My entry for steem2020 contest, let my past works and efforts speak for me.

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I came across this steem2020 contest some minutes ago and I was excited. I was excitwd at the fact that the contest entails sharing ideas that take steem to the moon. This very thing i have been doing for some couple of days so i will share my posts where i shared ideas already. I created the tag #steemtothepeak for ideas that can take steem to the moon.

Though with some doubts if recognition would be given to me because I've always had reason to be discouraged but I just have to be me always and keep pushing for the sake of Steem. Like I use to say, 'anytime anyone tries to talk me out of Steem, I gave them reasons why they should join me in doing what I'm doing'.

As regards the contest, I don't think I need to do a lot of work again. My past works will speak for me. My past works should be able to proof that I'm not trying to develop interest for promoting Steem for the sake of the contest price or reward. I have been doing it and I'll always do whether I win the contest or not.

So I decided to show just some of my past #promo-steem works. The once I did in recent times and ideas I suggested recently to promote Steem.

I suggested an idea of sending a massive mail to steemians before it was posted by steemit blog yet no recognition was given to me. But I now realize that its for a day such as this, a little effort will be rewarded.

Nevertheless, Steem is my world and I must not give up on the economy of my community no matter what. That's why I came up with the idea of #steemtothepeak.

I've gone as far as promoting Steem through music and I visited at that time, but I couldn't run it alone as I wasn't buoyant enough. There is more to this single idea. I believe it can still work and I can share the idea with anyone who wants the details and we'll get a great result from it.


I innovated ideas of how steem can be promoted throgh and and because i wasn't buoyant regarding steeem i decided to give marlians and sports token away for promo-steem works done.


Thanks to @pennsif for this contest. I hope this will help the world and the whole Steem community realise all my efforts for steem all the while and help me push together with some encouragement.

When I say 'Steem to the peak' , I mean there is more yet undone. So every day, there must be an idea. Its a tag that should always be kept alive for the sake of Steem. #steemtothepeak has deep revelation of Steem behind. Its is not so ordinary. So I'll dig everyday, to innovate something great for the sake of Steem.

The post links below show my ideas and strategies in promoting steem; each one has different idea and solution regarding steem's present economy.

There are lot more links, but i would be spamming my post if i add everything. This little should speak for me and prove my enthusiasm for steem.

Thanks once again to @pennsif for this great opportunity to showcase my efforts which seem to have been hidden but now revealed.

Appreciation also goes to @surpassinggoogle who is my Steem mentor and who influenced my Steem posts and skills both in thinking and writing. Gratitude bro!

I'm always @adesojisouljay.


Oh wow... True patrotism at its peak, nice one boss... Steem to the moon

Good works don't hide themselves. From the links shared in this post, it's very evident that you have the Steem community at heart. Your hardwork will definitely be rewarded. Good things don't hide!

Thank you for sharing this!

I like that your suggestions involve marketing - I think that more branding is needed. I am sorry you feel like you are not listened to. I believe this stems from being a decentralized community. I have not heard of your efforts up until today, but I am pleased to read about them and learn of the tag #steemtothepeak.

I have sent you 1 INCOME token, a project of mine, to say thank you for sharing your voice and participating in this discussion.

Thank you very much for your kind words of encouragement. I actually feel unlistened to sometimes but i'll keep pushing.

Thanks for the INCOME token

I can do some promo for your project.. Thank you

I can do some promo for your project.. Thank you

Thank you for entering the Steem2020 contest.

You're welcome

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