ... we had to pay a lot of debts this week, school, services, etc. we covered them with steemit ... then feeling that I could no longer use the platform brought me some anguish ... They told me to be patient ... but there were many negative publications and I was honestly sad ... Thank God everything went back to normal ... I hope that all the changes that STEEMIT will witness, are always positive. Always in advance, in progress. It really is a great platform!

That is awesome that steemit could cover part of your expenses.
Cant wait to do same with steemit, but all the same, I am happy to be in this community, It gives me some level of discipline and confidence that one day, i will be able to better understand and handle my financial obligation better by working it out

That's right, steemit is a blessing from God. Successes!

Hi, good to see you. I understand your anguish but this is part of the financial market. Have you ever wondered who bought bitcoins at 20k about 1 year ago? Reading your words, can I give you a tip? Don't depend just one source of income in your life. Look around and I'm sure you'll find other ways to make a profit. I'm not saying this because I don't believe in steem but because that's a basic rule if you really want to be financially independent in your life. Life as well as business is a balancing game that you have to learn to play. When one side is not very good the other will be balancing the other side. Have you ever seen a building being built just above a stake? Regards

That's right, since last week we started looking for alternatives ... of course, we are new to the world of cryptocurrencies ... here in Venezuela, with this crisis, that issue has been broadened, but really in other times, we heard Not about cryptocurrencies ... and how we should learn from all experience ... we are looking for alternatives ... what I like about STEEMIT that the payment is immediate, unlike others that we have investigated these days and the payments They are more long-term.

By the way, you know some alternatives, in which I do not have to invest ... what can you recommend me? Thanks in advance. :)

Yes,after seeing steemit I too also frustrated,angry and disappointed. I love this platform and started to understand and then steem downtime for a week. For me also cryptocurrency a new topic. And m astonished to see that I didn't have any knowledge regarding this. But last six month as I try to find some alternative way to earn passive income. I found steem.
From the above site you can find some idea regarding legitimate way to earn some passive income work from home through internet.

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Thank you very much. :)

Just had a similar experience

Yeah, I think to many, it happened to us

I believe that so long as the Devs gets the formula right for providing reasonable opportunities for people to make posts while also discouraging spamming, confidence in the platform will continue to solidify. Stability, inprovements in ease of use and timely and clear communications from developers as well as Steemit's leadership will also play major roles in the the road ahead. The hiccups resulting from HF-20 should represent a point to take stock in how to improve the upgrade path for future deployments. One thing is clear, the long-term success of the Steem blockchain and the ecosystem surrounding it will depend upon continued innovation; innovation is often accompanied by uncertainty and a degree of adjustment pain. Nevertheless, Steemit has a good opportunity to solicit the community for constructive feedback, engage third-party developers to contribute improvements to the open source code base and grow membership by making it easy to join the platform. Finally, we all should encourage and amply reward those who strive to consistently provide quality content to the community as we will all benefit in the end.

That's right, it caused me anguish last week.

Hello friend, you said exactly everything I think right now. First of all we need to think about building a positive minded network that will help each other as I said in this post and trust the developers I know are working hard to get everything adjusted. The problem is that people are often immediacy and do not understand the complexity of developing a system. The important thing is that people do not forget that behind all this we are in the market for cryptos and there is a valuable token THE STEEM.

Well as far as I can see the idea is great and has my full support. However, Planktons like me need to weight their votes, and there is quite a number of people that feels offended by upvotes smaller than 100%. I truly hope there will be a shift in the minds of the community to be a community, and not only being here for the money.

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There is an even more challengeable goal to be on steeme for the money AND being a community still. This is called cooperation.


If someone feels offended over receiving a 10% vote from me worth 12 cents, maybe I'm better off giving those votes to people who appreciate it.

We only have so much voting power to go around. In order to help more people, one must split it up and budget accordingly. I get about 10 100% votes to use per day. I can easily turn that into 40 votes, still give just as much away, but to more people. How is that offensive?

Exactly! I agree 100% with you! Regards

Hello friend, don't worry about it. This is because many still not understand the platform that actually has many complexities. I agree that it is a matter of time for them to understand and I particularly want to create a network of positive people and they come to understand that many upvotes smaller than 100% can represent much more than 1 upvote of 100%. Regards

Exactly. I guess I will do a post on that. From Plankton to Plankton. Thanks for your appreciation.

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Hi @chbartist , I think @msicc and I may have had encounters with the same sort of people. I won't vote on posts with accumulated reward value greater than a few dollars and not at all on posts that have been promoted with upvote-bots.

