News on dpoll, plans, and the roadmap

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After ten days of the initial release of dpoll, these are the stats for the usage so far:

Number of PollsNumber of AnswersNumber of Users

With a simple proof of concept, I can call this as a success. Thanks, everyone trying the app.

Winning the Utopian hackathon

The project won the grand prize on Utopian hackathon. This was my 3rd hackathon as a developer. I made the second place on Packathon before, but winning the competition is much better. Thanks to organizers and initiative. I can't wait for the next one.

Special thanks to @ms10398, the hero of the dpoll. Hackathon was in place in a weekday, therefore I couldn't use all the hours since I was working at the office at my day job.

@ms10398's this comment kept me going. Also, huge props to @oups for quickly coming up (like in 5 mins) with a great logo.

What's next?

A rewrite on Javascript

This will help in making the app truly decentralized. Also, even though, I don't store Steemconnect tokens in any database, they're stored on the HTTP-Only cookies (Signed with a SECRET key.) and transact with the Steemconnect in the server side. When everything becomes client-side only, it will be better for users to trust the app. I have examined a couple of JS libraries and started the rewrite with vue.js.

Revamping the interface

I know, it doesn't look good. I need help on that. Will try my chances on Utopian tasks-requests category.

Voting by commenting in other interfaces

That will need a special vote identifier in the comment body. Example:

My answer: B

<comment on the why B is selected>

Editing polls

It's not possible at the moment. Even though you can edit the post in Steemit, it will not be reflected to dpoll interface at the moment.

Ability to write thoughts into polls and votes

A simple question or vote sometimes doesn't make any sense. The user might need to express their feelings about it.

A live image bundled into the post about the results

If Steemitimages don't cache the images, this is technically possible. A cool bar about the results will be shown on the poll posts regardless of the interface(Busy, Steemit, etc.) used.


Got a couple of questions about it. The answer is a no. I don't think we will have any curation initiative rewarding good polls.

Ideas & Community & Development

You can use official dpoll discord channel to express your ideas and give feedback. You can also follow the development at the github repository.

Vote for me as a witness

I do my best to support the blockchain with my skills. If you want to support me, consider casting a vote on via Steemconnect or on

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Congratulations. Reward of sleepless nights :)


Thanks. :)

Congratulations for winning the first Utopian Hackathon!. You won a 300 STEEM liquid prize offered by Utopian and a 100% upvote.



I should've put more time on the logo, we can rebrand in time 👍
Nice idea, well application, exciting roadmap. Gratz on winning the hackathon.

ps. Thanks for the tip

Thanks @emrebeyler

I never expected my simple motivation comment can be so helpful.

It makes me feel so great :)

All the best for the project

Reis Tebrikler yapıyorsun bu işi he

Hi @emrebeyler congratulations and keep going, dpoll is a great DApp! 👌


oh, one of the favorite dpollers! :) thanks.


Ehehehe thanks!

I really love your product and added few polls. I even did a post some time ago:

Personally I don't care about the UI. I'm more into features like multiple votes (like choosing both anime and live action movies but not cartoons and live action television) I know it's dpoll and not dsurvey but the ability to ask multiple related questions/follow up polls that get triggered when certain answers are given would be cool. But it's probably hard to develop.

Best of Luck!

Congratulations to the Hackathon I really like your idea and App. It is very easy use and adds great benefits to the possible community interactions!

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Awesome job on winning! Your app is really neat. Simple concept but surprisingly it hasn't been done before!

Looking forward to future progress, keep up the great work! :)

I just used it for the first time and it's not bad. Once you implement some of the features you mentioned in your post, I imagine more people will start using it. I'm looking forward to what you do with it.

Congratulations @emrebeyler!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

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Hi @emrebeyler, thanks for the update.
I have one feature suggestion.

It would be nice if it was possible to create a poll with a time limit and not show any poll results before that time limit has been reached.
In this way people cannot be influenced in their choice by the current results.

I hope it makes sense.

@emrebeyler Congratulation, hats off for your effort

Congrats for winning the hackathon. This is a great addition to Steemit

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I've seen a few of these polls @emrebeyler but haven't answered any as I don't want to click off the original post.

i also noticed people putting their answers in the comments rather than going to the poll.

Will we eventually be able to complete a poll without leaving the post it is on? If so, I would start using it.

Apologies if you've answered that above. 😊