[save the date] SteemFest³ - Kraków, Poland: 7/8/9/10/11 November (+ Hotel Packages now available)

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Let's fight the bears with some dragons at SteemFest this year! Announcing the third iteration of our annual global gathering! This year Kraków is the place to be if you love anything Steem, are interested in using the Steem blockchain or just want to join in to the most epic crypto event, all thanks to the diverse crowd of attendees!

In this post I'll run over some initial things and thank you upfront for "bearing" with me waiting for the dates and location. Due to markets and internal discussions, it took some time before the SteemFest balloon settled on it's next touchdown spot in about 4 months!

SteemFest2 Lisbon After Movie by @mynewlife

This year will see a bit lower temperatures then previous edition in Lisbon (check the vid above and another one here), but hey, all the better to keep ourselves warm with maybe another one of those collector's item's SF1 (rainy amsterdam 2016) shawls?

So, why Kraków?

Kraków is a beautiful city, which dates back to the Stone Age as a settlement and was the Polish capital from 1038 to 1589. Located on the banks of the River Wisła, the city is well known for its well-preserved medieval core and Jewish quarter. It's people are friendly, hospitable and the pierogi (eastern european dumplings) are the best!

As with previous years I want to be SteemFest as inclusive as possible. This is not a for profit event and every sponsorship helps to lower the ticket-price per person below the cost-price per person.

And as much as I liked it and researched into going to the USA this year, it was just not feasible without seriously risking having to rise the prices a trifold or more (and "bear" with me, I have tried, investigated: Austin, Los Angeles and San Francisco). I do not want to downsize the event's offer, it's social events and general quality or make it an overly commercial thing. This, combined with VISA challenges, beary markets (post written yesterday :P), expensive hotels led to decision to look to Europe once more.

Krakow Market PlaceKrakow Market Place by Alan Bloom on Flickr

Now we have landed on a city which is not only beautiful but also quite affordable and willing to host an event like SteemFest. I mean, having a single room for 55 euro in a four star hotel or even less when sharing a double (including breakfast) is not to be matched when looking at US prices. This means that staying in Kraków will be exactly as expensive as staying 1 night in San Francisco (looking at the same rating / star level).

Additionally, looking at the annual crypto conference schedule, if you are a crypto-nerd you can go to Ether Devcon in Prague the week prior to SteemFest in Kraków! It is only a short train ride and you can enjoy and explore the beauty of both cities.

Let's look at the SteemFest 2018 program gist:

Wednesday 7 November 2018

  • Hotel Check-in (we've partnered up with 2 hotels, see the new SteemFest 2018 site!)
  • Festival Check-in
  • Opening drinks at night

Thursday 8 November 2018

  • Conference day 1
  • Evening event at night

Friday 9 November 2018

  • Conference day 2
  • Party at night

Weekend 10 & 11 November 2018
Explore the diversity of Kraków. Old-town is definitely worth paying a visit but also Schindlers Factory which also hosts the Museum of Contemporary Art (Mocak). The nearby saltmines are beautiful. A hike in a park, or a bikeride along the Wisła river can be on your program. Or decend into the cave, said to host the Wawel Dragon under the Wawel castle! Not for the faint of heart, but definitely demanding your attention is to visit concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau and confront yourself with the dark chapter of modern times' history.


SteemFest Hotels Packages now available

We've partnered up with two hotels with affordable prices, without compromising on quality. The Qubus hotel is the main hotel for this years even which has more capacity and a little more amenities (complimentary boat trips, swimming pool and saunas) than the INX Design hotel but that one is a bit newer and, yeah, more flashy maybe, being a "design" hotel. Qubus Hotel next to the river will host the opening drinks and should we have any official group departs (tba) this is the place to be. Both hotelpackages offer pricing including breakfast.

Book rooms in both hotels via SteemFest.com. You will need the booking-code steemfest.

  • Note that the official currency of Poland is the Złoty (zł / PLN) which has been trading between € 0.22 - € 0.23 this year and the hotel might charge you in those fine dimes!
  • Keep in mind that the closing dinner is on the evening of Sunday 11 November, so recommended checkout is on Monday 12 November!

Getting to Kraków - Easy to reach by air, train and car

  • Kraków International Airport (KRK) is well connected with multiple daily arrivals from every major European city including all well known EU airport hubs. Long-haul connections to Chicago and daily arrivals from Dubai too.
  • Kraków can also be reached by train with daily connections from Vienna, Budapest, Prague (home to Ether Devcon 5 days prior to SteemFest) and Warsaw.
  • Flixbus takes you to Kraków from anywhere in Europe.

