STEEM Food Tours #8 - Submit a Restaurant Review for a Chance to Win STEEM!

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STEEM Food Tours #8

Submit a Restaurant Review for a Chance to Win STEEM!

Welcome to the eighth edition of the #STEEMFoodTours challenge.

Currently most review sites operate as a business in a centralized nature. This leads to advertisements on the platform, paid-for-reviews, paid-deletions, and overall it can corrupt the legitimacy of the rating. I believe the STEEM blockchain is a great place to leave honest, uncensored reviews about restaurants, eating establishments and more. The de-centralized nature of the blockchain will allow for a truthful consumer rating that cannot be tweaked, or lobbied.

#STEEMFoodTours will be a weekly contest to begin gathering restaurant reviews on the STEEM blockchain.


Contest Rules

  • Create a post and title your entry:

'STEEM Food Tours #_ : Name of Restaurant - Location of Restaurant'

  • Review a restaurant. Post must include a minimum of 3 photos.
  • Upvotes & ReSTEEM's appreciated
  • Use original words and photos only.
  • Please try to include a link to the restaurant's website, if possible.
  • Comment a link to your entry in the comment section of this main weekly post.
  • Contest will end at post payout (7 days from post creation)


Prizes & Judges

1st Place - 60% of SBD earned from this post

2nd Place - 40% of SBD earned from this post

Many factors will go into the winning decision. I will be looking for high-quality reviews of local eateries. It can be any type of eatery such as restaurants, bars, bistros, and cafés. I want to see the hidden gems! If someone was visiting your town from far away, where would you recommend they eat? This is a great opportunity to enjoy a meal and get compensated for the review!

This contest is only the beginning. Eventually I would like to make a database, ultimately creating a de-centralized review platform on the STEEM blockchain. My friend @eroche is currently working on an application called 'Let's Eat' that will make submitting restaurant reviews to the blockchain as simple as possible. Learn more in his latest update:


#STEEMFoodTours Weekly Digest



Best of Luck

and Happy Eating!

alt text


Thanks For Reading!

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My Entry: STEEM Food Tours #8: Elite House - Penang, Malaysia


I’m not sure if this counts as a “STEEM Food Tour,” but it’s a awesome little hidden gem just outside of Omaha.


Hey @jeffagoe, I've done a review on one of my favorite restaurant! Hope you'll like it :)

I knew I should have taken photo's of that Falafel place in Temple bar 😆I have seen your contests pass by a few times, but have been too pre-occupied to comment. But wanted to stop by to let you know I think this is an awesome idea. I'm dreaming of a life of traveling, reviewing food and drink on Steemit and smoke for the smoke network! HAH! That would be something...Love your energy with everything you do.

Thank you for the support @misslasvegas! Haha I wish I could remember the falafel, I'm sure it was delicious. Hope to see an entry from you someday :)

The Falafel was cold, but the best thing EVER because I was starving and cold. Yeah, need to explore the food here in Mayo more.

I am happy that this has been picking up. I know I haven’t fulfilled my promise, but I’m still in full support of this initiative. I just got so busy at work, I wasn’t able to visit much new restaurants. But, as soon as I get something up, I’ll definitely participate once again. Cheers!

No problem @anotsopopularkid! I truly appreciate the support. Thank you

Thank you for your interest in the #STEEMFoodTours contest, but you must follow the rules in order for your entry to be valid. All photos must be original (and there must be a minimum of 3)

I haven't been able to get to a local hot spot lately but there is a good one that I hope to enter this week! Great contest! Keep it going!

Hello my friend @jeffjagoe how are you ?. Fantastic week 8, the days and weeks continue to go very fast, and 2 months since the creation of your contest. I wish you many successes and that many more weeks of contest come.

Thanks for all of the support throughout the past 8 weeks!

Quiet my friend, you know that I will always support you while God allows me to be in steemit.

Hi check out my hotel restaurant review @seelc

Thank you for opening the contest.
Hope you like my food blog @seelc

very nice contest! I will be back soon with an restaurant review!!

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Thanks for the info!
And the greatest part about it?... ALL liquid SBD earned from this post will go to the winners of the contest :)


That's insane. If the participant know how much the reward they received. They will definitely gone crazy. 😆

Hopefully these bots will help the contest gain some visibility !

It definitely will. Good luck!

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