Steem to the peak; Do you know that you have an idea that can help push steem to the peak? Just your one idea will do.

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So many things in life are simple. Yes, life itself is not complicated. There is nothing that can not be known, except the mysteries of the untold knowledge of the maker. Nothing is mystery, only God is. Life is not designed to be mysterious to humans. Everything put in place on earth was for the utility of humans. The creator gave all things to man and left him to innovate and discover inventions.

For example, the first man was not given a table. He was given a tree, its left for him to discover the table in the tree.
Its takes seeing a shoe in a cow skin to make a leather out of it.

I believe the steem blockchain is also a gift from the creator. And we are expected to explore the steem blockchain so that it can reflect the blessing which it is to mankind.

You may not have the clear result yet, but that idea of yours carries in it the solution the world needs. Your raw idea has in it the potential to become the solution to the most difficult problem. You need to understand that every so called achievement began as a raw idea. It could be a flash, appreciate and develop it. It all has to do with vision! Your vision is what makes you strategically refine your idea. Your vision enhances your commitment. Your vision convinces you so much so that you don't want to give up because you know what you saw.

Vision motivates you.

My point is, do you have any idea that could help the present economy of Steem. Don't look down on your idea. Please share.

Each time @surpassinggoogle says, 'every one has something to offer', it is not ordinary. I feel those are the best words for a human to hear to get inspired and understand their importance. Because really, every human is important.

Low self esteem kills vision and terminates dream. If there is an idea you have, share it and let's see how we can go about refining it. There are no foolish ideas and useless ideas. NO! There is nothing of such. If the idea sources from a human it definitely has revelation behind it. I've never believed that anyone's idea is useless. If we can give that person an opportunity to express his idea then we'll discover that what he meant is far beyond what we heard.

If you have any idea, don't care about whoever would call it stupid, or nonsense, share it. Only you can best explain your own ideas. People's opinions don't count.

I siad in one of my recent post that we need the resurrection of dead accounts;

@chekohler suggested that we could reach all dead accounts through email. I'm suggesting through this post that a massive mail should be sent to all steemians with abandoned accounts.

@treepi also suggested that we could reach them through cell phone numbers. I'm also suggesting that text be sent to every phone numbers whose account has been dormant for long.

Nevertheless, I challenge steemians to share more ideas on how our steem land can regain her glory, either as a comment under this post.

I believe we can make it happen. It takes just our commitment. There is no limit to what humans can achieve through unity.

I'm always @adesojisouljay.