SteemFest 3 - Kraków will not be possible without:

  • You visiting! (preferably by buying a support ticket (ticket shop opens mid august latest))
  • Sponsorships, generous whales, and tba other sponsors (you? - contact me via [email protected] about the opportunities)
  • Donations to the @t-r-f Travel Reimbursement Fund - feel free to donate money there, which will get distributed to applicants after SteemFest3 just like previous years...
  • The Firepower CREW!! - last year a dedicated crew lead by @firepower consisting of @sjennon @things @foxxycat @razvanelulmarin @anyx @nightowl @poezio @varunpinto @wandereronwheels @mynewlife made sure the event was a blast and most of them will be back to ensure smoothness once more!
  • Input and help from many more of you, just like last year.
  • The City of Kraków

What can you do now already?

  • Save 7,8,9,10,11 November 2018 in your agenda and start planning a flight / - train / start & arranging visas (Poland is part of the Schengen zone)!
  • Follow @steemfest - the official account for SteemFest infos
  • Signup to the mailinglist via https://SteemFest.com
  • Book a room in 1 of the 2 SteemFest hotels via https://SteemFest.com!
SteemFest2 Lisbon Drone Group Picture by @timsaid

Any liquid rewards from this post will be forwarded to @steemfest after payout and help lower ticket prices of the event.


Location, because of convenience, for @roelandp

@roelandp wrote: Well, part of the reason being in Kraków is that we are close to another major crypto event taking place a couple of days prior. (*convenient for @roelandp)

So, You @roelandp have chosen a location so far away from the long distance International travel routes, that we see no point in even calling it steemfest.

Adding 20+ hours extra travel-time is not very convenient for us.

Because of your own selfish convenience of already being there anyway, you did not stop to think that this location adds about 20+ extra travel hours on average for long distance coming in from the continents? Krakow is not exactly the center of the world.

If SteemFest 1 had not been in Amsterdam, nobody would have gone.

SteemFest 1 was great. The routes in and out of Amsterdam are the very best in the world. If you anyway just going to hold SteemFest where it is "convenient for you", why not just bring it back to Amsterdam, where you live - and make it CONVENIENT for the rest of us as well?

Location is everything!

We did also disagree with your location for SteemFest 2 because of the same reasons but did not say anything about it to not stir up fud.

But this time we speak up because of your "International Europe-Fest" is becoming an inconvenience to most people on steem. This is not an effective use of time for travelers.

I've researched this for quite some time.

You can fly from anywhere in Europe with daily flights. Most of them lowcost airlines. Also direct flights daily from international Dubai Hub. Many people (including myself) take change-overs when travelling.

Last year saw people from afai remember 38 countries. There are only 28 in the European Union. People from every continent came to SteemFest.

If it is really 20 hours for you, that means you are quite far away from anywhere Europe! Most flights to Krakow from anywhere in Europe take 1 - 2.5 hours tops.

And about the Ether Devcon: I'm obviously not going to Ether Devcon myself. I'm by then already in Kraków.. - I just mention it here because last year SteemFest and Devcon were at the same time which gave some friction. And now you can actually go to both (should you want to).

Warsaw would be better, cheaper and easier for everybody

Krakow is cheaper :)

Unless you live in Europe its going to be very long and far for a ton of people coming from Canada or the USA . and expensive. Why dont you at least give an example of what say someone like me living in Kelowna British Columbia Canada would pay in Canadian dollars to fly to Steemfest and how much hastle or time it would take to get there!? thanks, I look forward to your response. Im sure I would have to fly and transfer in eigther Toronto or im not far from Vancouver. I bet I would have to spend over 2 whole days maybe 3 just traveling time. ✈✈✈😩

what is ur international airport ms mckersie?
and.... why bet when we have Skyscanner?

a reasonable flight is total trip time 13hrs and 40 mins and will set you back 634 € (or Cad 978) and the cheapest is 620 € but has about 2 hours extra on the way to Krakow.

from vancouver your flight would be most probs change over in Toronto with a direct flight from there.

see below my search results.

i understand this is about double the flight time and price to get to EU. but that will all be easily compensated with a way cheaper hotel (u easily save 50% or more vs Americas) and ticketprice to the event which will be undoubtly about 30% of what it would have costed when having the event in the americas.

please check skyscanner.com and also flights.google.com - if u have time and are in a wander mood be sure to add destination airports such as Katowice and Warszaw.

ping me on steem.chat - i am a hobby travel / flight / trip planner and hacking that is what I like to do!


