How to Use Ntowl's Steem Blog Editing Service

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So you're looking for help editing your Steem posts. You've come to the right place. Listed below are the services I offer, the costs and terms.

There are seven levels you can choose from as shown in this table:

Basic1Editing of posts up to 500 words. Includes fixing typos, simple grammar mistakes and misspellings. I will let you know if I see larger issues you might want to address.
Basic+2Editing of posts over 500 words. Includes fixing typos, simple grammar mistakes and misspellings. I will let you know if I see larger issues you might want to address.
Formatting2This service focuses only on the formatting by taking your content and adding Markdown to make it easier to read. The actual words will not be edited.
Formatting+4Markdown formatting and image sourcing. Besides adding Markdown, I'll find the right images to make your post more attractive and source them appropriately.
Custom Formatting6Everything from Formatting+ and I will customize the images with the addition of relevant text or modifications to make your post stand out.
Full Edit4Basic+ service plus I'll edit for clarity and structure. This may involve rewriting sentences or re-organizing paragraphs for example.
The Whole Shebang12Full Edit plus Custom Formatting. With this service you'll get a blog without errors, formatted for easy reading and customized images relevant to your topic.

How it works

Great! You've decided to let me fix up your post. Here's what you need to do:

  • Create (or copy) your blog in a shareable format (Google docs, Word, etc.).

  • Fill out the form at this link:

  • Be sure you have a link to your document with EDIT permissions handy.

  • Submit the form

  • Send the appropriate amount of Steem to @ntowl with your Steemit name in the memo

  • I'll contact you via Discord if you provide the information on the form, or by sending .001 Steem to let you know it's done.


  • All edits will be completed within 48 hours, with a goal of less than 24. If I'm unable to complete your edits before the 48 hours is up I'll return your fee. The timer starts when you SEND STEEM, not when you submit the form.
  • No edits will be started unless the appropriate fee has been received.
  • The clock starts when your fee is received as recorded in the blockchain.

Rush jobs:

If you absolutely need to have an edit completed fast (less than the 48 hours), then you need to contact me on Discord. Just send a DM to @ntowl and let me know what you need and when you need it. Then I'll let you know if I can do it.

Rush fees are:

  • Less than 12 hours: Additional 6 Steem
  • Less than 4 hours: Additional 12 Steem

I reserve the right to ask for more if you need an even faster turnaround.

Blackout times:

I'm on the East coast of the US. And I need to sleep. So I can't accept any rush jobs between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am Eastern US time. You can check how this lines up with your time zone at this website.

IMPORTANT: This service is exclusively offered to Steemians for posts going on the blockchain. If you need other content edited (or written) I'm happy to oblige but you need to contact me directly for a quote. You can find me @ntowl on Discord.

Do you have questions?

I've done my best to guess what sorts of questions you might have. If you have a question that isn't listed please let me know in the comments.

Why are your rates too high/low?

If you’ve ever used an editor before, you’re probably wondering about these prices. Yes, they are SUPER low. I realize they may be too expensive for most minnows, but in terms of real world time and effort spent these are at least 10 times cheaper than services you’ll find elsewhere.

I’ve made them low because frankly I don’t know how this service is going to fly. I’ve been told by many that it’s needed and people will use it. But the only way to know is to put it out there. So consider these introductory prices. I’ll have another post I’ll maintain that will list current services and prices as things change.

Another reason these are low is because I’m not trying to make a living off these. Not yet anyway. I believe Steem has great potential so I’m investing my time now, in hopes it will pay off very well later. Just like the rest of you posting here.

And since this is a new service, and a new idea on Steemit from what I’ve found, I’m happy to hear any feedback on what I’m offering, the price, or services you’d like to see.

What do you know about editing?

I've been a working copywriter for the last 8 or so years. Editing my work, or what the client provides, is critical to keeping clients happy and getting paid. Before that my corporate job involved a lot of writing, and editing of other team members research and reports too. So, I've been doing it for a long time.

Why do you have blackout times? I really need this post edited and up NOW!

I'm sorry to say I'm only human. I need to sleep, take care of my family and do other work that pays me much more. And really, what's the worst that could happen if you post a few hours later?

I found an error on one of your posts so how can you call yourself an editor?

As it turns out, I'm still only human. And editing your own work is super hard. I do my best but sometimes things slip through. But thank you for pointing it out so I can fix it.

While I will never say I'm perfect, I am quite good at editing other people's work.

I paid, but I never received a note saying you edited my blog

Has it been a full 48 hours? Check the time you sent me the Steem to be sure enough time has passed and also look at your wallet to be sure I haven't sent you a confirmation. You can also check the document itself to see if I have edited it.

If I haven't finished your editing by the end of 48 hours, I'll return your fee and apologize profusely.

Are you a grammar nerd or something?

Nope. Not at all. See? Sentence fragments everywhere (that's a grammar joke). My opinion on grammar is that it's flexible when you're writing on the web - especially blogging. If you need something edited to meet a fixed set of standards like AP, MLA or what your English teacher expected from you in school I'm probably not the editor for you.