I know of several well-established account holders, who do scold plankton for upvoting their posts and are not above hurling accusations of theft as the motive for LIKING their posts. They do understand the platform completely, some are developers, and their attitudes are well-informed. I have a few such encounters documented in the comments of my last post here:

The HF20 has brought relief to larger account holders from the reward-nibblinng of plankton. Now votes worth less than .02 will have a value of ZERO and will not impact rewards. Plankton can now upvote as much as they want, but they will earn ZERO curation rewards by doing so.

I will refer you to the Dust Vote Threshold Changes section of the HF20 Update linked here:

I have limited commenting credits, so I may not response quickly to your reply, but I did want to make sure that we all understand the HF20 changes and what we should expect from the Steemit platform from now on.

this sucks because its the plankton that need the rewards. It seems steemit make moves to support the folks with over 1,000 Steem which many simply do not have. now the small holders are earning even less and will likely fall off from lack of rewards esp since they will lose out now that their votes wont earn them anything....

it always ends up becoming a plaything of the rich no matter how benevolent it starts off..

I came across the following statement while searching out the perspectives of more established Steemit users:

fitinfun (64) 7 days ago
I do not know one thing about this ned guy except that he recently pulled his large delegation from @surpassinggoogle. This has been a widespread tragedy over the last weeks as @surpassinggoogle helps minnows 24/7 and has all kinds of tags he developed, nurtures and supports.
Anyone can pull a delegation at any time and - thanks ned for the time you had it there. I hope you have a better place for this money, but I cannot imagine what it would be if you want minnows to succeed here.
I was late to this party and do not know the ned story at all beyond that issue. I have never seen any post or comment from ned in the 1.5 years I have been here. I am not saying he hasn't posted, but I have not seen it if he has.
Why do I post on a headless platform and watch people jump ship day after day? I have no idea...

My impression is that the new, but undeclared, objective is to STOP FEEDING THE MINNOWS. I think management aims to clear out the bottom tier and reclaim rewards that have been spread too thinly and broadly. This is the 'dust' that I think they are going to start sweeping up. The plagiarism bots have been sweeping up a lot before rewards reach payout, but I think they've just dialed up the program with HF20. The work-in option for joining, as explained in the White Paper, is effectively abandoned. Joiners either buy-in or they are sponsored by existing member delegations. I presume they met their membership goals and now it's time to shut the door. It's an 'Exclusive Freemium' now. Those are my conclusions after examining the evidence, spread around the platform.

Still, I don't see the means for achieving an ROI, with or without small accounts. Investors put their USD into STEEM, which is converted to SP and the currency circulates in a closed system. It doesn't earn real value. Profit is made through the pump and dump game. Anyone who bought at $4 or more has lost $3 USD, given the current price of STEEM. They can hold out for a return to higher prices, but the trend line doesn't look promising. The company wins if it fails, because they are holding your $4 USD.

There's something funky with the latest pumps that even the article authors find bizarre...They don't look organic. Rather they seem to be orchestrated, or the act of a single huge investor. I suspect existing investors are recirculating their cashed-out funds.

"Only Steem is defying the dump with an 18% pump at the time of writing. A strange occurrence since their blockchain has been suffering with technical difficulties lately."

STEEM Price Surges 31% Ahead of Steemit Velocity Hardfork
"On Monday afternoon the coin price surged 31%, climbing from a price of $0.852111. The majority of those gains came in less than an hour, between 16:00 and 16:30 UTC. The highest single concentration of trades comes in the form of STEEM/USDT on Huobi, while the rest of the market is shared predominantly between STEEM/BTC and STEEM/KRW."

What are your thoughts on this?

I would really love to but with HF20 and its restrictions, our RC as I was made to understand can permit just 3 activities and then we shall wait for 5 days before we can perform another 3 activities again.
I just hope things would go back to the way it was

At first i thought of steemit as platform which belongs to only those with enough SP, thus, they can vote for themselves and they can be the only ones who keep on gaining. @chbartist you are bringing a good initiative on board that will make the social media tag attached to this platform meaningful. Thanks for the update on the HF20 as well. Stay awesome

Thank you my friend! Success!

Cheers bro.

This is literally the first time I read something positive and uplifting about the current situation on steemit, I just landed here few days ago (in the middle of the hardfork) and all I've seen and heard in the chats is that it wasn't worth and all that. I was completely lost because I barely understood what was going on... but to be honest I just wanted to share some thoughts and collages and all that negativity got me a bit scared, then I ignored all that stuff and decided to give it try... and here I am (: Thank you for the explanation about what's going on and for staying positive. I have no idea how steemit used to work before but right now I'm having fun.. and reading/learning A LOT. I agree, maybe is a small sacrifice that had to be done so the platform can evolve.
Thanks again, it's been enlightening ✧

Hello, I can tell you briefly what is one of the most significant changes on the platform. One of the things that have been changed in the code is to prevent the practice of spam. Do you know those automatic comments from the like: Amazing Post, I always follow you, how others like this? The new code sets a limit to this and this is very good for everyone. Regardds

I'm glad to see everything is back to normal, but I am yet to see a comprehensive guide on the new implementations (MANA, reward credits and whatnot).
Thanks for the heads up :)

Hi @silent.screamer! MANA is very simple. I'll try to explain it to you. This has to do with SP and delegations. Example: Now you can not delegate more than your SP allows. If you have for example 1000 Steem and want to delegate more your SP is at 50% you will not be able to delegate more than 500 steem. If you have 1000 steem and your SP has 80% you can delegate 800 steem. I hope help you. This is very good for the platform.

