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In 'Post Office', Bukowski's girlfriend tells him to get a job, and he responds "Any damn fool can beg up a job. It takes a wise man to make it without working. Out here we call it 'hustling'."

In movies and novels, adventurers, rogues and hustlers are glamourised, representing something desireable and unattainable. In the real world, people judge and marginalise them, calling them "dreamers" or even "bums". Every day, these people dance through cracks in the system, finding value and opportunities in places which are invisible to others. They may be judged, and they may not fit neatly into any box, and it might not be easy to balance their accounts, but any hustler will tell you that their freedom is worth the pricetag.

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No opportunity?

The media in Australia keeps pushing this narrative that there are no opportunities for young people, and people keep repeating it. There are opportunities. You just have to be prepared to look where others won't. If you let the mainstream media tell you where the opportunities are, you will almost certainly end up a sucker.

The world of money is changing

For a century, governments and central banks have been robbing the value of our money, and now we've found a way out. Once crypto is stable, every time there's an advancement in technology which makes things more efficient, our money is going to be worth more - not less. Just imagine if every good reduced in price the same way computers and mobiles do.

The world is changing. For some, life is gonna be hard... it's gonna be so hard, IF you try to fit into the mould that's already broken, to conform with a world that no longer exists. But if you look for opportunities and embrace them, things are going to be amazing.

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When I first moved to Mexico, I had a few thousand dollars in Bitcoin and I was making $200-$300 a month. I figured it out, playing cards online, teaching English to Russian engineers, and eventually earning crypto on Steemit. Hustlin'!

Amanda B. Johnson and Pete Eyre did a similar thing. They moved to Oaxaca, and they started the Daily Decrypt. Expatriating is a great way to cut your expenses while starting an online business. Hustlin'!

A few months back I showed Steemit to my friend Bob and he took to it like crazy, learning things about it that I didn't even know. Now he makes decent money in addition to his day job. Next year when he moves to Peru, his side hustle may well become his main hustle. Hustlin'!

Worlds collide

Things might look grim for employees, university educated government regulated, square boxed, tightly articulated, notes meticulously dictated, folks. But they're looking really good, for hustlers. People who are willing to take a different perspective, find a different way to get by, look for ways to find and give value that are hidden in the cracks. Hustlers.

Improvise, adapt, overcome

In Keith Johnstone's Impro he says that everyone is creative, it's just that some of us are so afraid of getting the wrong answer that we never say anything. The lesson of impro is ,there are no wrong answers. What you do is right just by virtue of doing it. If you're sitting in a classroom or an office wondering what it's all about, dreaming of travelling the world or taking a long shot... remember that.

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Job insecurity

Many have heard this story about the myth of go to school, go to university, get a job and retire. Look at the bios of the most successful people, they didn't stick to this script. They wrote their own script. The best players are the ones who question the nature of the game.

For many people, not having a job is the scariest thing in the world. They say "I don't understand how anybody could live, not knowing how much money they'll make in a month." My friend Rae was the opposite, and she would say to me "I don't understand how people can make a commitment to go to a job every day. What happens if you just don't feel like going?" Then she got on a train and went to Byron Bay, and if she found some friends she would sleep on their couch, and if she didn't, she would sleep on the beach.

I'm not saying you should take that lifestyle to the extreme like Rae did, but isn't there something enviable about the way she thought, something wonderful... something magical? If you've been in a cubicle for more than a few years, you could probably use a few drops of that elixir.


I like these people, the people who are willing to cast off the shackles of regular society, live life differently, open their mind and find what's inside, open their eyes and see what the world has to offer. It's not just poetic, and it's not just for the movies. Adventurers are out there hustling, flipping houses and cooking in makeshift kitchens for unlikely customers. They have decided that they will be more than background characters in the game of life. Rugged and adaptable, they are the future.

The Episode

You can listen to the episode on Anchor and other podcasting services here: Cryptonomics - Crypto-Hustler Mentality

Or watch on YouTube below:

Cryptonomics - principles of cryptocurrency and investing can help you learn about personal finance, the disruptive power of this emerging industry, and how it might change your life in more ways than one.

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Good article, keep hustling...

Great points, Kurt. There are enormous opportunities for those of us who hustle. We have to continue to renew that hustle and make it happen. Thank you for the inspiration! Upvoted 100%


Thanks very much Terry. I know you're an expert at it.

Everybody needs a side hustle or two.
Look after those extra pennies and the dollars/pounds will look after themselves

Hope btc will recover big on its losses.

Hell yes! I have several income streams, I feel everyone should. I started my journey after I was laid off in 2008, haven’t looked back since.

Great article Kurt. There are incredible opportunities out there now and being adaptable and resilient are some of the greatest skills out there.

I think that's the first time that I've ever been described, as hustling.
I think I like it :P

Great article. And you suggest it: it takes courage or an external impulse to say goodbye to life in the usual way. But we all have enough creativity to hustle. So let's hustle!

I'm thinking of going to India and doing what you are doing. You can live on next to nothing there.


Lol. Things in here are becoming more costly 😂

What's the name of Bob's Steemit account?


It's @bobaphet


Lovin' that.


Yo Yo.
and grateful :)


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I know the Bob :)

I've even met him in person.

Great article Kurt!


Gracias Maria! Te ofrezco un tip... si publicas mas de 4 posts por día, tus recompensas van a reducir. Entonces, 4 posts por día al máximo. Pero puedes hacer comentarios sin límite.

Great post, the opportunity for hustlin' in the crypto space is huge!

Aha, so this is the new direction you were talking about. Nice switch up. I can see this being really successful. Hit me up on Discord one of these days.

Great article, I appreciate the philosophy behind it and freestyle you have if you don't follow the old economic model!

Pithy lines to make readers ponder. Loved the style of presentation. I shall be seeing the video right after this comment.

On a side note, glad you're interested in cryptocurrency and new opportunities. I think taking a look at Digitex might be worth it. They're setting up a zero-fee bitcoin futures exchange. Think, Bitmex on steroids.
I have some great articles about Digitex up on my blog if you care to see them. Ciao!

Very amazing and uplifting piece of writting. Thanks @cryptonomics1. Am a passionate young man who loves trying out things. I landed on steemit and joined this year. With the exposure and experience i have acquired so far on steemit about Crypto. I boldly relate to your points nailed down in this script.

Thanks so much once again. You have a great lot of knowledge that can help many people out there who have not yet realised the great opportunity that lies in Crypto involvement.

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Loved your post , so many great points here @cryptonomics1 , keep up the great work hustlin , your doing awesome ! upped and resteemed!💁✌👍💕

changes are good for everyone , hence we need to adapt to it quickly

Thank me later

I am testing myself in the world of crypto if I am able to make good amount of $$$ or not ;)

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Followed you buddy. Great motivational video

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i am looking for any exchange to get airdrops or rewards, and i saw this. is this really true?


muy bueno

Hustling is life. 💙

Love It! Hustle 25/8!!

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Everyday we hustling.

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mind blowing articles marvollous

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The key to this is living somewhere with low cost of living then just grind away.


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Cool article. Me and my cousin been hustling here and there... Now he decided to mass up on Stellar and Ripple. Sure got a few myself, but not sure this is going to get me anywhere... Im new around, btw