Thank you so much for the information @roelandp ! You are awesome! its just to long for me on a plane with lower back issues, and will be way to expensive for me this year, I would need most likely 2,500.00 dollars at least to cover everything, so I will try to start saving now haha, for maybe next years Event.
One of these years I will make it to Steemfest Lol! Have a great time my friend! And everyone else!✈✈✈✈

if it makes you feel any better, from australia, its 25 hours
and thats why steemfest will never be held here :(

that and the things that are trying to kill us XD

Wow! That's way to long,I could never afford it anyways!👍😒

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Hi @booster. I am coming from North America and it's really not too difficult. We have 4 full months to create travel plans. Don't worry, just like last year, there will not be a lack of attendees. Hope to see your team there!

** but I doo <3 Amsterdam

Hey Bud! I'll see you there!

SLC to KRK  11 1 — 11 13.png

Ouch i didn't realize it was 20hrs dang!!

That said I'm still considering it, just one thing to consider

where are you flying from?
Chicago ORD to KRK = 10 hours and $664 direct flight (return).
Toronto about the same pricing and also direct flight.

Please try SkyScanner.com also!

Thanks never heard of that website before always like knowing what people are using. I switched it to Tuesday travel to lower price as well.

West coast adds another 2-3hrs of flying compared to those east coast cities and a couple more hours of airport time. The fastest possible i saw was 16hrs from the pretty good hub of Salt Lake City. It's just a pretty hard country to get to is all... I guess that is what makes it exciting.

Cheap flights from Salt Lake City to Krakow at Skyscanner.png

I'll be photographing a youtube conference before that so I guess it's a month of trips (also bolivia in there somewhere)

What's convenient for any one of us is most likely inconvenient for many others. So, regardless of where SteemFest is held, many will be disappointed... and for reasons other than just location. And that's so unfortunate.

Can't wait to get to Krakow now! My crew and I will be back and we're going to help make this event rock just as we have for the past two editions! :)

Yes I love How every SteemFest Is in a new cool place that we get to explore and appreciate together!
See you there!

QUINN!!! I can't wait to see you again! Is the gang coming? I'm long overdue for a big hug from @everlove and @saramiller. :)

Most likely @sarmiller and @everlove will be there for their THIRD annual SteemFest attendance!
I may bring a bigger crew this time though ;-)>

Those guys are the best huggers!

We'll save our best for you @luzcypher!

Yea!!! Can't wait to see you guys again! Woo Hoo!

YES!!! XOXOXOXO @coruscate
Bring chocolate ;)

Yes Mon! Will be so great to see ya’ll again!

Yeah baby yeah!

Yes! looking forward meeting you guys!

Yup! Our Canadian crew should be there again :)

Wheuu thats sweet theres a Canadian crew. I'll be living in Prague but definitely want to come for the weekend!

Prolly an easy train ride over from Prague which is a most excellent city to be in!

Loved it there!

Absolutely not far at all and relatively cheap as well!

Looking forward to another mind-blowing event! Cheers @firepower

WOOHOOO!! Looking forward gin seeing you guys there once more !! Lemme know if u need an extra pair of hands too

Thanks for the organization.

Stoked to meet you @firepower! This is going to be epic!

Terrific! See you there!

Yay! See you soon @firepower
Dance party in Poland!! 🕺🏼 💃🏽

Awesome! Best wishes.

@roelandp es lamentable que para personas como los venezolanos esto sea un sueño imposible. Seíra genial asistir al @steemfest . Gracias por la invitación y nos queda disfrutar sus fotos y que algún día sea tan exitosa que pueda costear mi pasaje, hospedaje y comida. Sin embargo me emocionan mucho estos eventos porque creo en la generación Steemit y la huella que estamos dejando. Yo sigo en la lucha, esforzandome porque nada cae del cielo, excepto la lluvia. Todo lo que allí aprendan... no olviden compartirlo! Feliz Festival!

