SteemFest Ticket Contest - Why should you go?

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Hello, fellow Steemians,

as Steemfest is approaching, we decided to sponsor a ticket for this year's event.


A ticket to SteemFest

As we are a new witness we will be able to sponsor one ticket without accommodation. The ticket will be more than what we got paid till now as a witness.

How to participate?

You will need to do the following thing to be able to participate:

Write us why you or someone you know shall go to SteemFest in a comment in here.

A full vote and a resteem will be seen as a bonus in the end together with a witness vote.
Only the ones who don't have a ticket can participate. Also, you need to come to SteemFest. Selling the ticket to another person will void the ticket and it will be transferred to someone else.

The more established witness did such great giveaways like @smooth and @pharesim and we think also it is a good way to meet new Steemians.

So here are the rules summarized:

  • post a comment on this post why you or someone you know should go to SteemFest. Be creative.

Bonus points but no decisive:

How to vote for @ro-witness

You can vote either via the Steemit witness page or via steemconnect. Both options are presented here.

Or insert our name in the box and press vote.

Vote via Steemconnect


I am going to get there by the skin of my teeth, and will be a speaker talking about @thewritersblock, Steemhouse Publishing, and Wordrow, our forthcoming front end aimed at creatives.

My coadmin and cocreator of our writers community @rhondak has struggled to raise funds to join me on stage. She really deserves a break as she is slowly killing herself running her animal shelter @tarc, without any assistance and in an atmosphere of open hostility in her local community. The break will do her so much good right now. Please consider @rhondak for a Steemfest ticket.


Also, not only do I vote @ro-witness, but so does the @noblewitness team, of which I am a proud part of, along with @rhondak, @anarcho-andrei and @SirCork.

Totally supporting this nomination as well 😍 The amount of hard work, attention to detail and good spirit that @rhondak puts on what she does everyday, against all odds, is amazing and inspiring.

I have cast my vote to @ro-witness as well 🤗

Seconded, thirded, fourthded, fifthded! Wherever it is I fall on the support list, I really hope you will award this prize to @rhondak!

yes! I vote for @rhondak too! thank you for this opportunity @ro-witness - you know you have my vote 💜

I absolutely want to support this nomination for @rhondak ... she works hard and overcomes some huge obstacles to accomplish what she does. She needs to be going to Steemfest.

Agreed @rhondak!

I completely agree that @rhondak should get the ticket, as she has been helping Steemians to become better writers for well over a year, and that's on top of running an overly full dog rescue from her home, damned near singlehandedly, and as @gmuxx said, with open hostility toward her and her private shelter in her community.

She is instrumental in @thewritersblock, Steemhouse Publishing and Wordrow, has given freely of her time without asking anything in return, and it is time for the Steem community to reward her in kind for her selfless efforts.

Thank you for the opportunity to nominate her for your sponsored ticket to Steemfest in Krakow. I have voted you as witness, upvoted the post, and will resteem it as well. just made me cry. Thank you, Cori!!!!


Thanks so much for being a witness for this extraordinary blockchain which is developing such a cutting edge community. It is essential that we have a diverse set of witnesses around the world to keep it truly decentralized and secure.

I have given a 100% upvote and a witness vote in gratitude for your support for the community and SteemFest the most awesome community meet up of the year.

I would like to go to SteemFest because I have been living and breathing Steem for over 2 years now. I have never cashed out or power downed a single steem so as to show my commitment and faith in this community and to also increase the value of Steem for everyone who holds steem or cashes it out.

1.5 Years ago I also converted every single product and service on all my websites/businesses to accept Steem so as to continue to show my faith for this blockchain and to also give Steem a real world use as an exchange currency. This includes hundreds of different products and services in all. To this day they are still available for Steem from when Steem was worth just .10 cents or up to $10.

I also created a 100% hand made SteemGear clothing line which includes almost a hundred unique designs including, hats, shirts, pants, underwear and more. I even made a 100% hand made white leather SteemGear suit for SteemFest2 which had white leather Steem symbols on it.


I also had a pair of my SteemiUnderwear signed by 50+ people at SteemFest for @teamsteem which he loved and made a video of.

I also took more pictures and shared more of them on Steem than anyone else. So in short my point is that if I am at SteemFest I will bring a lot of Steem spirit and promote the glory of Steem to thousands of people around the world while making it look awesome.

I have a lot of friends on Steem and would love to be there. I will surely support this Steem community and bring a lot of value to it.



I would like to nominate @nomadicsoul for the ticket as she is working very hard to make it to steemfest 3 - she is even making bespoke t-shirts for shy people to have conversation starters when they arrive, as well as her new line hot off the t-shirt press 😉

I was extremely lucky to win a ticket in a comp that she was also in and out of all of the people who entered, @nomadicsoul was one of the people I felt a little guilty that she didn't win and I did!

Anyway, it now looks like she is considering dodgy crypto loan sites and if history has taught us one thing:

Animated GIF-source.gif

It is that dodgy crypto loan sites can be a mixed bag. So I am begging you @ro-witness, don't let this lovely, talented, fun and funny blogger end up like this guy:

With all her steem disappeared and a rubbish hair cut for her troubles! Did I also mention that she is an interesting travel blogger.