My goal is to help you post something that's free from typos and common grammatical errors like your vs. you're without changing your style. I also help with formatting, image selection, and with my Full Edit I can help organize your post so it flows well. You can see which service provides these in the table above.

Can you edit in other languages?

No. I took French in high school and remember about three words. So I'm no help.

Didn't see your question answered? Let me know in the comments.

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If you're still considering editing your own posts, check out my writing class summaries below for tips on how to do it.

Writing class summaries:

Questions on writing? Session 1Formatting, contests and cheats. Session 6
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2 Rules for creating awesome post headlines. Session 33 more ideas to improve your posts. Session 8
How to write an intro post. Session 49 tips for self editing your posts. Session 9
3 Tips and tools for writing better posts. Session 5Did they survive? Session 10

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These rates are very reasonable. It is interesting how 1 Steem feels so valuable on Steemit, when we may not hesitate to buy a $1.50 bottle of water in "Real Life". I read Session 7, you shared some very helpful tips, in a very "down to earth manner". I wish you success, and a little sleep along the way too!

Thank you @giddyupngo! Love your name by the way. It is another world here in terms of value. I write posts here for literally pennies compared to what clients pay me elsewhere, but as I said in the questions my hope is that the value of steem will grow and all the work will pay off then. In the meantime I'm helping a community grow and produce great content!

Agreed, starbux in Thailand is still $7 US & that is nearly 6 Steem today...

@ntowl, yes, it's really important that our post should be readable and that only in an flow because if we get lot of Breaks then for sure readers will not going to get the fun essence because it's all about the engagement, and your post is your reflection so it's important to concentrate on all aspects so that it can create an great environment.

And if anyone agrees or not, it's true that no matter what content you wrote, mean how Important it is or it's covering any Trending topic, if your content doesn't hold appearance essence then in my opinion they will move on from your post.

And that's why we see that whoever is fully spending time in Blogging they concentrate on all aspects and they strive hard to create an eye-catching piece so that they can attract more and more viewers or readers. And it's important that to hold something uniqueness because our Unique work will going to create an great impact.

Many people want to make their post like an Standing different aspect because everyone wants to grow and in my opinion there are two aspects and those are Engagements and Posts. So, that's why many people try different stuff to improve their work so that they can attain the growth.

And i want to appreciate your work because in my opinion you come up with an initiative and you are giving an opportunity to people to get the effective piece of work and they can get an exposure through their effective piece of work.

And yes, Pictures are really important aspect because pictures throw the Visual Attraction and if we use effective and proper pictures then our post can become more eye-catching and readable and inturn attractive post can invite more people to read our posts.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Your services seem to be for people who can earn $100 on post earnings. What of those who earn $1 and less? What can you do for them??


Yes, the services are definitely aimed at those that can afford it, even though they are extremely cheap in real-world terms.

For others they can read the class notes I have linked at the bottom of this post where I give writing and editing tips. My free live classes are likely to resume sometime in the fall so anyone who wants to learn more can follow me and watch for the announcement.

Thanks for the question!

Thank you too. Would be a great help to many of us.

@fredkese Unfortunately I don't think ntowl can do anything for members who are earning 1$ and below. Lowering their prices more to adjust for them is something that would be bad for her business, it is like ripping her off ever time someone avail her services, remember it is her time and wasting it for a discounted price seems to be off the table.

For people who are earning 1$ below per post I think the best way is for them to be better and increase their earnings per post independently, maybe by the time they earn an average of 2-4$ per post they can acquire even the Basic Formatting for some of their post that requires markdown which is only 2 Steem, which I know a lot of people who are already good at English will be availing.


She can get people who will work and help her out. If you have lots of customers, you will still make money.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

hola, @ntowl

excellent project, the tools we learn to use in life, is a fact that can also help others to develop and take a monetary benefit from that, since all work and effort is worthy of receiving a remuneration; This service you offer is very useful in this platform since writing is one of the fundamental pillars of this platform, one of the features of a leader is to detect the need that exists in a medium and focuses on that to meet said need .

On the other hand I also urge you to develop courses, where you can teach this type of knowledge to other people and be part of your team to amplify this project and your performance is much greater, and reach more people and users, you I wish all possible success.

At the end of the post you'll see links to the classes I've offered so far. I've also written other blogs about writing for myself and others on Steemit.

My live classes might return sometime in September. I'm working out those details now and seeing if I have the time to do it. But thank you for the well wishes and I hope you are successful too!

  ·  last year (edited)

What a good initiative, since a good leader transfers his knowledge in others to continue receiving and growing. Your services seem very useful and interesting to me. I will review your publication more carefully.

Hello there @ntowl you have a great service going and I was wondering if you require your customer's edited post in your service to have some credit given to you?

E.g. : at end of the post you will write Formatted and Edited By ntowl.