I appreciate your efforts and I think next time(s) it would be nice to make a poll and get a general opinion on where and when the users would like SteemFest to be. This way you can't be held responsible if a majority had spoken. Obviously an arbitrary one-man choice has caused a lot of backlash already.

Just visited the dragon cave lately, I just love the fire spiting dragon at the entrance and the magical city of Kraków which shows its youthful spirit with festivals like the recent wianki‘s, it will be definately worth your while.

By all that's holy I hope the missus gives me the all clear to go and yes, I am fully aware how sad that sounds!!

You better be there this time!

Yo!! I'm working on it!!!

bring missus. she'll be doing just fine!

Ha, now that's an awesome idea!

He’s got lots of those!

Last year I’ve been filming event in Portugal, this year is coming to Krakow and as A person from Krakow i can guarantee that this is lovely city and surely anyone who will attend will enjoy their time

Excited to see you again and for another awesome video!
Let’s set up an epic photo shoot!

Did you even checked previous one ?

The video? Yes...Photos from our shoot I dont think so...

Lookin' forward to 3.0! See you there @mynewlife!

Very excited for this, its a total surprise... Poland!! hahah I love polish food and I am sure this will be fantastic! With crypto being so low, didnt think i can afford to come to steemfest 3, but I might just be able to stretch it to Poland!! :`d

Yay! I hope you can make it because it would be awesome to finally meet you in person Alla! <3 I'm with you on polish food too. There will be lots of tasty moments i'm sure. :)

The price of flights from the west coast is makin' me sweat a little, but I made a decision earlier this year that I was going to figure out a way to make it to Steemfest no matter how expensive it was. haha

aww it will be great to meet you as well. hahah amazing! so glad you will come!! good thing you wont be spending much there!!

Good decision. It will be great to meet you in person. Steemfest is so cool. It's like a family reunion. Last year was my first one and it was remarkable to be meeting people for the first time that you felt you already knew. A unique experience for sure.

We have to go! I'm looking at plane tickets already :D

heheheh yeahh i know seems pretty cheap!! definitely gonna come now!!!

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!

Its time for the third wristband :) I think only @timsaid and me are the ones wearing them from SF1 and SF2

Captura de pantalla 2018-07-19 a las 11.35.48.png

Those must smell very nice ;) Looking forward to seeing how @rolandp will step up the photobooth/gif-booth this year!

ooooh i wanna go! Kraków is truly an amazing city!!! I been there once before for a film fest and it was grand! there might be a way for me to make it there for Steemfest!!! I WANNA GO!!!!!!

Hello there. This is exciting news. I love #steemit and I would love to be there. The main question is if it is worth for me to be there?

Let me explain myself. I live currently in Venezuela so the trip it will be very long and expensive. My main goal is to know face to face the big guys from Steemit, so we can discuss about SP delegation. I have many projects in minds, some of them are currently working on, as the spanish community supportive account @steemitvenezuela.

Is there any guarantee that if a truly steemit member goes over there may find support, SP, cash, coins, etc., from big members?

I honestly understand many of the attendees of the fest are going to celebrate, personally I believe that we as a community, we need much more planning in order to take Steemit to a level where it can support projects and communities all around the globe. I have many ideas and I really want to work for steemit but I need support as many other members. I have been here more than a year and I plan to continue bringing people in...

This is the dilemma I have in mind...


It's mainly a party and a way to connect with other Steemians. I wouldn't go there with expectations of getting SP or coins, but there is a fund that helped pay for some of the costs of the flight based on the distance you fly and all the food and beverages were covered.

Thanks for answer @luzcypher. I understand and this is a valid point, not to expect SP or delegations but this is very important for me in order to build great things for Steemit in Latin America. I think we may change many lives and fund many projects.

Can I get info about this fund in order to make a decision?

Thanks buddy. STEEM OM.

Ask @roelandp about the travel reimbursement fund.

the @t-r-f travel reimbursement fund is explained on its own blog page. will work like past 2 years!

Cool, thanks for the heads up. That really helped last year BTW. It was a nice surprise to see that come in a couple months after Steemfest 2.

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I suggest to throw in this steemfest's motto ideas, pick one, translate it to polish and then keep yelling it now and then to strengthen the spirit while you enjoy steemfest. It can be anything like: Where are the dumplings - as @roelandp already hinted.

Steemfest 2018
"Gdzie Pierogi?!"

I am happy to announce that this will I will attend as well. And guess what? I still wear the SteemFest 1 and 2 wristband. Time for wristband number 3!

