Steem to the peak; For steem to get to the peak, we need to first resurrect all dead accounts.

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I've just got to pour out my mind about the current state of steem. I'm not pleased and I'm sure everyone of us feels so concerned. One thing I have found out in life is, many solutions that we need is not in the mouth of prophets, sometimes we just need to soak our senses into our being an pull out ideas and inspirations. Certain issues doesn't need even prayer, it takes one decision to change a situation. And I need to emphasize on the fact that humans are powerful. So let be conscious of the power that we carry and make some change regarding steem's current state.

We need to return the passion and zeal we began with. I remember as a fresher on steem, I did a lot of promo-steem works. The passion was heavy on me that I couldn't do without telling people about steem. I went all out for the sake of steem to reveal to people what I have found. To me steem was a gold and a blessing and an opportunity for financially broke guys to gain a lil bit of financial stability. I want to believe most of us did the same thing when we first found steem!

My question now is, where is our zeal? Where has the passion gone? Where is everyone who did all those promo-steem works? Where are the guys who took record of registered steemians on weekly basis? I mean those that took the steem up records weekly? I understand how everyone feels right now about the current price of steem but withdrawal will not make things get better. Let's have real life experience on steem again regardless of the price. After all, we can't decide we want to die because the economy of our country is down or the value of our currency dropped. The people are more important than the currency.

One major key I think would help us to achieve the better steem world again is to first resurrect some dead accounts. This is one of the primary solutions and most easy to do assignment in upholding the glory of steem. Just one phone call would do it! A single visit would do it! And even taking someone out for lunch or dinner can make it happen! The idea is just to create a system or opportunity to reintroduce steem to an old steemian who hasn't blogged for a while. We need to get our people back into the community. You know, when people vacates a territory, the economy drops even more and there is no glory. You and I are the glory of steem.

I've met steemians who complained that they abandoned their accounts because no one is giving them attention and they are getting no votes.

We need to wake up all our steem brothers and sisters who have forgotten about their glorious steem world. Let's reintroduce all the ideas we had then. Let's not be too focused on the rewards and forget about the impact. Relax whether your post gets upvoted or not. Your post is more important than the upvote. Even in real life, you need to find your uniqueness and be creative for you to get people's attention. So before you get discouraged, try creating something, innovate and you'll be ammzed how people will come to you.

A tree doesn't need to advertise its fruit, when it bears, automatically you are attracted to the fruit. I've seen big guys who climb trees,throw stones at a tree,use a long rod on a tree or even climb on a table or chair to get to the top of a tree not because they like the tree but because they want the fruit. The fact is, when you bear your fruit, automatically people will be attracted to you.

Don't be motivated to do great things on steem only for the sake of rewards but for the sake of growing the community and impacting the world.

I mentioned I'm my post yesterday that steem has great potential to impact the world but the impact depends on the perception of you and I about steem. There are hidden greatness in steem that we haven't tapped into.

As a newbie on steem I did some works to promote steem. I made sure I register at least one person every day. I called it steemit outreach. So I would post the list of those I registered every week. I also created steem music Nigeria, an idea to promote steem through Nigerian music industry. Because, really music is one of the most powerful tool for influence in the world. And not only I, many others created strategies in reaching out to the world through steem.



We recorded this song titled 'steem-up' as a means to promote steem through music.

All this wonderful ideas came from the fact that we were all committed to steem. But now it seems our commitment has left. We need to rise up again and come up with new mentality.

The major key is, we need the resurrection of abandoned accounts. We need to wake up sleeping steemians. It is even a good idea now that we have lot of tribes on steem. This can serve as a medium to communicate to them about new developments so everyone can connect to where they fit in.

My point is, let's begin our promo-steem and steem meet ups again. The success of steem depends on us.


Thanks for visiting, I'm always @adesojisouljay.



You have represented true Steemain spirit and we do need more like you

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work.

Unfortunatley we do not have a CRM system for steemit or any of the front ends to do any reactivation campaigns nor a new USP to attract them back. It's something I really think is lacking and i've raised with the steem alliance

Don't they have the cell phone numbers of all the accounts created on Steemit?

They have email addresses of people who created free accounts through steemit but not all accounts. Additionally, users didn't opt in to receive communication so sending any material would actually be illegal by GDPR standards and they can be fined.

They aren't an EU company though are they?

No they based in Texas, however, we have plenty of EU users so it applies to the comms preferences. They will need to set up a double opt-in first for all users just to be on the safe side

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