True Stories: How I Came to Know the Minnowbooster

Hi kids! Do you remember key points in your life, like a progress bar with dots in the middle? I remember that day like it was yesterday. That, in my case, means that I don't remember much at all, since bygones are bygones and I have a selective memory and often cannot be bothered to burden myself with remembering stuff.

It was another day at the market, hanging around in financial communities. I had been trading for several years now, with ups and downs, like everyone else. But I was in a bad streak and I needed a break. Be it a day, a week or a month, just to clear the head and start rested. Bad streaks can happen to you no matter how experienced you are - but the more years of practice, the easier you recognize and fix them.

But at that time I wasn't particularly busy with anything really. I managed and still manage to this day a small business on the side, which had been running smoothly at the time, so I had trouble finding something to keep me busy to avoid digging myself into a pit of bad decisions.

Luckily someone on my stream tweeted about Steemit and his post that made tens of dollars. I can't recall exactly, but the contents of the post were meaningless and ridiculous and I wouldn't have paid a cent for it myself :)

But apparently someone pays for that kind of stuff. A good distraction to keep the trading platforms closed for a few weeks. I registered on Steemit and after 2 days, when I received my password, fell deep into the myriad of information.

As I didn't really understand Steem or Steemit and the time, I thought I'd begin by posting a few glorious cat pics (yes I did - do not judge! I'm sure you all do the same...) and trading charts, but nothing really kicked off.

In search for more upvotes, after a period of time experimenting on Steemit, stumbled upon Minnowbooster chat discord link. At that time I didn't understand all that minnow stuff, so it was fairly foreign to me. After stumbling upon PAL and looking around a bit, it was like I had been struck by lightning! I found my way to the only and only, yes, you guessed it, Minnowbooster! And I've been biding my time in the Minnowbooster chat ever since!

At that time, Steemit was just picking up, the massive bull market run had not yet commenced and this was the best time to jump into any project.

Upon entering the chat I was fairly quickly approached by one of my trading buddies @bulleth, who had fallen off my radar a while ago... He in turn quickly introduced me to the basic things about Steem, Steemit and the likes of all stuff. He introduced me to @reggaemuffin, who had coded some magic upvote bot that could make you profits on each upvote. The Minnowbooster upvote bot was in it's fairly early stages back then so you can imaging the technical hiccups, issues and the whatnt at that time.

But being armed with the knowledge passed on to me by sirs bulleth and reggaemuffin, and not a better place for me to spend my few weeks off, I helped other newcomers understand the nature of Minnowbooster and if needed, Steemit too.

And stumble into the chat by the dozens they did at that time! Luckily, my other business involves customer support, so most of the time that comes naturally for me. Yes, I have my moments, tantrums, I'm a temperamental guy - sometimes. But deeper inside I want everyone to succeed (I know it's not a real possibility - some of you must fail hard for the others of us to succeed even harder).

Didn't take too long for reggaemuffin and co. to offer me a chat moderator position! Like a buffoon I initially declined (what a bonehead move!). I had my other plans, see...

Back to trading, back to ups and downs, back to breaking keyboards. I have a mark of a smashed keyboard on my wall by the way, from my earlier trading days. I have a few broken trading desks from the earlier days to show as well. Luckily, these days are the past, I hope.

Reggaemuffin, being the persistent guy that he is, kept pressuring me in his own mellow way and the rest escalated fast. I was appointed a chat moderator, then suddenly I met a few other guys @thecryptodrive and @cryptomancer, who I could not even differentiate at the time because they both had long names with "crypto" in them. The information was pouring in fast, the bull market was picking up and the influx of users needing help grew exponentially.

Today, I look back at the crazier days and I have only love for the rest of the BuildTeam members who have stuck together in good and bad, if it wasn't for the positivity from our executive- thecryptodrive, cryptomancer, reggaemuffin - I am not sure I would have never stuck around. The same goes for every other BuildTeam member, who have helped to evolve Minnowbooster to what it is today. I am not going to name them all individually, because they are all the greatest guys, but you can see them listed neatly on the website

Aside from Minnowbooster, the team is constantly working on multiple fronts, to make Buildteam an industry leader and at the same time, offer value for users and communities.

