STEEM Food Tours - Weekly Digest #1

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STEEM Food Tours - Weekly Digest #1

The first week of #STEEMFoodTours is now complete. I must say, I was a bit disappointed with the turn out. I only received one entry. That being said, the lone entry was a top notch review and it completely blew my mind. It would have been very tough to beat @anotsopopularkid so it was probably best that you all stayed home and cooked. Regardless, I will continue to run this contest from here on out, because I truly believe it can grow into something wonderful. At the end of each week I will provide a summary of the participants. Here is the first edition of the #STEEMFoodTours Weekly Digest.

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1st Place - @anotsopopularkid

Prize: 10 STEEM

Crisostomo - Blue Bay Walk, Pasay, Philippines

Link to Post:

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Here's an awesome synopsis by @anotsopopularkid:


2nd Place - NOBODY

Prize: 5 STEEM

There was only one entry to the contest this week.


Enter STEEMFoodTours Week #2 NOW

Happy Eating!


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While I'm very glad I won, I'm with you in terms of being saddened by the turnout. I was inviting my friends to contribute, but I think they didn't have the time.

Hopefully for this second series, they can join and that many would contribute. I'd like to pick up new ideas and learn more from others.

I'm supporting you on this. As pledged, I am challenging myself to contribute at least a single exclusive review for this project.

Cheers and looking forward to the success of #STEEMFoodTours

I really appreciate the support my friend. Round 2 is already off to a great start with 2 entries. If I learned one thing about STEEM, it’s that you must be persistent to be successful! I plan to continue running this and eventually turning it into it’s own platform. Potentially something like where you go and submit reviews directly to the STEEM blockchain and they are kept in one place..

Fantastic! This is what I'm excited about. I'll help in curation for the entries, although my upvote is not worth that much.

All for the love of food! :)

Sorry I couldn’t contribute. The weather was so nice in Omaha that we decided to get out and grill steaks instead of going out for our date. I will definitely submit a review next time!


Danggg those look awesome!!! No need to apologize

Well I appreciate you putting the contest together. I think it will be great for everyone to get a glimpse of some really great restaurants from around the country. It will be every bit as good as beer Saturday!

I hope you join more contestants friend.

Thank you, I think it will grow as the weeks go by!

If yes, it will be true, right now because it is just beginning, but the contest will start to grow.

You will see this contest will be better, success!

me estoy enterando amigo si no hubiese concursado !!

Congratulation to the winners.

Hello friends!
It is a great opportunity for you people, everyone must attend food tour. I am really sad to miss this great food tour because I am too far from you people but I will enjoy to see your pictures and great gathering there... Enjoy the fun and food...

the second parts are better!