INTERVIEW with the NULS DEV team - EN Subs

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03:00 The meaning behind the name of NULS.
03:39 NULS' thought on performance and security.
07:04 Advantages of NULS.
11:04 Features of NULS smart contracts.
12:43 The advantages of PoC.
18:18 Helping people create their own blockchains: NULS' short-term plan of development.
21:44 Community recruitment.
25:35 Future plan.
27:12 NULS ecosystem and the vision.

Official channels :

Official Telegram :
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i love nulls




this is cool and informative post video

excelente video saludos mxn


Saludos ! NULS te saluda.

Buen vídeo. Saludos de arg

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Great video. Thanks!

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Thanks ! Get some NULS ;)

Interesting Video, especially the point of Helping people to create their own blockchains

muy interesante

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I didn't understand how to do it.

Nice video!

Yang Dawei (Davi) the Technical Community Officer talks about the biggest problem:
(starting at 9:46 of the video)

"How to define a typical and user-friendly system that is acceptable to the enterprises..."

One of the KEY points that all blockchain projects should focus on.
Keep up the good work!


You are absolutely right.

Great video.
thanks for upvote

Nuls has a future

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Very nice interview and good video too!!

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Solid interview.

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great video tnx for u share


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its a great job and have an opportunity to talk with the developers!

Th elady looks like the new CEO you presented earlier..same shoes


It took a few days of work to put that video up, what is the problem with this post ?

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