I hope this time with BuildTeam has made me a better person, I can surely witness my own growth, I am a different person now both physically and mentally (sitting at a computer all day can sure make a guy put on weight!). All the new experiences, new opportunities that I have obtained are priceless. I am back to swing trading, I am much more calm now, although I am still the same temperamental guy, I just manage to control myself better.

A few words to new Steemit users from the experiences that I have picked up along the way. I've seen countless users who expect instant riches, upvotes, likes, follows. Sadly, life doesnt work that way.

But instead of endlessly grinding alone, I can see the people who team up into communities, thriving more and more. People who put in the work for their community, usually get rewarded by their community. Team up, give your best effort and we'll see you in the chats soon. Good luck everyone!

Authored by: @furious-one



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When I got started on steemit it was going rather well, I made about 400$ in my first month and my vision for the future was shining in front of me. But then came all the bots and my unpromoted posts got pennies in payouts. I was dissapointed and angry. I felt like only people with money could make more money.
BUT today I have changed my mind! To promote your post or lease SP you are actually investing in your "Brand". You have the control if you want to be on the trending page or not.
A few days ago I leased SP from @minnowbooster for the first time and I don't regret it.
Minnowbooster can help you to fly :)
Thanks for this post!

Really? I’m impressed to here this, that one can actually lease SP from @minnowbooster. This is first time hearing this. Please what are the procedures to achieve this?

Thank you @minnowbooster and thank you @realitycartoon for this information.

go to for leasing SP. Look at the active leases to know what price you should pay. If it's too cheap no one will take it and you get your steem back. Good luck my friend :)

Thanks a lot sir, indeed @steemit is lovely, fun, intuitive and full of economic values.

@realitycartoon summarized it all up neatly. If you need further help, jump in our discord and check out our FAQ

When I got started on steemit it was going rather well, I made about 400$ in my first month and my vision for the future was shining in front of me. But then came all the bots and my unpromoted posts got pennies in payouts.

You are not alone...

If you think that MinnowBooster is a voting bot, you are right. But if you think that MinnowBooster is just a voting bot, then you must read this post till the end and know why it is not true. MinnowBooster, contrary to what many people believe, is not just a paid upvoting service.MinnowBooter is a project by BuildTeam. Understanding BuildTeam and their motives is important to understand the purpose of MinnowBooster. Here's something to read from their website

Thanks for sharing your story! I can surely relate to it as I have also found Steem to be a place we can share and help each other as a community. While I am still learning around the community and in Discord in particular, you can see the caliber of talent and of humanity in many members like minnowbooster which inspires us to grow and engage here. I have been recently researching more about builteam and looking forward to their progress on the SMT in the future!

I am always on the search for ways to earn passive income. I came across a Minnowbooster post while browsing for trending and hot content. At first, I didn't really understand how delegations worked, so I gave it a try and delegated some SP to the Minnowbooster bot. I was amazed, I could earn SBD by doing almost nothing. Of course, payments were a lot higher back then, but still it's great to have a passive income. I wish this project the best of luck in the future to come.


Thank you @furious-one for such a great and inspiring article! Probably, fortunately, I joined to the Steemit platform quite recently, and all the most interesting things are ahead of me. But such stories of real people that inspire and force you to move on! Thank you!

Good luck on your journey!

Thank you! Have a great day!

Hi! Wow it looks like you have really big experience after your life here on I hope many newbies will see your article and will be inspired! And it will move them to make better articles and projects! So keep it up and please make your projects with such excellent quality thuther! Good luck!

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today i am in whitelist of minnowbooster . thats a good platform on steem.

Thanks !!!

Hi sir, still same problem i again 15 hours ago 0.182 bit butbi can't receive any vote, now I'm in blacklisted,pls check matter

Totally my fault. Refunded and fixed, now you can use MB

Thanks brother

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