10 SBI Contest

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Contest for 10 SBI shares!

& Upvotes for all who participate!

Did anyone see the new video for @dgi & @dynamicsteemians? They are the first 3 links on this post, please go upvote, resteem & comment on any one of them. If anyone upvotes all 3, even if at 1%, resteems 1 and comments on one using the tag #dynamicupvote you will get upvotes & a chance to win SBI shares. The top 6 comments will win @steembasicincome shares!
The best comment will get 5 shares!

Our bots bigger upvote tiers announcement video

Detailed description of DGI curation services

How to join the curation trail

Use Tag #dynamicupvote on one or all of ⬆️these⬆️ posts yet?



* You can win the @dynamicsteemians 200+ curation trail vote by commenting on steemit posts with our contests.

You get a free 0.01- 0.03 cent daily upvotes on your posts from @dgi by joining the @dynamicsteemians curation trail. (info below or click the discord link in my profile)

Thanks for stopping by please remember to help a minnow a day! Post helpful links and suggest any I should add in comments below.


If you enjoyed this or need help with @steemit, see my posts and discord links for minnows listed below & on my profile by clicking on my name.

Vote for witness yet?

(need to learn anything steemit just ask I will try my best to provide you a tutorial)


Minnow Resource Highlights


1. Minnow Booster


Curation Have You Stumped?

Curation Explained by @elsiekjay


How To Tutorials


How to welcome new steemians

How to create a discord link that does not expire

How to follow a curation trail

How to autovote another Steemian & How to Earn

How to avoid phishing sites & scammers



If you join the @dynamicsteemians (DS) discord ask for help, many are on daily to help you as we have Ambassadors from around the world here to help 24/7 with more ambassadors added soon! Interested in being a DS Ambassador? talk to @dynamicgreentk it involves helping new Minnows learn & is rewarded with small upvotes.


Please visit my other posts by clicking on my name!



* A couple of my favorites maybe you will enjoy

My favorite lyft confessional

My favorite Meme


Helpful Discord Links


Minnow Booster

Steem Repo

Steem Rural

Dynamic Steemians

Smart Media Group





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All done, I had done some of it earlier before I saw the contest. I appreciate the upvote


Anytime, thank you

Thank you for your minnow support. I look forward to following your trail further and reading some minnow boosters. Upvoted, resteemed, and followed.

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Thank you very much


Thank you for participating!

@dynamicrypto, Wow, Thanks guys!!! that is totally awesome!!! I really appreciate the support and what you guys do for the community.


Thank you too

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@dynamicrypto, One more great opportunity and great to see that you are producing more and more opportunities.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Good post

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