P.s. I wanna make this clear right now, I have only just discovered her blog in the last month. We are not life long steemit friends, or working on projects side by side together, she is just someone I have come across on the blockchain who really deserves to go. This is my random act of kindness 🤞 I hope to meet you in person at steemfest 3 nomadicsoul 🙂

P.p.s. I've voted your witness @ro-witness, and upvoted/resteemed this post. Thanks for being a great steemian and providing this opportunity for someone to make it to steemfest 3 who wouldn't be able otherwise. Good luck to everyone

omg @raj808 you just made my DAY!!!!!! And my night. AND MY WEEK!!!!!!! Seriously, thanks so much for this sweet comment and nomination. Even if I don't get selected - your nomination wasn't a waste of time because I cherish this comment so much.

I'm glad you won the ticket from the other contest! And that you didn't have to resort to any dodgy websites hahaha

You are most welcome and I'm glad this made your day @nomadicsoul. I am keeping my fingers crossed 🤞 for you and even if you are not the lucky one to be picked it is great that I can brighten someones day. It is grey and cold in the part of the world where I'm from but the day has been lifted by doing something nice for someone on the quest to SF3 😉 Also, I got to sharpen up my gif making skillz!

I'm glad you won the ticket from the other contest! And that you didn't have to resort to any dodgy websites

Ha ha, yeah the crypto-verse is full of these insane 'money for nothing' type deals trying to entice you in, lol the only place to really win is in the market in bull season... and even then 'right time, right coin, right place.

First of all, this is an epic initiative @ro-witness, thank you for doing such a thing since there are still many people that would love to attend SteemFest 3 but, mainly due to financial reasons they are unable to do so.

One of those people is @m31; she's a brilliant artist producing some of the best posts on the entire blockchain, and, an overall epic to be around human being. She's also been an @OCD curator since the beginning, and a highly engaged individual in certain communities that powered up most of her Steem but, this is not what I want to emphasize in this theoretically short comment.

She's a young woman that just moved to another country, and she wouldn't be able to attend the fest otherwise, and, honestly, we need a lot more, young and like-minded people like her at the event.

I hope you guys will consider my comment since @m31 surely deserves to be in Krakow this year, with us.

Thank you, and all the best with the witness.

I think this is an awesome idea, @guyfawkes4-20!

@m31 is a very talented artist, which as you say, is precisely what we need here (well, both here on the platform and in Krakow). That's what this is all about, no? Getting together as many artists and creative spirits as possible and @m31 surely is both.
She really deserves to be at Steemfest this year!!

Right? #GetMtoSF! I really hope she's going to win; it would feel kinda weird not having her there.

@ro-witness is my attempt to be the lucky one to snag this ticket...

In summary....

If I were to be lucky enough to win a ticket, it would be going to someone who takes this place seriously. Outside of the past month after my pup has passed (major funk), I have been in the top levels of engagement on the platform...climbing the ranks of @abh12345's Enganement league (which everyone who is involved on here should enter). I have invested thousands of my own money to Power Up here to help give an edge. I have never Powered Down and have zero plans to. I have run a ton of contests giving away not only physical items but @steembasicincome. I have promoted Steemit at every convention I have done since joining the platform and have tons of ideas for next years con circuit. I have a bunch of ideas that I would love to throw at the wall with those attending for not only feedback but for advice on how to implement. I am trying to grow the comic and collectibles community here by bringing in friends (most have not toughed it out). I feel as though it would be going to a useful place as I not only believe in this platofrm...but I believe in myself here. But most of all, becuase I could sure use a friggin win right about now.

I second that @blewitt should go to steemfest. As far as steemit users go, he is tops. He is active in a growing and underrepresented comics community here and immediately became a valuable asset. He has been generous and wiling to learn and wanting to grow day 1 despite already being a business owner (of a comic shop of course). He has given value to STEEM itself by accepting it as payment for comics and collectibles as well as promoting STEEM and steemit at conventions. As a long time steemit user and a member of the comics community, I feel the NEED for someone to represent us there, there will be plenty of crypto experts, lifestyle blogs... but what steemit needs is to be entertaining. That is what comics and @blewitt offer.

You couldn't give the ticket to a more deserving person.

Well shit that’s kind of you to say brother! It would be a tremendous help as this trip is setting me back a bit!!! Regardless, I hope to make our corner proud! Lol

I shall go to the #steemfest to present the @globalschool for @jnmarteau. He cannot participate because he stays with the students in November ... At the moment I have no ticket yet. Otherwise I need to buy one in the next week. I voted already for @ro-witness. ;)

This would be wonderful if you could win this ticket. I also would love to join and didn’t get a ticket for this year yet 😢😟 but I have a good feeling we all will see each other at the fest. I am trying to work things out today. I voted for @ro-witness long time ago

@mammasitta and @manncpt shall go to the #steemfest! :)

Heck ya. GO GO GO! :)

Oh yes, please send @rhondak! She contributes so much to her community, and absolutely must go to SteemFest to represent the publishing house she and others are building on the Steem platform. Pretty please with sugar on top!

And I, in turn, nominate @GMuxx to receive this ticket, because he's one of the most helpful and supportive people on Steem...and because the ticket he was making installments on was just sold out from under him, despite the fact that the agreement exists in writing. Why is this devastating? GMuxx is a scheduled speaker. He's expected to be on the platform making a presentation, but the person who breached the contract between them has done his level best to make sure it doesn't happen.

Well thank you. As devastated as I was when I learned I had lost my ticket, I would still rather you won. If only one of us can get there, you deserve it far more.

Put up your dukes! Cause we'll fight over that. You deserve it more. You're already listed on their website, too, as a speaker.

Good on ya guys, hope a worthy candidate is chosen😎

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