Yes, MANA is rather simple. One thing I strugle to understand properly, is the exact distribution of rewards of the votes in the first 16 minutes, and how this distribution differs between the self-vote and not-self-vote. Does selvoter and not-selfvoter both travel on the exactly same path ? Or does these two type of votes play under a different rules in the first 15 minutes ? If it differs - how exactly it does? A side-by-side comparison of such two votes would be great. All explanations I could find (so far) can be understood in a multiple ways. Still wondering....

What if I have only SP and no Steem?

Although my Upvote energy is very small even though it's a kilo of value, but I still use it like a respect for the author. And now, because of the limited RC, I have some difficulties, and to wait until I was allowed. I hope that when the HF20 finishes every thing better than this.

Everything will be all right! Regards

This fork messed up my voting power for 3 days, not happy.

all is well

This is just not a phrase.every word have its own meaning. When I found there is a problem with my steemit account seriously im very disappointed. Im not able to do anything. I tried to find the reason then i found there is a major change in System called HF20. In starting it sucks . But after the patch things are going to be normal.In earlier days of HF 20 it is very challenging for newbies. Im too a newbie so i also disappointed. But at that time I only think "Everything gonna be alright" and now things are going to back to normal. I hope there is so many opportunity to us in this platform after HF 20. @chbartist I request you please write a post about HF20.


Ok Friend I'll think about it. Regards

i'm waiting a post about major changes of HF20

It would really be good to a post with the new guidelines of the HF20 ... of course in a less technical language ... I read and read but the technical language always leaves me some doubts ... hahaha

Esta plataforma es desafiante porque a pesar de que en algunas oportunidades uno se siente un poco desconcertado o desanimado hay algo que te mantiene allí y te da motivos para seguir adelante. Y ese algo es la comunidad en general y gente como tu @chbartist que expones temas interesantes que propician la interacción y la participación a través de intercambio de opinión. Saludos. Nos seguiremos viendo.

Gracias @yahe. Saludos

HF20 was badly implemented. They set resource credit for every action in such a way that it became impossible to post, comment, claim rewards etc. Finally Stinc realized its mistake and a patch was added to the software.
They also had to adjust the cost of RC for transactions. I was very upset during that phase. it is rational now. Things have become normal again. I think reward distribution system needs to be changed. This platform has many problems. However, we should be hopeful.

Hi @akdx, don't worry, everything we need to do to succeed has the cost to pay. Growth is always painful, whether in life or in any process. Regards

Dios les bendiga a todos, soy nuevo en Steemit desde el pasado mes de agosto y aunque todavia tengo mucho que aprender me parece que esta plataforma va a continuar creciendo ya que es algo muy valioso en el mundo crypto. Podrán venir imitaciones pero Steemit marca un antes y un después en redes sociales.

Greetings, @chbartist, it is very nice to get this information, I hope that any change made in the platform is positive for us, I will keep reading you, any information about HF20. A hug.

Good see you @lauram. Thank you! Hug!!!

Totally agree with what you said on your important paragraph. İ automaticaly happy and much apreciate for those who take their time to leave a meaningful comments on my post. İ try to do the same thing since @melinda010100 thank you to teach me by her comment contest and get engage on that way with other steemians is great.

Thank you for your time! Regards

You're welcome, best regards

We came here for the money at first, but quickly learned the community is more important. The money is nice, but its truly the community we are here for now. We, being extremely new, found ourselves in a situation where we could not comment and we started to question if we would ever be able to be good particpating steemians.

Over the past few days we have come to understand the pros to HF20 and see that they are more than the cons. It is because of steemians like yourself that have been able explain it well enough so we comprehend. Thank you.

You're welcome! Thank you!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the HF20 and Im sure that the Smart Media Tokens will be a huge upgrade for our Steemit community and Im happy that the Steem Blockchain is working stable now again. Greetings from Germany @chbartist and all the best for you too! Jonas - @future24

Thank you for your time and comment! Success

great info there... nice to see steem improve as always

Last week I was frustrated depressed and disappointed. First I want to say that I am not so technical guy.I thought something happen to steem, but after that I saw that -regarding HF20, frankly speaking still I didn't conceived this concept. But in steem chat @Apsu told me that it is temporary and everything will be fine within a week. I thought that I will move out from steem. I want to really thanks @Apsu, that his words that make me to stay. I was really confused and didn't understand any technically things that people are talking about. I thought everyone smart enough to understand all those alogrithm and calculation. But happy to see steem working.

