Meet @elear Founder And Ceo Of Utopian

in utopian-io •  2 months ago is one of Steem most awesome project. It has distributed more than half a million dollars worth of Steem, to more than 6,300 different open source enthusiasts on more than 69,000 contributions.

@Utopian-io is the idea that Steem can and should be used to reward open source contributors. This idea first sprang in @elear's mind which he then implemented and finally announced on September 29, 2017.

A month ago, when in Rome, I asked him if he would be willing to meet, to which he agreed, to the great excitement of @karensuestudios and I.

Based on the genius of what he built and how he described himself, I knew to expect a very smart, upbeat and funny guy.

He drove an hour to pick us up, minutes after he had hop off MSP radio where he was on a special Steem panel with other Steemians.

After we ate at this top-notch pizzeria, we headed out for some nightlife adventures for which I keep very awesome memories!

Utopian Fun Facts!

Learn more at and begin to earn!

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Understanding Steem


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Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków

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Ahh good to see him in person . Always a hidden face behind utopian discord with alwsys supportive hand in any query....was missing him since utopian established as a company..he have to see manybthings for is only because of @elear and @utopian-io that i am still surviving in here

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It was such a fun and memorable experience meeting you both in Rome. I hope to see you at SteemFest and I'll be happy to meet you again in Italy anytime!


Awww. Thanks for all of the fun ❤️❤️❤️❤️

we have a project that we would like to put on utopian once I get it properly planned out

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Ah man, glad to see you posting especially when it's something about Utopian. I love that community and the idea behind it. I remember when you talked on stream that you're gonna meet him :)

Have a great day bro!


Have a great day! Jeez! Karen kept calling you @whacka-science! She's messing up all names. make sense and is a cool name!


hahaha I don't know why you called me that but I didn't say anything because it was so funny :D That's my Korean alter ego, whacka sciencea xD haha

Peace bro!


hahhaha wackascience is totally cool! :)


Haha, I agree totally :)) <3

Really great article
I hope to benefit from the distribution that happened
Thank you for the great information

This thrills me a lot, seeing three big Steem sharing as good friends, fills me with good energy especially because the witnesses who are referent and popular give us the conviction that we are in the best platform. The great @teamsteem has inspired me a lot and recently I have been able to converse with @elear and I confirm everything that is said in this publication, he is a great man with a passion for Steem insurmountable. Congratulations for that meeting

Really cool to see @elear and you guys enjoying Rome. I'm looking forward to meeting you all at Steemfest - see you there!


I look forward to meeting you too!

Been wondering where you disappeared to! Glad to see ya back!


I never left! When I'm not posting more goes to other. :) Peace Matt!


Most definitely, but you're deserving. You hit a couple of my little contest posts. Gonna start running stupid little contests like giving away liquid rewards from posts to small accounts for picking the right pseudo-randomly generated numbers haha. Only paying out to winners by powering the winnings up to their account. Should inspire a few people to stick around and have a little faith :-).


Wow its pretty amazing to finally see the brain behind the Utopian-io @elear . He's do cool and got a lovely smile. Thanks @teamsteem for revealing this trust you guys had a nice time.

Its great to have learnt about the founder of @utopian-io. His indeed a great brilliant man to have built this project that is adding real value on the steem blockchain.

Wow... that is a big delegation they have, now. I know lots of good works and good ideas are being incubated through Utopian; it's nice to see things that are really working, here on Steemit.

Looks like you had a great time, too!

nice post sir,

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Wow, I wasn't aware of those numbers. Those are great so far, I just re-read the links you provided and remembered why I'm so into Utopian. Thanks.

This is awesome! I love these kind of in-depth explorations of people who are great.

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Someone just reminded me that your posting again, was learning alot from you and not forgetting your support sir, nice to see you again

It's really wonderful to know the people on the platform! From what I see you had very nice time and i am happy for this :))
I wish you always have success!

First of all, thanks so much for your great support to my work. This is a great meeting and nice video! Thanks a lot for sharing. ;)

I love it when Steemians make out time out of their busy lives to meet with other Steemians. It looks so lovely.

Elear looks quite lovely and simple despite the huge amount of work he put into @utopian-io.

They are really doing awesome things here.

BTW, I didn't notice you in the shooting exercise. Lol

Thanks for sharing this.

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