Will be glad to see you there @timsaid.

I will see you there! I have not been to Poland yet, so this will be awesome!

Very excited to see SteemFest coming to Krakow! There have been several Steemit events in Krakow this year, one of them organized by @bitspace and Forklog in the end of May (picture below) - a workshop and seminar where we had the pleasure of be joined by top witness @gtg among others.

In August we are doing a follow-up event in order to dedicate more time to platform experimentation for the people attending.


I will participate from Japan:D

Steemfest it is. I love to attend

The most expected news of the year! Here we go Poland, get ready for hundreds of Steemians.

Time to start saving some STEEM, see you there?!

It's my home city so you better show up!

I was wondering who the locals were, ideal for you!

Hopefully I'll be there :)

@abh12345 Is the question mark for you or for @anomadsoul. I sincerely hope you'll be there. 😁

yay! can't wait for another steemfest! :)

both :) Well i think Eric will be there for sure, I just need to get my saving boots on - or power a bit down - nooo! :D

Let’s be friends I like your posts

Time to lower the travel budget even more haha I hope we meet again man!

I'm on rice and peas to make it happen :D

Hahahaha, and water for juice.

Most expected...or unexpected lol? I totally thought it’d be west coast NA this year. Still pumped nonetheless !

Hope I'll see you there again man!

Oh i planned on being there regardless of where it was this year ;)

We're going to freeze our balls off but I guess you being from Canada are used to it.

Ha, i never get used to it... been freezing my balls off since i was born yo ~

So this is how you reach those high notes eh!?

Bahaha, not quite :)

You’re hilarious 😂 thanks for that laugh!

Was that the thud I heard? Your balls hitting the floor?

You've a keen ear still Brian ;)

I'll be flying in from Thailand. Going there for 2-months, then Poland, then back to Thailand. See you there brother!

Can't wait to meet again. How's that sound @abh12345, Thailand after Poland?

Just found out @roxane is going to Thailand after Steemfest too. Let's all go and eat Thai food.

Sounds pretty awesome to me!

Thailand after Poland, tempting!

Yes, go to Thailand and thaw out from freezing our asses off.

I”m in!

Awesome brother! Will be great to see you!

Cool, lets start talking about plans soon...We can arrange a post SteemFest shebang in the tropics after SteemFest and start promoting it soon!

That would be a blast. I'm in Thailand 1st week of September until the day of flying into Poland for Steemfest then going right back to Thailand. It's cheap to get there from Poland and would be awesome to have a thaw-out, post-Steemfest gathering there. I can't wait to see you again brother.

You got me thinking about it now :)

Love to meet you again and save the Saturday evening for a #BeerSaturday

At least the beer will be cold. LOL. It will be good to see you again.

At least the beer will
Be cold. LOL. It will be good
To see you again.

                 - luzcypher

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I can't agree more.....

Have a great time and see you soon. Greetz from Bali and around

sounds certainly very tempting.

the big question is: how are you planning to get there? :)

I'll have to come up with something interesting and adventurous but I'll asure you I'll try to make it as good as last year :D

You could ride on the back of one of those dragons @rolandp mentioned.

"as good as last year"
last year was top quality!

Hope I'll see you there again man!

See you there.

ahhhh stoked to meet you in Poland @anomadsoul!

I have highlighted the exact place where I have organized Steem Meetup in Cracow in 2017! I am extremely pleased that my city will be able to host the community this year. :)

Yet again another euro steemfest. It's time for a steemfest in North America.

I suggest North American steemians go to World Crypto Con in Vegas Oct 31 - Nov 2.

I can't wait to attend Steemfest.

Oh Boy, Oh Boy! I am excited to see our Steem family.

Can't Wait!!! I’m a crypto enthusiest and trying to bring the steem community together with multiple initiatives. Check out my @steemmonsters and @steembasicincome giveaway with a Byteball signup.


Poland in November be like

YES PLEASE! I love snow and we don't get ANY snow here!!!

Get your snowmobiles ready then :)

It's not for sure :) Last years winters are very worm.

I suppose climate change should sort it all out =D

It could be like this as well, who knows... ;D

It's gonna be awesome then! :D

Cool, I haven't seen snow in five years...

according to my local sources like @gtg snow will most probably not yet be there. Also smog people are talking about is not yet the case as that mostly happens during the peak of winter which is then still 2.5 months out.