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Yes. Steemit Working! Keep your mind positive.

Yes ,thank you.

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Hello friend, I have read all your articles and I loved them, you have an excellent vision of the future, I am new and I am learning little by little more of this world, do you have other social networks to follow you, regards. @chbartist

Thank you so....You're Welcome!

I am new on Steemit and since day 1, I am trying to understand the dynamics of the platform. While creating a proper plan for posting and engaging other steemians post, I saw this sudden update that didn't allow me to upvote, comment or even write a post.
To be honest, I am yet to understand the system, but I am learning from experienced steemians like you. Very impressed by your posts @chbartist, keep posting :)

Thank you so... @sank02 - You are very welcome...

this is great i love the post.

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Now the dust settled down, Im enjoying the new Rc system. But I think everyone was concerned when the new system came out!

Very well said
Thats the attitude we must have

Exactly friend!

Matter of time! The good things make you wait ✌😃

While each of us who belong to this community have the best predisposition to improve each day with the platform we will always have a rainbow after the difficulties, both accounts with a lot of power and accounts with little power must find a balance where it is of economic help without losing the essence of being better people every day and helping everyone in the same search

I also think that changes are necessary for evolution not only in steemit but in society as such, I like your idea of supporting the posts and comments of other steemians, I start from that idea since I started as steemians.
one thing very true that you said is that often I see disagreement of opinions, sometimes people do not know how to handle these disagreements, and others take it or express it in a very respectful way, but I can say that in the end these disagreements are necessary , of the disagreements is where the changes come from, obviously we can not live in a world where there is a decision or an unanimous opinion, but we can keep changing to improve the quality of attention that is given to each one of the users!
I've been reading several of your posts, I'm liking! so you've won a new follower !!!


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Comment spam is not going to get you anywhere here

well, i actually don't really understand what's all of this HF20 thing about. BUT what i do know, it's that you're right with something, if we could help each other, by upvoting a comment or something like that, we ALL could growth up together!

The love for something cannot make you blind for the real problem. The HF20 was a mess unfortunately...

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I upvoted your post.

Best regards,

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Thank you for read!

very good your post

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"There is almost no indications that there is a loss of momentum and interest from the key people on the platform."
Do you have a source for this information?
I'd like to know who these key people are, who matter so much to the rest of us. As long as they're still posting, everything is fine?
Not sure I follow you. How did this post get to be trending, it's kind of crap.

chbartist you and your posts are precedence an in itself.

That's much needed information. keep up with good content!

well thats good

Por mi parte puedo alegar que me veo afectada directamente por el cambio en la plataforma. Por ejemplo al escribir éste comentario me estoy arriesgando a quedar sin RCs; como se muestra en la foto, después de haber hecho una publicación y 3 comentarios me quedé prácticamente sin nada. Entonces cómo puedo continuar y crecer en la plataforma? Si alguien tiene una respuesta esperanzadora se lo agradecería muchísimo. Realmente me gustaría continuar aquí. 2018-10-02-04-03-00-1.jpg

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Follow me ,I will aslo follow them in return.

Follow me ,I will aslo follow them in return.

Thanks for the really useful advice @chbartist
Informative keep it up

Since this update has brought great trouble, neither is it right to be able to post or comment from the wright.
And what you wrote in the last, do not upload on your own comment is a very good suggestion.

)))))).. Autumn shelf replenishment .. So we will win .. Yes, .. Einstein was right ..

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For me, I am still trying to wrap my head around the technicalities of HF20, but all i can say is it will make me to be more resource conscious and use my votes in productive and engaging post.
The platform is evolving and its the closest to real life experience i have seen so far.

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Good initiative and thanks for sharing your idea with us. Hope you post more content related to this topic.

Hab ich wirklich gerne gelesen.
Danke für diesen Artikel.

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Register PIVOT to get BTC Bonus:PIVOT is a community for cryptocurrency investors. https://www.pivot.one/app/invite_login?inviteCode=hsozdo

Freebitcoin no scam
Register PIVOT to get BTC Bonus:PIVOT is a community for cryptocurrency investors. https://www.pivot.one/app/invite_login?inviteCode=hsozdo

Freebitcoin no scam
Register PIVOT to get BTC Bonus:PIVOT is a community for cryptocurrency investors. https://www.pivot.one/app/invite_login?inviteCode=hsozdo

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