Steam to the peak; Revealing another power and essense of steem | You can pull the crowed through buying amd selling.

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Hi everyone, I'm @adesojisouljay. For some couple of days I've been trying to mine and dig on the inside to see how I can participate in the growth of steem. I appreciate everyone who have been encouraging me so far and those who give me support. I'm beginning to develop more of my problems solving ability so that I can shed note of the nations. @surpassinggoogle has been a good steem role model to me and I have tapped a lil bit into his perception and view of steem. Yet the little I have learnt, I'll utilize that I may grow even more. I embarked on a journey some few days ago with the aim of taking steem to the peak. With this idea I came up with the tag #steemtothepeak. If you have an idea that would help take steem to the peak you can do a post and use the tag #steemtothepeak so I can help you finish some direction.

Another idea I'll suggest this one more time;
Do you know that with your steem, you have the power to influence the world. Perception is a very powerful device. And vision is a great force. Each time you talk steem, What do you see? What is your view? To what extent do you think steem can influence? All these are questions that only the correct mindset person can best answer.

I want to suggest this one more. And this is going to be another secrete that some of us may have not known about steem or perhaps we have not given attention to. We can give essence to what we have to make it valuable. Value is given to what you have depending on how you present it.

No one rates a possession more that it's possessor.

I think for long some of us have restricted the use of steem to alone and we haven't really taken steem to the outside world. That means we haven't perceived steem as an international currency. I'll share another little idea of mine which may sound so simple but not ordinary.

No idea is ordinary.

This idea will be very good for business people because it's concerns them more. It concerns also people who buy and sell everyday.

The idea is, 'do you know that you can pull the crowd with steem?' You can force your clients to pay with steem or any token under the steem blockchain for your services. The influence of steem on them will be determined by the quality of your service. When you give quality service to your clients, they would not argue with you when you suggest to them what to pay with.

You can also make bills payment with steem. When you walk up to a store to buy something valuable, you can offer to pay them with steem. Doing this will give them an information about what is called steem, then you could explain and eventually give steem an essence.

You have all it takes to pull the crowd with steem. You do business everyday, you buy and sell everyday. Why not pull the crowed with steem? You can do it! Believe in the power of what you have. Steem has great potentials. There is no limit to what steem can achieve. If some great men have heard about steem, I'm so sure they'd have tapped into the steem blockchain. So let's use all our vices for the sake of steem.

To me upvotes have not been encouraging, yet quitting is never an option. I love what I do and I love my ideas of suggesting #steamtotgepeak. No matter how little the rewards, my posts are more important than the rewards.

#steamtothepeak is not jokes, I mean it each time I say it. It's a challenge on your view about steem.

We need to percieve steem the way the world is perceived. The system of the world and the arrangements. In real life there are struggles too but dying is never an option. We always strive to see that we overcome the troubles. Most of us don't like where we are in life right now, but who amongst us has ever thought of leaving life and not live it? This is how I want you to perceive the steem block chain. It gets better the more we engage in it. It grows more as we show readiness to grow.

Winners are revealed when situations are terrible. I believe we are winners here and no one wants to quit.

Don't you ever quit, use your vices to promote steem.

I'm always @adesojisouljay.