If not I think you should as your customer will receive all the credit from the article you have helped created. This will also help you in promoting your service more.


Thanks @harlot but no I don't require credit. I'm being paid for services so I don't think it's fair to ask that. Of course if someone wanted to then I don't mind. 😉

I see that is reasonable and I do personally think you deserve some kind of credit but if you are ok for doing your services for STEEM I think I won't push you anymore. The one taking your services will be happy about that as he/she will be praised for the work you have done.

Looking at your service fee I do have to agree that they are extremely cheap the most expensive you have you'll only be looking at around 15-17$ in payout depending on the price of STEEM. Some freelance editors out there will charge more than three times that amount.


hi @ntowl , this sounds like a pretty exciting service especially when there is a need to write something official.

I occasionally ghost writes for my food bank here and sometimes I just don't have enough time to write it all out especially when my food bank director only give points and pictures.

I am planning to use Steempress (as I just tested today) for the foodbank as an official blog site (along with Wordpress) so would that considered as a full package?

At this point of time I am looking for options to get other volunteers to ghost write it and they all complained that they are not good with grammar and vocabulary; so your proposed service would have been perfect to curb their excuses. haha.

That is, my Food bank director gives a green light to make a Wordpress site for more publications use and at the same time using Steempress service to publish it parallel.

You can have a look at @gtpjfoodbank


@littlenewthings it sounds like you're working on a great cause! If you're posting from WordPress you won't need the Markdown formatting. It's fairly easy to format in the WordPress editor so I don't think that service would be necessary (but I could do it if you wanted).

And thank you for pointing out that my service is good for "official" type things. I was thinking that when I created it. Sometimes a blog post matters, and you need it to look well-written and professional. That's why I'm offering the service.

Let me know if you get approval and I'm sure we can work something out.

I'll definitely be checking if my director already has a domain; otherwise I have a personal domain that I can donate a subdomain space just for the foodbank and get that installed.

If she's ok with the rates, we could head that on!

By the way, you can find me in discord too as littlenewthings and we can discuss the different package deal so that I can reveal to her. Since it is going to be earning in steemit, she should not be too worried about the cash if it can generate revenue and repay for your service by itself as the traffic grows.


This is Awesome! I think this is a great initiative for all the minnows and small people out there who are writing good articles and want them out in the public and ACTUALLY READABLE :). Your prices are very achievable for now and I think you will get a good idea of the steem market as more and more quality content gets developed on the platform.

I really like how you have offered so many different options in your business model that suits more than one steemian. I hope this goes well and you will be able to continue this in the future!!!!

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi ntowl!

In sooth, I had a desire to be the one of the first person to express my thoughts regarding such a creative initiative that I found to be processed by you. But I was initially a bit nervous as this is a post of a freelancer who desire to provide editing features to our little community and I found even myself to be an incomplete acquaintance who is at the very urge to use this feature but unfortunately couldn't afford this.
I believe this service is completely essential and it is now becoming the need of present hours for our better steemit future as it 'll help ourselves to stand out of the bulk creators and drag more and more viewers rather than just blind followers who never see your post once they followed.
I have seen people demanding such kinds of services in one way or other. I personally had so many untold tales screaming to be told and I will wait if someday I could taste this feature myself.
Have a beautiful day!!



  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Those are amazing services and you are very much eligible to be called as a editor. But I'm little worried about the prices. I guess most of the steemit posts not even make those 6 steem even after writing up proper content. Big fellas can use your service but they are not worried about their writing as they simply attract their followers with their SP. I don't know how editing prices are outside beacuse I haven't used them before. But this is what I feel.

Two months back I was called to write content for a blog even though I'm not a great writer and they have editor positions too. I guess you will be perfect for their blog. And you need not rush up. I will share this with my friends and see what they think.

Hi @kpreddy. I agree the service isn't for everyone, especially minnows. But for those who have the Steem or are posting something important that has to be perfect the prices are more than reasonable.

Of course it may end up that you are right and noone on Steem wants to pay...but it'll be a good test to see what might work.

Yeah! Wish you a good luck.😀😀

OMG! I didn't see this until now. Thank you @dynamicrypto!

Oh man @dyanamicrypto did you mean that ntowl didn't know that his post was part of the contest? xD I was wondering when I'll receive a reply because I actually got curious with his service.


Unfortunately, she did not include her discord #. However im sure she will respond to you, especially if you fill out her form and follow her detailed instructions!

Actually I gave my discord name in the text, but if anyone is looking you can DM me at ntowl on Discord too.

Ok if you could point that out so as to further help out @harlot that would be great! With discord you have a four numbers after your name .... i.e. dynamicgreentk#1126. Sorry if I over looked it. The links I did click on took me to your steemit page. Have a great weekend and good luck with your service!

Nope you didn't overlook it. I didn't realize you meant those numbers. I used to have the link in my signature but I must have lost that in my last revision. Thanks for clarifying so I can fix that.

Nobody knows when I hi-jack a post!