Steem to the peak; As though i saw the mind of @steemitblog . yet, one more idea, we can reach out to dormant steem-accounts.

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Certain things in life are beyond being expressed with ordinary words. Yet, nothing is complicated. We think situations are complicated when we don't know. But the secrete to simplifying this unknowns are right in our will and ability to learn/know. The foundation of every decision is revelation. A lot of conclusions can not be reached in life until revelation is gotten. Far beyond words revelation is more important. Two people may have the same revelation, but the difference comes in the place of articulation and dissemination. Ideas are powerful, but revelation is the key to implementing idea. What you do with your idea depends on your revelation. Therefore, even the greatest of ideas need revelation.

Oh! How I suddenly became a preacher. How I suddenly became a teacher of parables. I couldn't imagine it all happened through an idea that I got revelation about. Is there anything a human can not make happen or do on earth? I haven't found any. The so called impossible carries in it the potential of possibilities. Impossible speaks to every one of us in parables. Impossible codes it's self and only few of us sees the possibilities in it. Think about this paradox; impossible - i'm-possible. In other words, in itself it means 'I am possible'.

So what you think you can't, you definitely can. Because even impossible is possible; I'M POSSIBLE

This is the unfolding of my parable, and the revelation of my mystery. That you think it is impossible for steem to grow back to normal and even surpass it's original state is definitely possible. When I say "steem to the peak", its a challenge on your foresight. How far can you see steem? When i speak, I mean every word.

The whole concept of the so called impossibles are just mere deceptions to restrict humans from exerting their true ability which has the capacity to bring about a complete turn around of situations. Every simple idea is powerful. Powerful than they sound in our hears sometimes.

In my last post I suggested that a massive mail should be sent to all dormant accounts and that text should be sent to phone numbers that are registered on the steem-blockchain. To my surprise, I discovered that it was posted by @steemitblog that a massive mail will be sent out to all steemians within 48hours. We didn't plan to say the same thing. Yet, this is not a collision, it is not so ordinary. It's a sign of victory for Steem already.

I told you that humans are powerful. This testimony of mine is a good example of how minds work together when we seek solution from the true essence of our being. Your shine depends on how you are willing and able to mine your human.

We need the shine and evolution of real humans.

I said no idea is stupid. All ideas are good especially when we give a man an opportunity to fully explain what he means. So on this note, I'll suggest one more and yet another one, that we can reach out to people through our other social media. A lot of people still don't know what's happening on the steem-blockchain. We can create awareness. E.g on Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter,Instagram e.t.c

I'm looking forward to getting more ideas that'd push steem not a lil bit but beyond imaginations. Your confidence to tell someone about Steem grows when tiu realise that Steen is a blessing. And far beyond being a blessing, it is gift from above.

Very soon I'll share with us the power of steem's influence that we haven't tapped into yet. Steem has the power to pull the crowd. But all this knowledge hasn't been revealed. That's why I said revelation is key.

My point is, all things are possible! We can make things happen! We can turn the tide. We are humans! This is not ordinary. We are not so ordinary! We are powerful than we think! There is no limit to what we can achieved together!

I'm @adesojisouljay, I speak, I motivate, I encourage and I solve problems. I love you all.